Implications of conducting trend analyses of emergency department visits using publicly released masked design variables.


STUDY OBJECTIVE:We examine whether using public National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NHAMCS) data with masked design variables produces different estimates, standard errors, and confidence intervals (CIs) for the temporal trend of overall and injury-related emergency department (ED) visits compared with using unmasked data housed at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. METHODS:We obtained counts of ED visits with their standard errors for unmasked data from published summaries from 1999 through 2006. Public files with masked design variables were used to estimate visit counts and rates with standard errors for each year, using the Taylor series linearization method. Weighted least squares linear regressions were used for trend analysis to estimate the annual change in visits. RESULTS:Compared with using unmasked data, using masked data produced similar estimates of overall ED visit counts and rates for each year from 1999 through 2006 but overestimated standard errors by 27% on average (range 12% to 45%). According to unmasked data, overall ED visit counts increased by 1.973 million annually (standard error 0.747; 95% CI 0.505 to 3.440 million [corrected] ). With masked data, the estimated change was 1.977 million visits annually (standard error 0.894; 95% CI -0.221 to 3.733 million [corrected] ). As for injury-related ED visit counts, masked data overestimated the standard error by 16% for trend. Although neither unmasked nor masked data suggested a statistically significant annual increase of overall or injury-related ED visit rate, masked data overestimated the standard error by 16%. CONCLUSION:Using masked public data overestimated standard errors for trend of counts and rates for overall and injury-related ED visits and resulted in wider CIs.


Ann Emerg Med


Zhu M,Chu H,Rice TM,Carter MW




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  • Optimizing emergency department front-end operations.

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  • Rapid-sequence intubation in head trauma.

    abstract::Elevated intracranial pressure commonly is associated with severe head injury. Emergency airway management technique in the patient who has sustained severe head injury must optimize conditions for intubation, minimize the adverse effects of intubation, and permit rapid and effective management of the elevated intracr...

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  • Systematic Reviews Published in Emergency Medicine Journals Do Not Routinely Search Clinical Trials Registries: A Cross-Sectional Analysis.

    abstract:STUDY OBJECTIVE:Publication bias compromises the validity of systematic reviews. This problem can be addressed in part through searching clinical trials registries to identify unpublished studies. This study aims to determine how often systematic reviews published in emergency medicine journals include clinical trials ...

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  • Developing a clinical algorithm for early management of cervical spine injury in child trauma victims.

    abstract::To define a subset of injured children for whom emergency cervical spine radiography may be unnecessary, we performed a retrospective chart and radiologic review. Two entry methods were used: All injured children, from birth through 16 years, who had received cervical spine radiographs at The Children's Memorial Hospi...

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