IL-10 directly protects cortical neurons by activating PI-3 kinase and STAT-3 pathways.


:IL-10 reduces pro-inflammatory responses after ischemic stroke primarily by acting on glia and endothelium, but relatively little is known about the direct effects of IL-10 on cortical neurons, which are often damaged in stroke. We found by PCR and immunohistochemistry that cortical neurons express IL-10 receptor. Treatment of primary cortical neurons in culture with IL-10 increased neuronal survival after exposure to oxygen-glucose deprivation (OGD) or glutamate toxicity. IL-10 also induced phosphorylation of AKT in cortical neurons. Pretreatment with the specific PI-3K inhibitor, wortmannin, attenuated IL-10 mediated neuroprotection against OGD and glutamate. In addition, IL-10 induced STAT-3 phosphorylation. Pre-treatment with a functional blocking antibody to the IL-10 receptor reduced both Stat-3 and AKT phosphorylation and blocked IL-10 mediated protection of cortical neurons. These data suggest that IL-10 provides neuroprotection by acting via IL-10 receptor and PI3K/AKT and STAT-3 signal transduction pathways.


Brain Res


Brain research


Sharma S,Yang B,Xi X,Grotta JC,Aronowski J,Savitz SI




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  • Tonic regulation of the activity of noradrenergic neurons in the locus coeruleus of the conscious rat studied by dual-probe microdialysis.

    abstract::In the present study, receptor specific compounds were infused via a microdialysis probe in the vicinity of the right locus coeruleus (LC). During the infusion of these compounds, the extracellular content of noradrenaline was recorded in the ipsilateral medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) with a second microdialysis prob...

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  • Differential postnatal development of mu and delta opiate receptors.

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  • Unilateral kainic acid lesions reveal dominance of right archistriatum in avian fear behavior.

    abstract::Unilateral injections of 1 microgram of kainic acid in the archistriatum of 5-day-old domestic chicks reduced fear, as expressed by distress calls (peeps), significantly more than did identical injections in the same structure on the left side. This result adds affective behavior to the growing list of functions that ...

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