Gaining a foothold: how HIV avoids innate immune recognition.


:During the first week after sexual exposure to HIV, HIV infection does not appear to trigger a strong innate immune response. Here we describe some recent studies that show that HIV may avoid triggering antiviral innate immune responses by not replicating efficiently in dendritic cells and by avoiding detection in infected CD4 T cells and macrophages by harnessing a host cytoplasmic DNase TREX1 to digest nonproductive HIV reverse transcripts.


Curr Opin Immunol


Yan N,Lieberman J




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  • New models of lymphoma in transgenic mice.

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  • HIV types and testing.

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  • Regulation of the cytosolic DNA-sensing system in innate immunity: a current view.

    abstract::The sensing of nucleic acids by pattern recognition receptors is a central feature of innate immunity and is mediated by two types of receptors, Toll-like receptors and cytosolic receptors. Indeed, DNA, be it pathogen-derived or self-derived, can potently trigger the innate immune system; and much attention has been f...

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  • Mitochondrial antigen presentation: a mechanism linking Parkinson's disease to autoimmunity.

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  • MHC genes in autoimmunity.

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  • Selection in the germinal center.

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  • Regulatory T cells in stem cell transplantation: strategies and first clinical experiences.

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  • Role of the bactericidal/permeability-increasing protein in host defence.

    abstract::Much has been learned recently about the structure and function of 55 kDa bactericidal/permeability-increasing protein (BPI), a member of a genomically conserved lipid-interactive protein family. Analysis of BPI fragments and the crystal structure of human BPI have established that BPI consists of two functionally dis...

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  • The melting pot of the MHC II peptidome.

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  • T-cell activation by lipopeptide antigens.

    abstract::The discovery of the CD1 antigen-presenting system reveals that T cells survey the lipid content of target cells via T-cell receptor (TCR) contact with CD1 bound to lipids, glycolipids and small molecules. Recently, CD1 proteins have been found to present mycobacterial lipopeptides that are involved in scavenging iron...

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  • Studying interactions involving the T-cell antigen receptor by surface plasmon resonance.

    abstract::T-lymphocyte activation is initiated by the interaction of the alpha beta TCR with a complex consisting of a class I or class II MHC-encoded molecule and an antigenic peptide, displayed on the surface of an antigen-presenting cell. Real-time binding measurements using surface plasmon resonance have revealed kinetic an...

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  • Type 2 innate lymphoid cells: new players in asthma and allergy.

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  • Novel approaches to the control of graft versus host disease.

    abstract::Graft versus host disease (GVHD) remains the major obstacle to the application of bone marrow transplantation across HLA barriers. Recent advances in our understanding of GVHD pathophysiology have resulted in the evaluation in animal models and in clinical trials of some novel approaches to avoiding and treating GVHD....

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  • Prospects for adoptive T cell therapy.

    abstract::Since the establishment of methods to isolate genes encoding cytotoxic T lymphocyte defined tumor antigens, several antigens have been identified and characterized for suitability as target antigens for immunotherapy. The development of innovative strategies to generate T cells targeting these antigens and lessons lea...

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  • Toward universal influenza virus vaccines: from natural infection to vaccination strategy.

    abstract::Conceptually, a universal influenza vaccine should elicit broadly protective antibody responses targeting highly conserved epitope(s) shared by various virus strains. Strategically directing antibody immunity to the conserved hemagglutinin stalk has recently emerged as a promising approach that is substantiated by the...

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  • Defensins in the immunology of bacterial infections.

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  • Present status on the genetic studies of asthma.

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  • Humanized mice for the study of infectious diseases.

    abstract::Many of the pathogens that cause human infectious diseases do not infect rodents or other mammalian species. Small animal models that allow studies of the pathogenesis of these agents and evaluation of drug efficacy are critical for identifying ways to prevent and treat human infectious diseases. Immunodeficient mice ...

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  • Immunity and immunoregulation in helminth infections.

    abstract::Parasitic helminths continue to be a major cause of morbidity in human populations, particularly in the tropics and subtropics. The need for effective vaccines that minimize worm burdens, thus reducing associated pathology, is evident. With this goal in mind, an intense research effort is in progress to characterize i...

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  • Plant NLR-triggered immunity: from receptor activation to downstream signaling.

    abstract::Innate immune perception is the first line of inducible defense against invading pathogens. Plants lack specialized circulating immune cells. Therefore, diverse cell types are able to recognize and respond to pathogens. Surface-localized and intracellular plant innate immune receptors are capable of recognizing divers...

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    authors: Lolle S,Stevens D,Coaker G

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  • T cells and cytokines in Crohn's disease.

    abstract::Recent findings indicate that activated T lymphocytes, showing restricted T-cell receptor repertoire and a Th1-like profile of cytokine production, are responsible for macrophage activation and release of inflammatory cytokines, toxic oxygen metabolites and nitric oxide, which initiate and maintain the transmural inte...

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    authors: Romagnani P,Annunziato F,Baccari MC,Parronchi P

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  • Development and selection of NKT cells.

    abstract::NKT cells utilize a restricted alphabeta TCR repertoire that recognizes glycolipids in association with CD1d. The recent development of fluorescent CD1d tetramers loaded with the synthetic glycolipid alpha-galactosyl-ceramide has led to a clearer definition of NKT-cell subsets as well as important insights into their ...

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  • CD23 and B-cell activation.

    abstract::The past year has seen the publication of significant new findings on the regulation of CD23 expression, the precise interaction of CD23 with CD21 and its functional consequences. Moreover, new advances have been made in unravelling the biochemical network of events downstream from the triggering of CD23 in human B ce...

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  • Designing chimeric antigen receptors to effectively and safely target tumors.

    abstract::The adoptive transfer of T cells engineered to express artificial chimeric antigen receptors CARs) that target a tumor cell surface molecule has emerged as an exciting new approach for cancer immunotherapy. Clinical trials in patients with advanced B cell malignancies treated with CD19-specific CAR-modified T cells (C...

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  • Cytoskeletal remodeling in lymphocyte activation.

    abstract::The formerly distinct fields of lymphocyte signal transduction and cytoskeletal remodeling have recently become linked, as proteins involved in transducing signals downstream of lymphocyte antigen receptors have also been implicated in actin cytoskeleton remodeling, microtubule dynamics and regulation of cell polarity...

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  • Predisposed αβ T cell antigen receptor recognition of MHC and MHC-I like molecules?

    abstract::The diverse αβ T cell receptor (TCR) repertoire exhibits versatility in its ability to generate antigen (Ag) receptors capable of interacting with polymorphic Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) molecules and monomorphic MHC-I like molecules, including the CD1 and MR1 families. Collectively, these evolutionarily re...

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  • T-cell-mediated cytotoxicity.

    abstract::There are two competing theories to explain the mechanism(s) by which cytolytic T lymphocytes kill target cells: granule exocytosis of a pore-forming protein, and contact-induced internal disintegration. Accumulated evidence supports alternative pathways in lymphocytoxicity, possibly reflecting distinct effector funct...

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  • Deconstructing the germinal center, one cell at a time.

    abstract::Successful vaccination relies on driving the immune response towards high specificity, affinity and longevity. Germinal centers facilitate the evolution of antigen-specific B cells by iterative rounds of diversification, selection, and differentiation to memory and plasma cells. Experimental evidence points to B cell ...

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