Peptidomics of prolyl endopeptidase in the central nervous system.


:Prolyl endopeptidase (Prep) is a member of the prolyl peptidase family and is of interest because of its unique biochemistry and connections to cognitive function. Using an unbiased mass spectrometry (MS)-based peptidomics platform, we identified Prep-regulated peptides in the central nervous system (CNS) of mice by measuring changes in the peptidome as a function of Prep activity. This approach was validated by the identification of known Prep substrates, such as the neuropeptide substance P and thymosin-beta4, the precursor to the bioactive peptide Ac-SDKP. In addition to these known substrates, we also discovered that Prep regulates many additional peptides, including additional bioactive peptides and proline rich peptides (PRPs). Biochemical experiments confirmed that some of these Prep-regulated peptides are indeed substrates of the enzyme. Moreover, these experiments also supported the known preference of Prep for shorter peptides while revealing a previously unknown cleavage site specificity of Prep when processing certain multi-proline-containing peptides, including PRPs. The discovery of Prep-regulated peptides implicates Prep in new biological pathways and provides insights into the biochemistry of this enzyme.






Nolte WM,Tagore DM,Lane WS,Saghatelian A




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2009-12-22 00:00:00












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    abstract::Several furanocoumarins were tested for their ability to inhibit human P450 2A6 activity. The metabolites and conjugates formed from these furanocoumarins after incubation with reconstituted purified P450 2A6 in the absence and presence of exogenous nucleophiles were characterized by UV and LC/ESI-MS/MS analysis. The ...


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  • Environmental effects on formation and photoreaction of the M412 photoproduct of bacteriorhodopsin: implications for the mechanism of proton pumping.

    abstract::Photochemical studies of the effects of temperature, pH, and dehydration on the formation and back photoreaction of the M412 intermediate in the photocycle of light-adapted bacteriorhodopsin (bR570) are carried out. Continuous illumination experiments in the range between -40 and -90 degrees C indicate that at low tem...


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