Prevalence of migraine, tension-type headache and trigeminal neuralgia in multiple sclerosis.


BACKGROUND:Prevalence rates of headache in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients varied widely in recent studies. This study aimed to investigate the 1 year prevalence of headache in MS compared with the general population. METHODS:Population-based case-control study in Germany. RESULTS:We included 491 patients with definite MS (68% female, mean age 45.3 years, 63.7% relapsing remitting MS, mean Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) 3.2, 106 treated with interferon-beta, 53 with glatiramer acetate, 271 untreated) and 447 age and gender matched controls. Headache was diagnosed with a validated questionnaire according to the International Headache Society Criteria. Headache prevalence was 56.2% (tension type headache 37.2%, migraine 24.6%). Headache prevalence rates did not differ from controls. Headache was not associated with disability or treatment. Trigeminal neuralgia was found in 6.3% of MS cases. CONCLUSION:Results suggest that headache in MS patients reflects comorbidity in most conditions.


Eur J Neurol


Putzki N,Pfriem A,Limmroth V,Yaldizli O,Tettenborn B,Diener HC,Katsarava Z




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