Brief communication: Methods of sequence heterochrony for describing modular developmental changes in human evolution.


:Interest in the developmental changes leading to apomorphic features of human anatomy is longstanding. Although most research has focused on quantitative measures of size and shape, additional information may be available in the sequence of events in development, including aspects of phenotypic integration. I apply two recently proposed techniques for analyzing developmental sequences to literature data on human and chimpanzee age of limb element ossification center appearance in radiographs. The event-pair cracking method of Jeffery et al. (Syst Biol 51 [2002] 478-491) offers little additional insight on sequence differences in this data set than a simpler difference of ranks. Both reveal shifts in timing that are likely related to locomotor differences between the two species. Poe's (Evolution 58 [2004] 1852-1855) test for modularity in a sequence identifies the ankle, wrist, and hind limb as developmental modules, which may correspond to localized combinations of developmental genes. Ossification patterns of the rays of the hand and foot show little modularity. Integrating these and other methods of sequence analysis with traditional metrics of size and shape remains an underdeveloped area of inquiry.


Am J Phys Anthropol


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  • Body size estimation of small-bodied humans: Applicability of current methods.

    abstract::Body size (stature and mass) estimates are integral to understanding the lifeways of past populations.Body size estimation of an archaeological skeletal sample can be problematic when the body size or proportions of the population are distinctive. One such population is that of the Holocene Later Stone Age (LSA) of so...

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  • Asymmetry of the mandibular condyle in Haida Indians.

    abstract::The condyles of 72 aged and sexed Haida Indians were measured for anteroposterior and mediolateral diameter and their approximate areas calculated. Dental wear was assessed for the same individuals. Asymmetry of condyle size did not appear to change with age. In a pair-wise analysis, no relationship was found between ...

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  • Infanticide in chimpanzees: Taphonomic case studies from Gombe.

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  • New distance-based exponential regression method and equations for estimating the chronology of linear enamel hypoplasia (LEH) defects on the anterior dentition.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We present a new distance-based exponential regression approach based on published histological data to refine the objectivity, accuracy, and precision of age estimates of LEH defect formation on the anterior dentition. METHODS:Published histological data of anterior tooth crown growth for two samples (nort...

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  • Collective arousal when reuniting after temporary separation in Tonkean macaques.

    abstract::Celebrations and bursts of communal joy can occur spontaneously in human communities based on mechanisms of emotional contagion. Some examples of similar collective excitement have been reported in animals when they reunite or anticipate rewards, but little is known about the processes and meaning of these multiple in...

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  • Morphological integration of the cranium in Homo, Pan, and Hylobates and the evolution of hominoid facial structures.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Modern humans diverge from other extant hominids (chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans) in a series of craniofacial morphological features. Like hylobatids, they possess a face with a reduced subnasal prognathism that is associated with a globular basicranium. These traits are not independent, as the skull ...

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  • Morphological variation of genetically confirmed Alouatta Pigra × A. palliata hybrids from a natural hybrid zone in Tabasco, Mexico.

    abstract::While hybridization has been reported for a large number of primate taxa, there is a general lack of data on hybrid morphology for wild individuals with known genetic ancestry. A confirmed hybrid zone for the closely related Neotropical primates Alouatta palliata and A. pigra has provided a unique opportunity to study...

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  • Isotopic evidence for age-related immigration to imperial Rome.

    abstract::Oxygen stable isotope ratios (delta(18)O) have been determined in carbonate in paired first and third molar teeth from individuals (N = 61) who lived in the town of Portus Romae ("Portus") and who were buried in the necropolis of Isola Sacra (First to Third centuries AD) near Rome, Italy. We compare these analyses wit...

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  • Brief communication: cortical remodeling data are affected by sampling location.

    abstract::It has been argued that techniques for estimating adult age-at-death from cortical histology are deleteriously affected by sampling location. This study uses nine complete femoral midshaft cross-sections to test the effect of sampling site on measurement of a standard histological variable, percent remodeled bone. Cir...

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  • Indentation as a technique to assess the mechanical properties of fallback foods.

    abstract::A number of living primates feed part-year on seemingly hard food objects as a fallback. We ask here how hardness can be quantified and how this can help understand primate feeding ecology. We report a simple indentation methodology for quantifying hardness, elastic modulus, and toughness in the sense that materials s...

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  • Diet and health changes at the end of the Chinese neolithic: the Yangshao/Longshan transition in Shaanxi province.

    abstract::In this paper we discuss diet and health changes of millet agriculturists in Northern China, Shaanxi province, during the period 7,000-4,000 BP. An episode of intensive climatic oscillations that preceded the onset of colder climate circa the fifth millennium BP divides the period (Shi et al. [1993] Global Planet. Cha...

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  • Seven Chinchorro mummies and the prehistory of northern Chile.

    abstract::The mummification methods of an ancient maritime population on the northern coast of Chile are reviewed and the findings in an additional seven individuals are reported. Members of this cultural group, Chinchorro, practiced a selective, elaborate form of artificial mummification which persisted more than 4,000 years. ...

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  • Technical note: comparison of the Maresh reference data with the who international standard for normal growth in healthy children.

    abstract::The Maresh reference data on stature and long bone lengths in a sample of healthy middle-class children from Denver, Colorado [Maresh: Am J Dis Child 66 (1943) 227-257; Maresh: Am J Dis Child 89 (1955) 725-742; Maresh: Human growth and development (1970) p 155-200], have been used extensively by biological anthropolog...

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  • Limbic frontal cortex in hominoids: a comparative study of area 13.

    abstract::The limbic frontal cortex forms part of the neural substrate responsible for emotional reactions to social stimuli. Area 13 is one of the cortical areas long known to be part of the posterior orbitofrontal cortex in several monkey species, such as the macaque. Its presence nevertheless in the human brain has been uncl...

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  • Brief communication: a test and correction of the clavicle method of Stout and Paine for histological age estimation of skeletal remains.

    abstract::The histological method developed by Stout and Paine ([1992] Aln. J. Phys. Antropol. 87:111-115) for estimating age at death using the clavicle is tested on a known age independent sample from a nineteenth century cemetery near Spitalfriedhof St. Johann in Basel, Switzerland. The mean absolute difference between repor...

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  • Cineradiographic study of forelimb movements during quadrupedal walking in the brown lemur (Eulemur fulvus, Primates: Lemuridae).

    abstract::Movements of forelimb joints and segments during walking in the brown lemur (Eulemur fulvus) were analyzed using cineradiography (150 frames/sec). Metric gait parameters, forelimb kinematics, and intralimb coordination are described. Calculation of contribution of segment displacements to stance propulsion shows that ...

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  • Cross-sectional geometry of Pecos Pueblo femora and tibiae--a biomechanical investigation: I. Method and general patterns of variation.

    abstract::Variation in long bone cross-sectional geometry can be given a more precise functional interpretation using engineering beam theory. However, difficulties in measurement technique have generally prevented studies of large samples of cross sections in this way. In the present study, an automated system utilizing an ele...

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  • Effect of different healing stages on stable isotope ratios in skeletal lesions.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Physiological stress is one of the various factors that can have an impact on stable isotope ratios. However, its effect on bone collagen stable isotope ratios is still not fully understood. This study aims to build on previous research on how different disease stages may affect bone collagen stable isotop...

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  • Social tolerance in a despotic primate: co-feeding between consortship partners in rhesus macaques.

    abstract::Food sharing among nonkin-one of the most fascinating cooperative behaviors in humans-is not widespread in nonhuman primates. Over the past few years, a large body of work has investigated the contexts in which primates cooperate and share food with unrelated individuals. This work has successfully demonstrated that s...

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  • Growth velocity and weaning δ(15)N "Dips" during ontogeny in Macaca mulatta.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:A "dip" in the stable nitrogen isotope ratios (δ(15)N) of subadults in the late weaning/early post-weaning phase of growth and development has been observed. Speculatively, this is the mechanism of positive nitrogen balance operating among rapidly growing subadults. An alternate hypothesis for δ(15)N dips is...

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  • Arthritis in the prehistoric Southeastern United States: biological and cultural variables.

    abstract::Recent research shows that a bacterial life form, Erysipelothrix insidiosa, can produce rheumatoid arthritis in deer, swine, and dogs, and that a number of animals, including man, birds, and fish, may be infected by the organism. Examination of the archaeological record suggests that both cultural and biological varia...

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  • A functional analysis of the primate masticatory system and the origin of the anthropoid post-orbital septum.

    abstract::Study of the dry weights of primate and non-promate masticatory musculature reveals a significant relationship between the Anterior Temporalis/Masseter ratio and the relative development of the anterior dentition. Available dietary information demonstrates that species emphasizing incisal preparation of food have a hi...

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  • Morphological and behavioral adaptations for foraging in generalist primates: the case of the cebines.

    abstract::In addition to being frugivorous, Cebus and Saimiri stand out among the New World primates of similar body size in being heavily dependent on animal matter for protein (faunivory). A detailed description of the morphology and behavior of the two genera is presented with the object of evaluating the interaction and res...

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  • Evaluating the "dual selection" hypothesis of canine reduction.

    abstract::A recently proposed model for canine reduction in hominid evolution (the "dual selection" model) suggests that canine reduction occurs as a result of selection for incorporation of the canines into a functional incisal field. Among the evidence used to support this model are patterns of wear and occlusion of the canin...

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  • A Y-chromosomal comparison of the Madjars (Kazakhstan) and the Magyars (Hungary).

    abstract::The Madjars are a previously unstudied population from Kazakhstan who practice a form of local exogamy in which wives are brought in from neighboring tribes, but husbands are not, so the paternal lineages remain genetically isolated within the population. Their name bears a striking resemblance to the Magyars who have...

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  • Interbirth intervals in wild baboons: Environmental predictors and hormonal correlates.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Interbirth intervals (IBIs) are a key metric of female reproductive success; understanding how they are regulated by environmental, social, and demographic factors can provide insight into sources of variance in female fitness. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Using 36 years of reproductive data on 490 IBIs for 160 wi...

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  • Population history of native groups in pre- and postcontact Spanish Florida: aggregation, gene flow, and genetic drift on the Southeastern U.S. Atlantic coast.

    abstract::Evolutionary trends and population history and structure are discussed for a series of late prehistoric and historic-period skeletal samples from the Georgia coast and interior (the Guale). Phenotypic dental measurement data were collected for nine samples from the late prehistoric (AD 1200-1400) and historic (AD 1608...

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  • Growth differences between children of highland and coastal Ecuador.

    abstract::This study examines patterns of growth in height and weight among children (< 60 months) of highland and coastal agricultural communities of Ecuador. Highland children are significantly shorter, but not significantly lighter than their coastal peers. Linear growth rates (cm/6 months) are comparable between the two sam...

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  • Variation in crown and root formation and eruption of human deciduous teeth.

    abstract::The aim of this study was to document variation of deciduous tooth formation and eruption. The material comprises 121 individuals of known or estimated age (using tooth length) from Spitalfields in London, and radiographs of 61 healthy living children aged 2-5 years. Other skeletal material from two medieval Scottish ...

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    authors: Liversidge HM,Molleson T

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  • The adaptive value of secondary males in the polygynous multi-level society of hamadryas baboons.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:One-male social systems are usually characterized by polygyny and reproductive exclusion by a single resident male. Sometimes, however, secondary males join these groups, and this may carry fitness costs and/or benefits to the resident male. In hamadryas baboons (Papio hamadryas hamadryas), which live in one...

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    authors: Chowdhury S,Pines M,Saunders J,Swedell L

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