Management of aggressive pituitary adenomas: current treatment strategies.


:Aggressive pituitary adenomas are notoriously difficult to manage due to their size, invasiveness, speed of growth and high frequency of recurrence. Except for prolactinomas, surgery (usually transsphenoidal but sometimes transcranial) is the first-line option, but re-growth of aggressive tumors is almost inevitable and monitoring and repeat surgery is required to control symptoms. In prolactinomas, dopamine agonists are the first-line treatment and they normalize prolactin levels in most patients even with macroprolactinomas. Somatostatin analogues offer another pharmacotherapy for pituitary adenomas either for primary therapy, pre-operatively to reduce the tumor volume and make it more amenable to surgical removal, or post-surgery to control re-expansion. When surgery and pharmacotherapy fail, radiotherapy is a useful third-line strategy that reduces recurrence, while extreme pituitary adenomas with metastases may potentially be managed with chemotherapy (although more data are needed). A combination of these therapies will be required for aggressive pituitary adenomas and careful follow-up is essential.






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  • Molecular pathogenesis of human prolactinomas identified by gene expression profiling, RT-qPCR, and proteomic analyses.

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  • Clinical features of sellar and suprasellar meningiomas.

    abstract::Meningiomas account for about 1% of sellar masses. Although they can mimic pituitary adenomas, they are more vascularized and invasive. To gain insights that would enhance our ability to establish a pre-surgical diagnosis of meningioma, we performed a retrospective study of these tumors. Query of the surgical patholog...


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  • Proliferation markers in different types of clinically non-secreting pituitary adenomas.

    abstract::160 clinically non-secreting pituitary adenomas were examined in regard to their expression of the markers PCNA, bcl2, Ki 67 in the mib-1 modification and p53 which are still under investigation for their relevance to cell proliferation. The series contained 60 null cell adenomas, 60 oncocytomas and 40 gonadotroph ade...


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  • Oral estroprogestin: an alternative low cost therapy for women with postoperative persistent acromegaly?

    abstract::Oral estrogens reduce GH-induced IGF-1 production and preliminary studies have shown that adjuvant estroprogestin (EP) therapy with octreotide LAR may control disease activity in some female patients who are partially responsive to octreotide LAR. Our aim was to verify if EP alone or in combination with octreotide LAR...


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