Highly passage of Spodoptera litura cell line causes its permissiveness to baculovirus infection.


:It is well known that the characteristics of cell lines possibly alter when cell lines are at high-passage number because of the environmental selection. We do not know whether non-permissive or low-permissive cell lines could become permissive or more permissive to virus infection after over-high passage. In the present studies, the alteration of the permissiveness of Spodoptera litura cell line Sl-zsu-1 to three baculovirus infection was investigated after over-high passage, and the possible mechanisms are also investigated. Vigorous apoptosis in Sl-zsu-1 cells was induced by both the recombinant Autographa californica multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus AcMNPV-GFP-actin and the celery looper Anagrapha falcifera multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus AfMNPV, suggesting the replication of the two viruses was blocked by apoptosis. However, the cells infected by S. litura multicapsid nucleopolyhedrovirus SpltMNPV did not undergo apoptosis, but the SpltMNPV titre of the supernatant was not detectable, suggesting this cell line was low-permissive for this virus infection and other factor(s) involved in blockage of the virus replication except apoptosis. However, when Sl-zsu-1 cells had been subcultured continuously for more than 4 years (high-passage cell), which was named as Sl-HP cell line afterwards, no significant apoptosis was induced by the three baculovirus in Sl-HP cells, and many replicated virions or nucleocapsids were observed in the cells. But the permissiveness of Sl-HP cells to the three viruses was very different according to the titre of viruses in the cell cultures. Interestingly, the DNA extracted from SpltMNPV could induce vigorous apoptosis of Sl-HP cells. Altogether, Sl-zsu-1 cell line becomes more permissive to baculovirus infection after over-high passage and multiple paths can block the baculovirus infectivity.






Zhang X,Lan W,Deng Y,Ma Y,Liu K,Peng J,Li Y,Hong H




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