Selective reporting of adjusted estimates in observational epidemiology studies: reasons and implications for meta-analyses.


:For meta-analyses of observational epidemiology studies, unadjusted and adjusted study estimates are often extracted. However, there is evidence of selective reporting of adjusted study estimates. We investigate adjustment reporting bias, examining the reasons why some studies do not contribute an adjusted estimate to a meta-analysis. Ten published meta-analyses were re-analysed to assess evidence of adjustment reporting bias and over 100 primary studies were read to investigate why they did not contribute an adjusted estimate to a meta-analysis. Selective reporting of adjusted estimates may lead to a bias in some meta-analyses when adjusted study estimates are not reported because univariate analyses indicated a non-significant effect. We recommend that unadjusted and adjusted study estimates be extracted for a meta-analysis. If adjusted estimates cannot be obtained, the reasons for this should be investigated and sensitivity analyses could be used to assess the impact of this on the meta-analysis.


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Peters J,Mengersen K




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  • The caregiver-provider relationship assessment: measuring family caregivers' perceptions of relationship quality with health care providers.

    abstract::This article summarizes the development of the caregiver-provider relationship assessment (CPRA) designed to measure family caregivers' perceptions of relationship quality with health care providers. Using an online sample of family caregivers (n = 156), the patient reactions assessment (PRA) was adapted for use with ...

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  • Health care workers in the Dominican Republic: self-perceived role in smoking cessation.

    abstract::A Dominican Republic (DR)-based multi-community trial of smoking cessation viewed health care workers (HCWs) as potential interventionists. Effectively engaging them requires a clear understanding of their attitudes and practices regarding smoking. A Rapid Assessment Procedure, conducted among HCWs in six economically...

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  • Longitudinal outcomes of a comprehensive, incentivized worksite wellness program.

    abstract::This study evaluated health benefits of long-term participation in an employer-based wellness program, focusing on selected chronic disease risk factors. A repeated measures longitudinal time-series study was conducted of 8 years of existing prospectively collected annual data, including clinical measures of weight, b...

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  • Utilization of behavioral knowledge from short-term workshops.

    abstract::Workshops on new methods in the health professions have often been evaluated for participant reaction and understanding of the material. But behavior change on the job following workshops has seldom been assessed. Rehabilitation professionals in seven states were surveyed to determine use of behavior management proced...

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  • When is knowledge ripe for primary care? An exploratory study on the meaning of evidence.

    abstract::The objectives of this study were to explore the meaning of scientific evidence as it is understood by primary care physicians. Individual interviews were conducted with actors chosen for their roles in the production and use of knowledge: 22 family physicians, 13 specialist physicians, and 6 researchers. Two situatio...

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  • Adherence to practice guidelines, clinical outcomes, and costs among Medicaid enrollees with severe mental illnesses.

    abstract::The treatment of Medicaid enrollees diagnosed with depression or schizophrenia was examined to determine whether adherence to treatment guideline was associated with health care financing strategy, clinical outcomes, and cost-effectiveness. Individuals in a fee-for-service condition were significantly more likely to r...

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  • Evaluation of a hospice program: effects on terminally ill patients and their families.

    abstract::Hospice care in the United States has grown rapidly since its introduction here from England in the mid-1970s. Surprisingly little evaluation of services has been made public, particularly with regard not merely to demographics but also the actual effect of hospice caregiving on patients and families. This article des...

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  • The MOS 36-item short form health survey. A conceptual analysis.

    abstract::The SF-36 is a practical and widely-tested instrument for measuring health status and medical outcomes. This article is not a critique of the SF-36, rather, it underscores its viability as an instrument for measuring physical and mental health and well-being. The article is a conceptual analysis of the SF-36, from the...

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  • Surgery resident selection and evaluation. A critical incident study.

    abstract::This article reports a study of the process of selecting and evaluating general surgery residents. In personnel psychology terms, a job analysis of general surgery was conducted using the Critical Incident Technique (CIT). The researchers collected 235 critical incidents through structured interviews with 10 general s...

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  • Medical care in developing countries. Assessment and assurance of quality.

    abstract::In recent years attention in developing countries has concentrated upon strategies to improve the equitable provision of essential health care--the primary health care approach. Very little work has been reported in connection with the quality of medical care, and yet for the successful outcome of care it is necessary...

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  • A Bayesian aggregate meta-analytic evaluation approach.

    abstract::The Bayesian inferential process is modified to be used as an approach to an aggregate meta-analytic evaluation. Comparisons of the Bayesian approach with the traditional average effect size meta-analytic approach indicated that the Bayesian approach was more sensitive to differences between studies. The approaches to...

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  • Scope, Influence, and Interdisciplinary Collaboration: The Publication Portfolio of the NIH Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) Program From 2006 Through 2017.

    abstract::The Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) program sponsors an array of innovative, collaborative research. This study uses complementary bibliometric approaches to assess the scope, influence, and interdisciplinary collaboration of publications supported by single CTSA hubs and those supported by multiple h...

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    authors: Llewellyn N,Carter DR,DiazGranados D,Pelfrey C,Rollins L,Nehl EJ

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  • Measuring patient perceptions of the patient-doctor interaction. Development of the PDIS.

    abstract::Patient satisfaction has been related to patient compliance, doctor-patient information exchange, and continuity of care. However, the construct of patient satisfaction is not well defined; its measurement has typically consisted of the anecdotal generation of questions that may not tap issues of concern to patients. ...

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  • Recruitment strategies. Pharmacists' participation in an evaluation project to dispense emergency contraception.

    abstract::The objective of this article was to describe the effectiveness of a multifocus recruitment strategy to a pilot project allowing direct provision of emergency contraception (EC) in a community pharmacy through collaborative agreements between pharmacists and physicians. The project recruited pharmacies through direct ...

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    authors: Cockerill R,Cohen M,Dunn S,Brown T

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  • Development of an Attitudes Toward Health Care Teams Scale.

    abstract::The authors describe the development and psychometric testing across three study phases of an Attitudes Toward Health Care Teams Scale. The measure contains two subscales: Quality of Care/Process (14 items) and Physician Centrality (6 items). The Quality of Care/Process subscale measures team members' perceptions of t...

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  • The development of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Attitudes Test. A psychometric analysis.

    abstract::Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is characterized by debilitating symptoms including persistent or relapsing fatigue. As a result of CFS, some individuals experience significant stigma that is attached to this illness. Many medical professionals are skeptical of the validity of the illness, and employers often fail to a...

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    authors: Shlaes JL,Jason LA,Ferrari JR

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  • Experiencing satisfaction and stress as an AIDS care provider. The AIDS caregiver scale.

    abstract::Health care workers (n = 342) completed items examining their emotional experiences working with HIV-positive patients. Factor analysis produced two subscales: Personal Satisfaction and Emotional Stress. A subset of these care workers (n = 251) claimed increased stress and depression after 6 months. In a second study,...

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  • Impact on maternity professionals of novel approaches to clinical audit feedback.

    abstract::The authors compared three approaches to feedback of clinical audit findings relating to miscarriage in 15 Scottish maternity services (printed report alone; report plus action planning letter; report plus face-to-face facilitated action planning). Clinicians were surveyed to measure theory of planned behavior constru...

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    authors: Cameron M,Penney G,Maclennan G,McLeer S,Walker A

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  • The opinions of injecting drug user (IDUs) HIV patients and health professionals on access to antiretroviral treatment and health services in Valencia, Spain.

    abstract::The benefits of HIV treatment (Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy [HAART]) have been less apparent in injecting drug users (IDUs), most probably as a result of poor adherence to treatment. We explored factors related to HIV treatment adherence as reported by 23 IDU-HIV patients and nine health professionals from hea...

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    authors: Garcia de la Hera M,Davo MC,Ballester-Añón R,Vioque J

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  • Confirmatory factor analysis of house office candidate appraisals.

    abstract::This article illustrates an application of confirmatory factor analysis, using the LISREL program, to retrospective analysis of rating data common in health professions education. We begin with specification of a causal model reflecting the multitrait-multimethod design of a surgical house-officer ranking system. The ...

    journal_title:Evaluation & the health professions

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    authors: Friedman CP,Trier WC,Forsythe GB

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  • Going Global: A Model for Evaluating Empirically Supported Family-Based Interventions in New Contexts.

    abstract::The spread of evidence-based practice throughout the world has resulted in the wide adoption of empirically supported interventions (ESIs) and a growing number of controlled trials of imported and culturally adapted ESIs. This article is informed by outcome research on family-based interventions including programs lis...

    journal_title:Evaluation & the health professions

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    authors: Sundell K,Ferrer-Wreder L,Fraser MW

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  • The precision of practice analysis results in the professions.

    abstract::A practice analysis, in which an appropriate sample of professionals is asked to describe what they do in their practices, is considered an essential part of the content-related validity evidence for licensure and certification tests. This article examines the precision of estimates of the mean frequencies for categor...

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  • Notes from the Field: Concerns of Health-Related Higher Education Students in Brazil Pertaining to Distance Learning During the Coronavirus Pandemic.

    abstract::This survey aimed to assess the concerns of students of health-related higher education in Brazil regarding distance learning during the coronavirus pandemic. A Google Forms anonymous questionnaire was sent by WhatsApp Messenger to students at a private university. Seven hundred and four students answered the question...

    journal_title:Evaluation & the health professions

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    authors: Peloso RM,Ferruzzi F,Mori AA,Camacho DP,Franzin LCDS,Margioto Teston AP,Freitas KMS

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  • What Is Lean Management in Health Care? Development of an Operational Definition for a Cochrane Systematic Review.

    abstract::Industrial improvement approaches such as Lean management are increasingly being adopted in health care. Synthesis is necessary to ensure these approaches are evidence based and requires operationalization of concepts to ensure all relevant studies are included. This article outlines the process utilized to develop an...

    journal_title:Evaluation & the health professions

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    authors: Rotter T,Plishka C,Lawal A,Harrison L,Sari N,Goodridge D,Flynn R,Chan J,Fiander M,Poksinska B,Willoughby K,Kinsman L

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  • Physicians and DRGs. Hospital management alternatives.

    abstract::Rising health care costs in general and hospital costs in particular have placed significant financial strain on federal programs such as Medicare. It was with this in mind that the Reagan administration in 1983 initiated Medicare's new prospective payment system based on diagnostic-related groups (DRGs) to reduce the...

    journal_title:Evaluation & the health professions

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    authors: Patel K

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  • Needs assessment and hospice planning in a rural setting.

    abstract::A needs assessment is a research and planning activity designed to determine a community's service needs and utilization patterns. One of the most practical ways to plan services is to gather information accurately about a defined population and use that information to revise existing programs or develop new ones. Unf...

    journal_title:Evaluation & the health professions

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    authors: Byrne CM

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  • Mail versus internet surveys: determinants of method of response preferences among health professionals.

    abstract::The authors evaluated determinants of response to Internet-based surveys in a sample (n = 5600) of Texas healthcare professionals. Participants were given the option of responding by mail or over the Web (response, 66%). Internet respondents were younger (p < .001), had worked fewer years in healthcare (p < .001), and...

    journal_title:Evaluation & the health professions

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    authors: Lusk C,Delclos GL,Burau K,Drawhorn DD,Aday LA

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  • Data pooling and analysis to build a preliminary item bank: an example using bowel function in prostate cancer.

    abstract::Assessing bowel function (BF) in prostate cancer can help determine therapeutic trade-offs. We determined the components of BF commonly assessed in prostate cancer studies as an initial step in creating an item bank for clinical and research application. We analyzed six archived data sets representing 4,246 men with p...

    journal_title:Evaluation & the health professions

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    authors: Eton DT,Lai JS,Cella D,Reeve BB,Talcott JA,Clark JA,McPherson CP,Litwin MS,Moinpour CM

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  • Impact of differential response rates on the quality of data collected in the CTS physician survey.

    abstract::Survey administrators face trade-offs between expending additional survey resources to maximize response rates versus using fewer resources and accepting lower response rates. Using data from the Community Tracking Study's Physician Survey, we examined how survey estimates and data quality changed as additional respon...

    journal_title:Evaluation & the health professions

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    authors: Schoenman JA,Berk ML,Feldman JJ,Singer A

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  • Recommendations for care related to follow-up of abnormal cancer screening tests: accuracy of patient report.

    abstract::When using patient self-report of processes of care as part of measuring quality performance, validity and reliability are important considerations. In this study, the congruence of patient report of recommendations of screening follow-up care was compared with record audit data. Survey data were collected from a rand...

    journal_title:Evaluation & the health professions

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    authors: Puleo E,Zapka JG,Goins KV,Yood MU,Mouchawar J,Manos M,Somkin C,Taplin S

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