The history of commonly used dental elevators.


:Despite the extensive and regular use of dental elevators on a daily basis in both general dental and specialist oral and maxillofacial surgical practice, little is known about the history and origins of such instruments and this remains an intriguing question. This question has been the basis for the following article, which gives a brief history of the instruments, discusses their eponymous origins and the history, life and works of the individuals they are named after. In-depth research has also raised other questions about such instruments that could be the focus for further study.


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  • Remember the days in the old school yard: from lectures to online learning.

    abstract::Claims have been made that the traditional classroom/lecture-room mode of teaching is under threat with the future being purely online-based. There is no doubt that the impact of ICT systems and services have and will continue to transform teaching practice. From PowerPoint slides introduced to enliven lectures to vir...

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  • Summary of: the impact of fluoride application training: survey of trained dental nurses from King's College Hospital NHS Trust.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To explore the perceived benefits of a fluoride varnish training scheme, subsequent use of extended skills and any barriers that exist, in order to inform future training and practice. METHOD:Questionnaire survey of the first four cohorts of fluoride varnish training at one London dental hospital. RESULTS:...

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  • A survey of oral and maxillofacial pathology specimens submitted by general dental practitioners over a 30-year period.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To determine the range and frequency of diagnoses in specimens submitted for histopathological examination by general dental practitioners (GDPs). METHODS:A retrospective analysis was carried out of all cases submitted by GDPs for the period 1974-2003, using a Foxpro Windows database. The data were collated...

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  • Use of calcium hydroxide for apical barrier formation and healing in non-vital immature permanent teeth: a review.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To review the use of calcium hydroxide for induction of apical barrier formation and healing in immature permanent teeth. INTRODUCTION:Pulp necrosis is a frequent complication of dental trauma in immature permanent teeth. Endodontic treatment of these teeth is often complicated. The walls of the root canals ...

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  • Appropriateness of a Resuscitation Council (UK) advanced life support course for primary care dentists.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To investigate whether a standard Resuscitation Council (UK) ALS course is appropriate for primary care dentists or whether a course should be specifically designed for dentists. DESIGN:Opinions canvassed by pre-course expectation and post-course evaluation questionnaires. SUBJECTS:23 West Pennine primary ...

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  • Pressures produced in vitro during intraligamentary anaesthesia.

    abstract::An in vitro investigation measured the pressures produced by an Astra type aspirating syringe (modified Sterling) and a pressure syringe (Ligmaject) during periodontal ligament injections. A pressure transducer (0-6.9 MPa) was adapted to record the pressures generated within both syringes, with the output of the trans...

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  • PET-CT surveillance versus neck dissection in advanced head and neck cancer.

    abstract::Despite less surgery, quality-of-life measurements were not superior in patients who received PET-CT-guided surveillance, compared with that group who received routine neck dissection. ...

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  • A study of the career development of male and female dental practitioners.

    abstract:AIM:The aim of the study was to determine differences between male and female dental practitioners in the positions they occupy within their employment, and to analyse the correlates of such differences. METHOD:Postal questionnaire survey of a 1 in 10 sample of individuals taken from the General Dental Council registe...

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  • Porcelain veneers: the effects of contaminants and cleaning regimens on the bond strength of porcelain to composite.

    abstract::An in-vitro study was carried out to investigate the effects of contamination of the porcelain surface on the shear-bond strength of a dual-cure composite luting cement to etched, silanated porcelain. Furthermore, the effects of different cleaning regimens were studied. A total of 390 etched, silanated porcelain speci...

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  • The management of traumatic tooth loss with dental implants: part 2. Severe trauma.

    abstract::In part 2 of this series, we look at the clinician's role in replacing multiple missing teeth and the associated soft tissues and bone, following severe forms of trauma. These patients usually wish to have fixed prostheses to help restore their appearance and function. In order to fulfil the patient's request, the mul...

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    authors: Seymour DW,Patel M,Carter L,Chan M

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  • A personal perspective and update on erosive tooth wear - 10 years on: Part 1 - Diagnosis and prevention.

    abstract::Tooth wear has been recognised as an increasing problem over the past 10 years. Recent data from epidemiological studies indicate that the condition is common with prevalence of dentine exposure in adults ranging between 2% and 10% and visible surface changes on teeth observed up to 30% of European adults. The Basic E...

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  • Massive sublingual haematoma following osseo-integrated implant placement in the anterior mandible.

    abstract::The floor of the mouth is a very vascular area. Should perforation of the lingual cortex of the mandible occur during the placement of an osseo-integrated implant, significant haemorrhage may result. We present the case of a patient who attended our unit with acute airway obstruction. Although life threatening haemato...

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  • Eagle's syndrome: an unusual cause of a clicking jaw.

    abstract::Calcification of the stylohyoid ligament is a well recognised radiographic finding in dental practice. Fortunately, affected individuals seldom develop symptoms. We report a case of a patient whose main complaint was a loud click following jaw movement. This unusual presentation has not been described before and shoul...

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    authors: Godden DR,Adam S,Woodwards RT

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  • Assessment of the use of problem-orientated, small-group discussion for learning of a fixed prosthodontic, simulation laboratory course.

    abstract:AIM:To evaluate a simulation laboratory course that used student-centred small-group problem-orientated discussion activities as the main medium of instruction. METHODS:A structured questionnaire using a six-point Likert scale with 30 statements relating to a fixed prosthodontics course was distributed to 4th-year and...

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  • Dental standards: fifty years of development.

    abstract::Dental standards play a vital and important role in society by contributing to the quality and safety levels of products used in dental treatments by dental professionals as well as the hygiene products used by the general public. Few members of the public or indeed many dentists fully appreciate the contribution made...

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  • Recurrent Kawasaki disease.

    abstract::Kawasaki disease (mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome) is a disease of unknown aetiology characterised by vasculitis which may affect the coronary arteries. Young children are most commonly affected although the disease has been described in adults. We report a case of recurrent Kawasaki disease which presented to an or...

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    authors: Pemberton MN,Doughty IM,Middlehurst RJ,Thornhill MH

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  • The impact of dental anxiety on daily living.

    abstract:AIM:To explore the impact of dental anxiety on daily living. METHOD:Twenty people attending a dental sedation clinic completed the Modified Dental Anxiety Scale, and were interviewed privately using a reflexive, in-depth technique. All interviews were audio-tape recorded and transcribed. The transcripts were analysed ...

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  • Aspects of panoramic radiography in general dental practice.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To gather information on the types of panoramic x-ray equipment used in NHS dental practice and whether dentists satisfy the legal requirements for safety, to determine which practice personnel take panoramic radiographs and to assess the prevalence of the practice of 'routine' panoramic radiography among NH...

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  • Investigation of the erosive potential of sour novelty sweets.

    abstract::Background The expansion of the novelty sweets market in the UK has major potential public health implications in children and young adults as they may cause dental erosion.Objective To investigate the erosive potential of the novelty sweets in term of their physiochemical properties and amount of enamel loss.Subjects...

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  • The ultimate guide to restoration longevity in England and Wales. Part 10: key findings from a ten million restoration dataset.

    abstract:Introduction:This paper defines key points from a ten million restoration dataset in order to compare and contrast the data from the previous nine papers, identifying common themes and/or differences in the factors affecting the survival of restored teeth to next intervention or extraction. Aim:It is the aim of this p...

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    authors: Burke FJT,Lucarotti PSK

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  • A primary double molar tooth in a child with Russell-Silver syndrome.

    abstract::The prevalence of double teeth in the primary dentition, for the British schoolchild, is 1.6%. Although primary double teeth in the anterior region of the mouth are not uncommon, double teeth in the primary molar region are rare. This case report describes the intra-oral findings, and in particular a case of a primary...

    journal_title:British dental journal

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    authors: Bedi R,Moody GH

    更新日期:1991-11-09 00:00:00

  • Developing professional status: an investigation into the working patterns, working relationships and vision for the future of UK clinical dental technicians.

    abstract:AIMS:To investigate the working patterns and patient base of registered clinical dental technicians (CDTs); their relationships with dentists and other professionals in the dental team; their willingness to work within the NHS and their expectations for the future as a new professional group. METHODS:Face-to-face qual...

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    authors: Leyssen W,Clark RK,Gallagher JE,Radford DR

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  • Heck's disease.

    abstract::The clinical and histological findings in two adult caucasians with focal epithelial hyperplasia (Heck's disease) are described. The literature concerning this rare condition is reviewed. ...

    journal_title:British dental journal

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Lamey PJ,Lewis MA,Rennie JS,Beattie AD

    更新日期:1990-03-24 00:00:00

  • The use of light-cured resin and orthodontic archwire to immobilise a transplanted maxillary canine.

    abstract::A technique is presented which uses light-activated bonding materials and orthodontic archwire to immobilise a surgically transplanted impacted maxillary canine. The technique is quick and effective. It uses materials commonly available in the dental surgery and does not require technical laboratory support. The treat...

    journal_title:British dental journal

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    authors: Willmot DR,Davies SJ

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  • Dementia friendly dentistry for the periodontal patient. Part 1: recognising and assessing patients with dementia.

    abstract::This is the first of two articles that provide a guide for the clinical management for people with dementia who present with periodontal disease in dental practice. Conditions that cause dementia and their increasing prevalence are described. Advice is given to aid the dental team in recognising patients with dementia...

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    authors: Cerajewska TL,West NX

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  • Referral patterns and the referral system for oral surgery care. Part 1: General dental practitioner referral patterns.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To investigate current GDP oral surgery referral patterns given the anticipated change since the introduction by the General Dental Council of the specialty of surgical dentistry. DESIGN:Postal questionnaire. SETTING:400 GDPs in Greater Manchester. RESULTS:84% participation rate. 69% of dentists made a ref...

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    authors: Coulthard P,Kazakou I,Koron R,Worthington HV

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  • How confidently do students address patients with psychiatric conditions in the dental clinic? A service evaluation in a UK dental school.

    abstract::Background Extensive literature covers the relationship between psychiatric and dental health, but little research explores the ability of dental practitioners to confidently address patient mental health. This paper explored self-reported confidence of dental students when addressing patient mental health in a univer...

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    authors: Elliott E,Sharma S,Omar A,Hurst D

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  • A preliminary report of a case using an intra-oral distraction device.

    abstract::A case is reported where the callus in a mandibular osteotomy site underwent distraction by means of an intra-oral device. The procedure was undertaken in a 9-year-old patient diagnosed with hemifacial microsomia type I. Using rapid prototyping from a radiographic scan of the facial skeleton an acrylic model was made ...

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    authors: McGurk M,Slabberti HD,Amis A,McDonald F

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  • A new technique for the controlled removal of mottled enamel: measurement of enamel loss.

    abstract:AIM:To describe and investigate a simple, effective new method for controlled removal of unsightly, malformed surface enamel. SUBJECTS AND METHODS:22 mottled incisor teeth were chosen from a group of 12 patients, aged 9-15 years. One half of the labial surface of the tooth was covered with a layer of unfilled bis-GMA ...

    journal_title:British dental journal

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    authors: Pourghadiri M,Longhurst P,Watson TF

    更新日期:1998-03-14 00:00:00

  • Management of the unerupted maxillary canine.

    abstract::In orthodontic practice, many patients present with unerupted and impacted maxillary canine teeth. The clinical outcome is frequently compromised by a failure to diagnose the problem at the appropriate age. This article reviews the development of the maxillary canine, the assessment of normal and abnormal eruptive pat...

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