Flooded homes, broken bonds, the meaning of home, psychological processes and their impact on psychological health in a disaster.


:In 2005, Carlisle suffered severe flooding and 1600 houses were affected. A qualitative research project to study the social and health impacts was undertaken. People whose homes had been flooded and workers who had supported them were interviewed. The findings showed that there was severe disruption to people's lives and severe damage to their homes, and many suffered from psychological health issues. Phenomenological and transactional perspectives are utilised to analyse the psychological processes (identity, attachment, alienation and dialectics) underlying the meaning of home and their impact on psychological health. Proposals for policy and practice are made.


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Carroll B,Morbey H,Balogh R,Araoz G




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  • Studies regarding supported housing and the built environment for people with mental health problems: A mixed-methods literature review.

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  • Rupture, resilience, and risk: relationships between mental health and migration among gay-identified men in North America.

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  • Embodied and sensory experiences of therapeutic space: Refugee place-making within an urban allotment.

    abstract::This article extends theorising on how spaces act therapeutically by using the lens of sensory and embodied ethnography to explore refugee place-making within an urban allotment located in the North West, UK. Findings suggest being physically present when allotment tending has potential to be therapeutic without the n...

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  • Place as a predictor of health insurance coverage: A multivariate analysis of counties in the United States.

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  • Neighborhood stressors, perceived neighborhood quality, and child mental health in New York City.

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  • Neighborhood poverty, allostatic load, and birth outcomes in African American and white women: findings from the Bogalusa Heart Study.

    abstract::As a biologically-mediated pathway between adversity and declines in physical health, allostatic load has been frequently hypothesized as a potential contributor to racial disparities in birth outcomes, but an empirical evidence is lacking. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationships between maternal pr...

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