Clinical utility of 99mTc-labeled ubiquicidin 29-41 antimicrobial peptide for the scintigraphic detection of mediastinitis after cardiac surgery.


BACKGROUND:Previous studies demonstrated that (99m)Tc-labeled-ubiquicidin 29-41 ((99m)Tc-UBI 29-41) imaging is an accurate method for detection of bacterial infections. This study was conducted to evaluate the clinical use of (99m)Tc-UBI 29-41 for detection of mediastinitis after cardiac surgery. METHODS:Thirteen patients with suspected mediastinitis after cardiac surgery were included. Qualitative and semiquantitative analyses of (99m)Tc-UBI 29-41 images were performed. Mediastinitis was confirmed by bacterial culture. RESULTS:Qualitative analysis correctly identified the infection in 5/6 patients with mediastinitis. For observer 1, there were five true-positive results, six true-negative results, one false-positive result and one false-negative result (sensitivity: 83%, specificity: 85%, positive predictive value: 83%, negative predictive value: 85%, and overall diagnostic accuracy: 84%). For observer 2, there were five true-positive results, five true-negative results, two false-positive results and one false-negative result (sensitivity: 83%, specificity: 71%, positive predictive value: 71%, negative predictive value: 83%, and overall diagnostic accuracy: 76%). Agreement between observers was 0.847 (SE=0.145, p=0.002). Semiquantitative analysis showed a higher mediastinum uptake of the (99m)Tc-UBI 29-41 in patients with mediastinitis than that derived from patients without mediastinitis. Mean uptake of (99m)Tc-UBI 29-41 was 60.4+/-10.3 counts/pixel and 47.4+/-5.5 counts/pixel, respectively (p=0.01). At the threshold value of > or =57 counts/pixel using ROC analysis, the sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, negative predictive value and overall diagnostic accuracy for detecting patients with mediastinitis were 83, 100, 100, 87, and 92%, respectively (p=0.02; 95% CI: 0.65-1.10%). CONCLUSIONS:(99m)Tc-UBI 29-41 imaging yielded fast and promising first results for patients with suspected mediastinitis after cardiac surgery and, as such, deserves further investigation.


Arch Med Res


Vallejo E,Martinez I,Tejero A,Hernandez S,Jimenez L,Bialostozky D,Sanchez G,Ilarraza H,Ferro-Flores G




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