Unusual topography of bovine rhodopsin promoter-lacZ fusion gene expression in transgenic mouse retinas.


:To define the cis-acting DNA elements required for rhodopsin expression, we generated lines of transgenic mice carrying sequences upstream of the bovine rhodopsin gene fused to the E. coli beta-galactosidase gene (lacZ). Upstream sequences extending from -2174 to +70 bp, from -734 to +70 bp, and from -222 to +70 bp direct photoreceptor-specific expression. All three -2174 lines demonstrate a superior-temporal to inferior-nasal gradient of expression across the retina, whereas lines carrying the shorter constructs demonstrate either spatially continuous expression across the retina, discrete clusters of expression, or both. As a complementary approach to defining regulatory elements, we compared DNA sequences 5' of the murine, bovine, and human rhodopsin genes. Significant homology between all three species was found just upstream of the transcription start site and at approximately 1.5 kb upstream.






Zack DJ,Bennett J,Wang Y,Davenport C,Klaunberg B,Gearhart J,Nathans J




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1991-02-01 00:00:00
















  • Regulation of releasable vesicle pool sizes by protein kinase A-dependent phosphorylation of SNAP-25.

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  • Origin and dynamics of extraclassical suppression in the lateral geniculate nucleus of the macaque monkey.

    abstract::In addition to the classical, center/surround receptive field of neurons in the lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN), there is an extraclassical, nonlinear surround that can strongly suppress LGN responses. This form of suppression likely plays an important role in adjusting the gain of LGN responses to visual stimuli. We...


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  • Presynaptic CaMKII is necessary for synaptic plasticity in cultured hippocampal neurons.

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  • Characterization of a target-derived neuronal cholinergic differentiation factor.

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