Cell polarity in plants: a PARspective on PINs.


:Plants have acquired the ability for organized multicellular development independent from animals. Because of this, they represent an independent example in nature for the development of coordinated, complex cell polarity from the simple polarity found in unicellular eukaryotes. Plants display a striking array of polarized cell types, with different axes of polarity being defined in one cell. The most investigated and best understood aspect of plant polarity is the apical-basal polarity of the PIN family of auxin efflux facilitators, which are of crucial importance for the organization of the entire plant body. Striking differences exist between the PAR-polarity modules known in animals and the ways PINs polarize plant cells. Nonetheless, a common regulatory logic probably applies to all polarizing eukaryotic cells, which includes self-reinforcing, positive feedback loops, intricate interactions between membrane-attached proteins, lipid signatures, and the targeting of transmembrane proteins to the correct domains of the plasma membrane.


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  • Coordination of cell polarity and the patterning of leaf vein networks.

    abstract::During development, the behavior of cells in tissues is coordinated along specific orientations or directions by coordinating the polar localization of components in those cells. The coordination of such cell polarity is perhaps nowhere more spectacular than in developing leaves, where the polarity of hundreds of cell...

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  • Grass architecture: genetic and environmental control of branching.

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  • GA action: turning on de-DELLA repressing signaling.

    abstract::Phytohormone gibberellins (GA) are a large family of tetracyclic diterpenoids and play the important roles in modulation of plant growth and development throughout the plant life cycle. GA depresses its signaling by the GA-promoted destabilization of the DELLA protein growth repressors via 26S proteasome pathway. Rece...

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  • Safe and acceptable strategies for producing foreign molecules in plants.

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  • Starch synthesis in the cereal endosperm.

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  • Genetic mechanisms conferring adaptation to submergence and drought in rice: simple or complex?

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  • The mechanics behind cell division.

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  • Transcription factor dosage: more or less sufficient for growth.

    abstract::Recent findings highlight three instances in which major aspects of plant development are controlled by dosage-dependent protein levels. In the shoot apical meristem the mobile transcription factor WUS displays an intricate function with respect to target regulation that involves WUS dosage, binding site affinity and ...

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  • Chloroplasts as mediators of plant biotic interactions over short and long distances.

    abstract::In nature, plants interact with numerous other organisms. Some interactions benefit both the plant and the other organism(s), while others lead to disease or even death of the plant hosts. The traditional focus of research into plant biotic interactions has been on the negative effects on plants and the strategies pla...

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  • Volatile signaling in plant-plant-herbivore interactions: what is real?

    abstract::Plants release volatiles after herbivore attack in a highly regulated fashion. These compounds attract natural enemies and function as indirect defenses. Whether neighboring plants 'eavesdrop' on these volatile signals and tailor their defenses accordingly remains controversial. Recent laboratory studies have identifi...

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  • How filamentous plant pathogen effectors are translocated to host cells.

    abstract::The interaction of microbes with "signature" plants is largely governed by secreted effector proteins, which serve to dampen plant defense responses and modulate host cell processes. Secreted effectors can function either in the apoplast or within plant cell compartments. How oomycetes and fungi translocate their effe...

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  • DNA assembly for plant biology: techniques and tools.

    abstract::As the speed and accuracy of genome sequencing improves, there are ever-increasing resources available for the design and construction of synthetic DNA parts. These can be used to engineer plant genomes to produce new functions or to elucidate the function of endogenous sequences. Until recently the assembly of amplif...

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  • Principles and applications of TAL effectors for plant physiology and metabolism.

    abstract::Recent advances in DNA targeting allow unprecedented control over gene function and expression. Targeting based on TAL effectors is arguably the most promising for systems biology and metabolic engineering. Multiple, orthogonal TAL-effector reagents of different types can be used in the same cell. Furthermore, variati...

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  • Transcriptional regulation by complex interplay between post-translational modifications.

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  • Big roles for small RNAs in polyploidy, hybrid vigor, and hybrid incompatibility.

    abstract::Small RNAs, including microRNAs (miRNAs), small interfering RNAs (siRNAs), and trans-acting siRNAs (ta-siRNAs), mediate gene expression and epigenetic regulation. While siRNAs are highly diverged, miRNAs and ta-siRNAs are generally conserved but many are differentially expressed between related species and in interspe...

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  • Complexity, cross talk and integration of plant MAP kinase signalling.

    abstract::Mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPKs) link information transfer from external stimuli-activated sensors to cellular responses. The completed Arabidopsis genome sequence revealed an extraordinary complexity in MAPK-signalling components in plants. Information obtained from Arabidopsis provides a framework for a uni...

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  • Cell-cell communication during double fertilization.

    abstract::Double fertilization in flowering seed plants requires intercellular signaling events between many interacting partners. The four cell types of the seven-celled female gametophyte communicate with each other to establish and maintain their identity. They secrete signaling molecules to guide the male gametophyte and to...

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  • The evolutionary basis of leaf senescence: method to the madness?

    abstract::Recent studies on the differential expression of genes associated with leaf senescence support the long-standing interpretation of plant senescence as an organized, genetically controlled process. Sequence identities of genes that are differentially expressed in senescing leaves indicate roles in the salvage of nutrie...

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  • The cellular dynamics of plant aquaporin expression and functions.

    abstract::Aquaporins are channel proteins that facilitate the transport of water and small neutral molecules, including gases, across cell membranes of most of the living organisms. Integrative studies have stressed the role of aquaporins in maintaining the whole plant water and nutrient status. Cellular aspects of plant aquapo...

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  • Formation of primordia and phyllotaxy.

    abstract::Leaves are made in an iterative pattern by the shoot apical meristem. The mechanism of this pattern formation has fascinated biologists, mathematicians and poets for centuries. Over the past year, fundamental insights into the molecular basis of this process have been gained. Patterns of auxin polar transport dictate ...

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  • The role of local biosynthesis of auxin and cytokinin in plant development.

    abstract::Plant hormones are tightly regulated in response to environmental and developmental signals. It has long been speculated that biosynthesis of hormones occurs broadly in plant organs and that intricate, spatiotemporal regulation of hormones in developing organ primordia is achieved through transport and signal percepti...

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  • The molecular basis of cytokinin function.

    abstract::Cytokinins are a class of phytohormones that regulate a wide variety of physiological and developmental processes such as shoot and root growth. Cytokinin signaling relies on a phosphorelay mechanism similar to the prokaryotic two-component system. Although the principal components mediating this cascade have been ide...

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  • Endosperm: the crossroad of seed development.

    abstract::The endosperm is an essential part of the seed that sustains embryo development and reserve storage. Several genes that are involved in endosperm differentiation and that have domains of expression arranged along a conserved antero-posterior axis have been isolated in Arabidopsis and in cereals. Endosperm polarity is ...

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  • Peptide signaling in pollen tube guidance.

    abstract::Fertilization is an important life event for sexually reproductive plants. Part of this process involves precise regulation of a series of complicated cell-cell communications between male and female tissues. Through genetic and omics approaches, many genes and proteins involved in this process have been identified. H...

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    authors: Kanaoka MM,Higashiyama T

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  • Paramutation: a trans-homolog interaction affecting heritable gene regulation.

    abstract::Paramutation describes both the process and results of trans-sensing between chromosomes that causes specific heritable changes in gene regulation. RNA molecules are implicated in mediating similar events in maize, mouse, and Drosophila. Changes in both small RNA profiles and cytosine methylation patterns in Arabidops...

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  • Regulation of sulfate transport and synthesis of sulfur-containing amino acids.

    abstract::Recent research indicates that several sulfate transporters - exhibiting different tissue specificities and modes of expression - may play distinct roles in sulfate uptake within specific tissues and in long-distance sulfate translocation. The transcription levels of particular genes and feedback inhibition of serine ...

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  • Expansins and cell growth.

    abstract::Expansins are now generally accepted to be key regulators of wall extension during growth. Several alternative roles for expansins have emerged in which the emphasis of their action is on wall breakdown or softening in processes such as fruit ripening, pollination, germination and abscission. Expansins are commonly en...

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  • Insights into metabolism obtained from microarray analysis.

    abstract::The regulation of plant metabolic processes in response to environmental and developmental signals is a complex interaction between optimization of enzyme activity and transcriptional regulation of gene expression. Through painstaking efforts over more than 50 years, many metabolic pathways in plants have been charact...

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  • Salicylic acid in plant defence--the players and protagonists.

    abstract::Salicylic acid (SA) is synthesised by plants in response to challenge by a diverse range of phytopathogens and is essential to the establishment of both local and systemic-acquired resistance (SAR). SA application induces accumulation of pathogenesis-related (PR) proteins. Mutations leading to either reduced SA produc...

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  • Calcium regulation of tip growth: new genes for old mechanisms.

    abstract::We review the recent advances on Ca(2+) in tip-growing cells, with a special focus on pollen tubes. New genes for Ca(2+) pumps, channels and sensing proteins have been recently described, with special emphasis on cyclic nucleotide gated channels (CNGCs) and glutamate receptor-like channels (GLRs). We also review the c...

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