Further studies on the pharmacological features of the nociceptin/orphanin FQ receptor ligand ZP120.


:ZP120 is a nociceptin/orphanin FQ (N/OFQ) peptide receptor (NOP) ligand. In previous studies, the effects of ZP120 were found to be sensitive to J-113397 in mouse tissues while resistant to UFP-101 in rat tissues. The aim of this study was to further investigate the ZP120 pharmacological profile using mouse and rat preparations, J-113397 and UFP-101, as well as NOP receptor knockout (NOP(-/-)) mice. Electrically stimulated mouse and rat vas deferens were used to characterize the pharmacology of ZP120 in vitro. For in vivo studies the tail-withdrawal assay was performed in wild type (NOP(+/+)) and NOP knockout (NOP(-/-)) mice. In the mouse and rat vas deferens ZP120 mimicked the effects of N/OFQ showing higher potency but lower maximal effects. In both preparations, J-113397 antagonized N/OFQ and ZP120 effects showing similar pK(B) values ( approximately 7.8). UFP-101 antagonized the actions of N/OFQ (pK(B) values approximately 7.3) but did not modify the effects of ZP120. The inhibitory effects of N/OFQ and ZP120 were no longer evident in vas deferens tissues taken from NOP(-/-) mice. In NOP(+/+) mice subjected to the tail-withdrawal assay, ZP120 (1 nmol) mimicked the pronociceptive action of N/OFQ (10 nmol), producing longer lasting effects. The effects of both peptides were absent in NOP(-/-) animals. The NOP receptor ligand ZP120 is a high potency NOP selective partial agonist able to evoke long-lasting effects; its diverse antagonist sensitivity in comparison with N/OFQ may derive from different modality of binding to the NOP receptor.






Fischetti C,Rizzi A,Gavioli EC,Marzola G,Trapella C,Guerrini R,Petersen JS,Calo G




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