Identification of the serine residue phosphorylated by protein kinase C in vertebrate nonmuscle myosin heavy chains.


:Two-dimensional mapping of the tryptic phosphopeptides generated following in vitro protein kinase C phosphorylation of the myosin heavy chain isolated from human platelets and chicken intestinal epithelial cells shows a single radioactive peptide. These peptides were found to comigrate, suggesting that they were identical, and amino acid sequence analysis of the human platelet tryptic peptide yielded the sequence -Glu-Val-Ser-Ser(PO4)-Leu-Lys-. Inspection of the amino acid sequence for the chicken intestinal epithelial cell myosin heavy chain (196 kDa) derived from cDNA cloning showed that this peptide was identical with a tryptic peptide present near the carboxyl terminal of the predicted alpha-helix of the myosin rod. Although other vertebrate nonmuscle myosin heavy chains retain neighboring amino acid sequences as well as the serine residue phosphorylated by protein kinase C, this residue is notably absent in all vertebrate smooth muscle myosin heavy chains (both 204 and 200 kDa) sequenced to date.






Conti MA,Sellers JR,Adelstein RS,Elzinga M




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1991-01-29 00:00:00












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  • Influence of the extent of branching on solution conformations of complex oligosaccharides: a molecular dynamics and NMR study of a penta-antennary "bisected" N-glycan.

    abstract::The solution conformation of an agalactosyl penta-antennary "bisected" N-linked glycan from hen ovomucoid has been determined using a combination of 1H-NMR NOE measurements and restrained molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. The majority of glycosidic linkages exhibited restricted torsional fluctuations about the glob...


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    abstract::In all structurally characterized bacterial multicomponent monooxygenase (BMM) hydroxylase proteins, a series of hydrophobic cavities in the α-subunit trace a conserved path from the protein exterior to the carboxylate-bridged diiron active site. This study examines these cavities as a potential route for transport of...


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  • High-yield functional expression of human sodium/d-glucose cotransporter1 in Pichia pastoris and characterization of ligand-induced conformational changes as studied by tryptophan fluorescence.

    abstract::Studies on the structure-function relationship of transporters require the availability of sufficient amounts of the protein in a functional state. In this paper, we report the functional expression, purification, and reconstitution of the human sodium/d-glucose cotransporter1 (hSGLT1) in Pichia pastoris and ligand-in...


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  • Thermodynamic Stability of DNA Duplexes Comprising the Simplest T → dU Substitutions.

    abstract::Members of the uracil-DNA glycosylase (UDG) enzyme family recognize and bind uracil, sequestering it within the binding site pocket and catalyzing the cleavage of the base from the deoxyribose, leaving an abasic site. The recognition and binding are passive and rely on innate dynamic motions of DNA wherein base pairs ...


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