Intraocular pressure control with latanoprost/timolol and travoprost/timolol fixed combinations : a retrospective, multicentre, cross-sectional study.


OBJECTIVE:The aim of this study was to confirm randomized clinical trial results showing that a fixed timolol/travoprost combination (TT; DuoTrav) controls intraocular pressure (IOP) better than a fixed timolol/latanoprost combination (TL; Xalacom) in everyday ophthalmic practice, when measured in the morning and >24 hours after instillation. METHODS:Patients with ocular hypertension or primary open angle glaucoma stabilized on TT or TL were included in this retrospective cross-sectional study. Data on demographics, medical history and previous treatments were extracted from the patients' medical records. Last treatment instillation times and IOP values were recorded at clinic visits. Treatments were compared by analyses of variance, logistic regressions and propensity scores adjusted for confounding factors. RESULTS:Out of 316 patients included, 124 instilled TT, 192 instilled TL and 266 (84.2%) overall had instilled their eye drops within 24 hours. The patients' mean age was 64.5 years and 51.6% were female. Treatment groups were comparable except for longer disease and treatment durations in TL recipients. Worse eye mean IOPs were 25.8 mmHg at diagnosis and 21.9 mmHg on starting their designated fixed combination treatment. The best IOP control was provided by TT instillations (mean IOP 17.1 and 19.0 mmHg in the TT and TL groups, respectively; p < 0.001). This difference was reinforced by results in the subgroup of patients who instilled treatment >24 hours prior to IOP measurement (mean IOP 17.0 and 20.3 mmHg in the TT and TL groups, respectively; p < 0.004). Also, 82.6% of TT patients satisfied their ophthalmologists' IOP targets versus 51.1% of TL patients (p < 0.001). All significant differences persisted after adjustment for confounding factors. CONCLUSION:This study, conducted in routine ophthalmic practice, confirmed published clinical trial results showing that TT provides better IOP control than TL when measured in the morning, and that travoprost has longer-lasting residual effects than latanoprost when IOP is measured >24 hours after instillation. However, readers should interpret these findings in the context of a cross-sectional observational study conducted in a naturalistic setting.


Clin Drug Investig


Denis P,Lafuma A,Jeanbat V,Laurendeau C,Berdeaux G




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  • Effect of Levothyroxine Treatment on Incident Dementia in Adults with Atrial Fibrillation and Hypothyroidism.

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