Hetero-Diels-Alder reaction of 1,3-bis(trimethylsilyloxy)-1,3-butadienes with arylsulfonylcyanides. Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of 4-hydroxy-2-(arylsulfonyl)pyridines.


:Hetero-Diels-Alder reactions of 1,3-bis(silyloxy)-1,3-butadienes with arylsulfonylcyanides afforded a variety of 4-hydroxy-2-(arylsulfonyl)pyridines. Several derivatives show antimicrobial activity against Gram-positive bacteria.


Bioorg Med Chem


Hussain I,Yawer MA,Lalk M,Lindequist U,Villinger A,Fischer C,Langer P




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2008-12-01 00:00:00














  • The comparison of characteristics between membrane-active antifungal peptide and its pseudopeptides.

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  • Design and synthesis of a novel series of histamine H3 receptor antagonists through a scaffold hopping strategy.

    abstract::Lead compounds 5-fluoro-2-methyl-N-[2-methyl-4-(2-methyl-[1,3']bipyrrolidinyl-1'-yl)-phenyl]-benzamide (1), tetrahydro-pyran-4-carboxylic acid [((2S,3'S)-2-methyl-[1,3']bipyrrolidinyl-1'-yl)-phenyl]-amide (2), and 3,5-dimethyl-isoxazole-4-carboxylic acid [((2S,3'S)-2-methyl-[1,3']bipyrrolidinyl-1'-yl)-phenyl]-amide (3...

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  • Synthesis, structural analysis and antitumor activity of novel 17α-picolyl and 17(E)-picolinylidene A-modified androstane derivatives.

    abstract::The heterocyclic ring at C-17 position of the androstane compounds plays an important role in biological activity. The aim of the present study was to synthesize and evaluate potential antitumor activity of different A-modified 17α-picolyl and 17(E)-picolinylidene androstane derivatives. In several synthetic steps, no...

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  • Fine tuning of agonistic/antagonistic activity for vitamin D receptor by 22-alkyl chain length of ligands: 22S-Hexyl compound unexpectedly restored agonistic activity.

    abstract::1α,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 exerts its actions by binding to vitamin D receptor (VDR). We are continuing the study related to the alteration of pocket structure of VDR by 22-alkyl substituent of ligands and the relationships between the alteration and agonistic/antagonistic activity. Previously we reported that compound...

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  • Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel irreversible serine protease inhibitors using amino acid based sulfonyl fluorides as an electrophilic trap.

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  • Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of isochroman-4-one hybrids bearing piperazine moiety as antihypertensive agent candidates.

    abstract::7,8-Dihydroxy-3-methyl-isochromanone-4 (XJP), is a polyphenolic natural product with moderate antihypertensive activity. To obtain new agents with stronger potency and safer profile, we employed XJP and naftopidil as the lead compounds to design and synthesize a novel class of hybrids as antihypertensive agent candida...

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  • Quinazolindione derivatives as potent 5-HT3A receptor antagonists.

    abstract::5-HT(3A) receptor antagonists have been used mainly for the treatment of nausea and vomiting. These days, the antagonists are of special interest due to their therapeutic potential to treat other diseases such as depression, psychotic disorder, drug abuse, and irritable bowel syndrome. To discover novel 5-HT(3A) recep...

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  • Complex molecules, clever solutions - Enzymatic approaches towards natural product and active agent syntheses.

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  • Purinergic receptor P2X₇: a novel target for anti-inflammatory therapy.

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  • Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of 10-methanesulfonyl-DDACTHF, 10-methanesulfonyl-5-DACTHF, and 10-methylthio-DDACTHF as potent inhibitors of GAR Tfase and the de novo purine biosynthetic pathway.

    abstract::The synthesis and evaluation of 10-methanesulfonyl-DDACTHF (1), 10-methanesulfonyl-5-DACTHF (2), and 10-methylthio-DDACTHF (3) as potential inhibitors of glycinamide ribonucleotide transformylase (GAR Tfase) and aminoimidazole carboxamide ribonucleotide transformylase (AICAR Tfase) are reported. The compounds 10-metha...

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  • Synthesis, structural elucidation and in vitro antiparasitic activity against Trypanosoma cruzi and Leishmania chagasi parasites of novel tetrahydro-1-benzazepine derivatives.

    abstract::Forty six new 1,4-epoxy-2-exo-aryl- and cis-2-aryl-4-hydroxytetrahydro-1-benzazepine derivatives were synthesized and fully characterized. All compounds were tested in vitro against both Trypanosoma cruzi and Leishmania chagasi parasites and also for cytotoxicity using Vero and THP-1 mammalian cell lines. Many of the ...

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  • Design, synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of novel naphthalenic derivatives as selective MT(1) melatoninergic ligands.

    abstract::Novel heterodimer analogues of melatonin were synthesized, when agomelatine (1) and various aryl units are linked via a linear alkyl chain through the methoxy group. The compounds were tested for their actions at melatonin receptors. Several of these ligands are MT(1)-selective with nanomolar or subnanomolar affinity....

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  • Synthesis and biological evaluation of scopoletin derivatives.

    abstract::A series of new scopoletin derivatives were designed and synthesized. Their anti-proliferative effect was initially evaluated against various human cancer cell lines. Among the tested compounds, A1, A2, and D6 showed significant anti-proliferative activities. Angiogenesis was detected by endothelial cell migration ass...

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  • Design, synthesis, and evaluation of alpha-ketoheterocycles as class C beta-lactamase inhibitors.

    abstract::A series of specific alpha-ketoheterocycles (benzoxazole, thiazole, imidazole, tetrazole, and thiazole-4-carboxylate) has been synthesized in order to assess their potential as beta-lactamase inhibitors. The syntheses were achieved either by construction of the heterocycle (benzoxazole) from an appropriate alpha-hydro...

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  • Thiophene bioisosteres of GluN2B selective NMDA receptor antagonists: Synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of [7]annuleno[b]thiophen-6-amines.

    abstract::Thiophene bioisosteres of potent GluN2B receptor negative allosteric modulators were prepared and evaluated pharmacologically. The five-step synthesis of 4,5,7,8-tetrahydro[7]annuleno[b]thiophen-6-one (10) was considerably improved by carboxylation of thiophene-3-carboxylic acid (8) in the first reaction step. Reducti...

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  • Expanding the recognition of the minor groove of DNA by incorporation of beta-alanine in hairpin polyamides.

    abstract::In order to expand the recognition code by hairpin polyamides to include DNA sequences of the type 5'-CWWC-3' two polyamides, PyPyPyPy-(R)(H2N)gamma-ImPyPyIm-beta-Dp (1) and PyPyPyPy-(R)(H2N)gamma-ImPy-beta-Im-beta-Dp (2) were synthesized which have in common an Py/Im pair in the terminal position for targeting C x G ...

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  • Click synthesis of estradiol-cyclodextrin conjugates as cell compartment selective estrogens.

    abstract::Cyclodextrin (CD) is a well known drug carrier and excipient for enhancing aqueous solubility. CDs themselves are anticipated to have low membrane permeability because of relatively high hydrophilicity and molecular weight. CD derivatization with 17-beta estradiol (E(2)) was explored extensively using a number of diff...

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  • Synthesis and antibacterial activity of novel 4-pyrrolidinylthio carbapenems Part IV. 2-Alkyl substituents containing cationic heteroaromatics linked via a C-C bond.

    abstract::The synthesis and biological activity of a novel series of 2-alkyl-4-pyrrolidinylthio-beta-methylcarbapenems containing a variety of cationic heteroaromatic substituents linked via a C-C bond is described. As a result of these studies, we selected FR21818 (In) as a candidate compound for development. FR21818 exhibited...

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  • Development of a potent 2-oxoamide inhibitor of secreted phospholipase A2 guided by molecular docking calculations and molecular dynamics simulations.

    abstract::Inhibition of group IIA secreted phospholipase A2 (GIIA sPLA2) has been an important objective for medicinal chemists. We have previously shown that inhibitors incorporating the 2-oxoamide functionality may inhibit human and mouse GIIA sPLA2s. Herein, the development of new potent inhibitors by molecular docking calcu...

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    authors: Vasilakaki S,Barbayianni E,Leonis G,Papadopoulos MG,Mavromoustakos T,Gelb MH,Kokotos G

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  • Design and synthesis of thiazolylhydrazone derivatives as inhibitors of chitinolytic N-acetyl-β-d-hexosaminidase.

    abstract::N-acetyl-β-d-hexosaminidase (Hex) is potential target for pesticide design. Here, a series of thiazolylhydrazone derivatives were designed, synthesized and evaluated as competitive inhibitors of OfHex1, a Hex from the agricultural pest Ostrinia furnacalis. The derivative 3k, with a (benzyloxy)methyl group at the N3 at...

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    authors: Yang H,Liu T,Qi H,Huang Z,Hao Z,Ying J,Yang Q,Qian X

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  • Design and synthesis of 6-fluoro-2-naphthyl derivatives as novel CCR3 antagonists with reduced CYP2D6 inhibition.

    abstract::In our previous study on discovering novel types of CCR3 antagonists, we found a fluoronaphthalene derivative (1) that exhibited potent CCR3 inhibitory activity with an IC(50) value of 20 nM. However, compound 1 also inhibited human cytochrome P450 2D6 (CYP2D6) with an IC(50) value of 400 nM. In order to reduce its CY...

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  • Synthesis, topoisomerase I and II inhibitory activity, cytotoxicity, and structure-activity relationship study of 2-phenyl- or hydroxylated 2-phenyl-4-aryl-5H-indeno[1,2-b]pyridines.

    abstract::A series of novel twenty-eight rigid 2-phenyl- or hydroxylated 2-phenyl-4-aryl-5H-indeno[1,2-b]pyridines were synthesized and evaluated for their topoisomerase inhibitory activity as well as their cytotoxicity against several human cancer cell lines. Generally, hydroxylated compounds (16-18, 22-25, and 29-31) containi...

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  • Solution-phase parallel synthesis of substituted chalcones and their antiparasitary activity against Giardia lamblia.

    abstract::A library of 25-membered chalcones was prepared by parallel synthesis. Substituted acetophenones and benzaldehydes were condensed using the Claisen-Schmidt base-catalyzed aldol condensation. Several chalcones showed in vitro antiparasitic activity against Giardia lamblia. The highest activity observed for the IC(50) v...

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  • Decades-old renin inhibitors are still struggling to find a niche in antihypertensive therapy. A fleeting look at the old and the promising new molecules.

    abstract::Hypertension is a diverse illness interlinked with cerebral, cardiovascular (CVS) and renal abnormalities. Presently, the malady is being treated by focusing on Renin- angiotensin system (RAS), voltage-gated calcium channels, peripheral vasodilators, renal and sympathetic nervous systems. Cardiovascular and renal abno...

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  • A novel sesquiterpene lactone from Centaurea pullata: structure elucidation, antimicrobial activity, and prediction of pharmacokinetic properties.

    abstract::A novel elemanolide with an alpha-methyl-gamma-lactone moiety, 8alpha-O-(4-hydroxy-2-methylenebutanoyloxy)melitensine, in addition to four known sesquiterpene lactones also bearing the same lactone ring, melitensin, 11beta,13 dihydrosalonitenolide, 8alpha-hydroxy-11beta,13-dihydro-4-epi-sonchucarpolide, and 8alpha-hyd...

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