Human secreted carbonic anhydrase: cDNA cloning, nucleotide sequence, and hybridization histochemistry.


:Complementary DNA clones coding for the human secreted carbonic anhydrase isozyme (CA VI) have been isolated and their nucleotide sequences determined. These clones identify a 1.45-kb mRNA that is present in high levels in parotid submandibular salivary glands but absent in other tissues such as the sublingual gland, kidney, liver, and prostate gland. Hybridization histochemistry of human salivary glands shows mRNA for CA VI located in the acinar cells of these glands. The cDNA clones encode a protein of 308 amino acids that includes a 17 amino acid leader sequence typical of secreted proteins. The mature protein has 291 amino acids compared to 259 or 260 for the cytoplasmic isozymes, with most of the extra amino acids present as a carboxyl terminal extension. In comparison, sheep CA VI has a 45 amino acid extension [Fernley, R. T., Wright, R. D., & Coghlan, J. P. (1988b) Biochemistry 27, 2815]. Overall the human CA VI protein has a sequence identity of 35% with human CA II, while residues involved in the active site of the enzymes have been conserved. The human sheep secreted carbonic anhydrases have a sequence identity of 72%. This includes the two cysteine residues that are known to be involved in an intramolecular disulfide bond in the sheep CA VI. The enzyme is known to be glycosylated and three potential N-glycosylation sites (Asn-X-Thr/Ser) have been identified. Two of these are known to be glycosylated in sheep CA VI. Southern analysis of human DNA indicates that there is only one gene coding for CA VI.






Aldred P,Fu P,Barrett G,Penschow JD,Wright RD,Coghlan JP,Fernley RT




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    abstract::The lipid A disaccharide of the Escherichia coli envelope is synthesized from the two fatty acylated glucosamine derivatives UDP-N2,O3-bis[(R)-3-hydroxytetradecanoyl]-alpha-D- glucosamine (UDP-2,3-diacyl-GlcN) and N2,O3-bis[(R)-3-hydroxytetradecanoyl]-alpha-D-glucosamine 1-phosphate (2,3-diacyl-GlcN-1-P) [Ray, B. L., ...


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    abstract::A 39/34-kilodalton (kDa) monomeric dispase fragment of von Willebrand factor (vWF) has been purified by heparin affinity chromatography. Detailed structural analysis of the individual 39- and 34-kDa fragments indicated that they had identical amino acid sequences extending from Leu-480/Val-481 to Gly-718 with an intra...


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