EEG phenotypes predict treatment outcome to stimulants in children with ADHD.


:This study demonstrates that the EEG phenotypes as described by Johnstone, Gunkelman & Lunt are identifiable EEG patterns with good inter-rater reliability. Furthermore, it was also demonstrated that these EEG phenotypes occurred in both ADHD subjects as well as healthy control subjects. The Frontal Slow and Slowed Alpha Peak Frequency and the Low Voltage EEG phenotype discriminated ADHD subjects best from controls (however the difference was not significant). The Frontal Slow group responded to a stimulant with a clinically relevant decreased number of false negative errors on the CPT. The Frontal Slow and Slowed Alpha Peak Frequency phenotypes have different etiologies as evidenced by the treatment response to stimulants. In previous research Slowed Alpha Peak Frequency has most likely erroneously shown up as a frontal theta sub-group. This implies that future research employing EEG measures in ADHD should avoid using traditional frequency bands, but dissociate Slowed Alpha Peak Frequency from frontal theta by taking the individual alpha peak frequency into account. Furthermore, the divergence from normal of the frequency bands pertaining to the various phenotypes is greater in the clinical group than in the controls. Investigating EEG phenotypes provides a promising new way to approach EEG data, explaining much of the variance in EEGs and thereby potentially leading to more specific prospective treatment outcomes.


J Integr Neurosci


Arns M,Gunkelman J,Breteler M,Spronk D




Has Abstract


2008-09-01 00:00:00












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  • Inhibition of pancreatic secretion to prevent postoperative complications following pancreatic resection.

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  • Paraneoplastic syndromes: Definitions, classification, pathophysiology and principles of treatment.

    abstract::Paraneoplastic syndromes (PNS) are rare clinical syndromes due to the systemic effects of tumours; they are unrelated to tumour size, invasiveness or metastases. Recent years have seen considerable advances leading to improved understanding of their pathophysiology and increased recognition of new PNS entities and PNS...

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  • Increased Intact Proinsulin in the Oral Glucose Challenge Sample is an Early Indicator for Future Type 2 Diabetes Development - Case Reports and Evidence from the Literature.

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  • Experience and lessons from the use of lepromin and Mycobacterium leprae-specific serology.

    abstract::Skin testing with lepromin, which produces a delayed-type hypersensitivity reaction, has been used in the classification of leprosy, and a good correlation has been found between immunological status and the reaction to lepromin. In addition, the prognostic value of the lepromin test has been demonstrated. More recent...

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  • A survey of the training needs of the National Panel of Specialists.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:A survey of National Panellists (NPs) in Scotland was undertaken to establish their current skill base and what training would be required to enable them to carry out appointment committee responsibilities effectively. METHODS:A questionnaire was sent to all NPs in November 2005 requesting their views on th...

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    abstract:UNLABELLED:To improve health policies directed toward ameliorating quality and also to characterize the profile of patients who attend medical centers, it is necessary to determine causes of mortality in any healthcare organization. OBJECTIVE:To analyze time-trend hospital mortality at the Manuel Velasco Suárez Nation...

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