Slc11a1 enhances the autoimmune diabetogenic T-cell response by altering processing and presentation of pancreatic islet antigens.


OBJECTIVE:Efforts to map non-major histocompatibility complex (MHC) genes causing type 1 diabetes in NOD mice identified Slc11a1, formerly Nramp1, as the leading candidate gene in the Idd5.2 region. Slc11a1 is a membrane transporter of bivalent cations that is expressed in late endosomes and lysosomes of macrophages and dendritic cells (DCs). Because DCs are antigen-presenting cells (APCs) known to be critically involved in the immunopathogenic events leading to type 1 diabetes, we hypothesized that Slc11a1 alters the processing or presentation of islet-derived antigens to T-cells. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS:NOD mice having wild-type (WT) or mutant Slc11a1 molecules and 129 mice having WT or null Slc11a1 alleles were examined for parameters associated with antigen presentation. RESULTS:We found that Slc11a1 enhanced the presentation of a diabetes-related T-cell determinant of GAD65, and its function contributed to the activation of a pathogenic T-cell clone, BDC2.5. An enhanced generation of interferon (IFN)-gamma-producing T-cells was also associated with functional Slc11a1. The alteration of immune responsiveness by Slc11a1 genotype did not correlate with altered MHC class II expression in DCs; however, functional Slc11a1 was associated with accelerated phagocytosis and phagosomal acidification in DCs. CONCLUSIONS:The association of variants encoding Slc11a1 with type 1 diabetes may reflect its function in processing and presentation of islet self-antigens in DCs. Thus, non-MHC genes could affect the MHC-restricted T-cell response through altered antigen processing and presentation.






Dai YD,Marrero IG,Gros P,Zaghouani H,Wicker LS,Sercarz EE




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  • Segregation analysis of urinary albumin excretion in families with type 2 diabetes.

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    abstract::The Diabetes Association of greater Cleveland screened 307,000 individuals in the metropolitan area for diabetes with a 75-gm. oral load of carbohydrate. Of these subjects 12,600 (4.1 per cent) had a two-capillary blood glucose level of greater than 139 mg. per cent and were defined as positive. Seventy per cent of th...


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    abstract::The glycolytic enzyme glucokinase plays a primary role in the glucose-responsive secretion of insulin, and defects of this enzyme can cause NIDDM. As a step toward understanding the molecular basis of glucokinase (GK) gene regulation, we assessed the structure and regulation of the human GK gene beta-cell-type promote...


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  • Effects of ponalrestat, an aldose reductase inhibitor, on neutrophil killing of Escherichia coli and autonomic function in patients with diabetes mellitus.

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  • Control of adipose tissue inflammation through TRB1.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Based on its role as an energy storage compartment and endocrine organ, white adipose tissue (WAT) fulfills a critical function in the maintenance of whole-body energy homeostasis. Indeed, WAT dysfunction is connected to obesity-related type 2 diabetes triggered at least partly by an inflammatory response in ...


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  • Metformin inhibits monocyte-to-macrophage differentiation via AMPK-mediated inhibition of STAT3 activation: potential role in atherosclerosis.

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  • WISP1 is a novel adipokine linked to inflammation in obesity.

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    abstract::Polyalkylcyanoacrylate nanocapsules (mean size 220 nm), composed of spheric polymeric structures, have been used as a drug carrier for insulin. The rate of encapsulation of insulin is 54.9%, and we studied the therapeutic efficiency of the nanocapsules in diabetic and normal rats. When administered subcutaneously, ins...


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  • Biosynthesis of proinsulin and other islet cell proteins in pancreatic beta cells of the rat: a radioautographic evaluation of glucose effects in vitro.

    abstract::Rat pancreatic islets were incubated in vitro with L-[4,5-3H]leucine or with L-[2,3-3H]tryptophan in Krebs-Ringer bicarbonate buffer, containing 0, 5, or 20 mM glucose. Incorporation of labeled amino acids in islet cells was evaluated quantitatively by a validated radioautographic procedure. Incorporation of labeled l...


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  • The hemodynamic abnormalities in short-term insulin deficiency: the role of prostaglandin inhibition.

    abstract::It has been suggested that the hemodynamic derangements present in diabetic ketoacidosis are the results not only of profound volume depletion but also of the effects of increased production of vasodilating prostaglandins (PGs), principally PGI2, released by adipose tissue. In animal and in vitro models, prostaglandin...


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    authors: Avogaro A,Crepaldi C,Piarulli F,Milan D,Valerio A,Pavan P,Sacerdoti D,Calabrò A,Macdonald I,Crepaldi G,Scognamiglio R,Tiengo A

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  • Insulin sensitivity and body weight changes in young white carriers of the codon 64 amino acid polymorphism of the beta 3-adrenergic receptor gene.

    abstract::Recently, a missense mutation replacing tryptophan with arginine at codon 64 of the beta 3-adrenergic receptor gene was shown to be associated with insulin resistance in nondiabetic subjects and to an earlier onset of NIDDM in Pima Indians. We studied whether the codon 64 amino acid polymorphism of the beta 3-adrenerg...


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    authors: Urhammer SA,Clausen JO,Hansen T,Pedersen O

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  • Coordinate phosphorylation of insulin-receptor kinase and its 175,000-Mr endogenous substrate in rat hepatocytes.

    abstract::To investigate the early events in insulin signal transmission in liver, isolated rat hepatocytes were labeled with 32P, and proteins phosphorylated in response to insulin were detected by immunoprecipitation with anti-phosphotyrosine and anti-receptor antibodies and analyzed by sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS)-polyacryla...


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  • The common polymorphisms (single nucleotide polymorphism [SNP] +45 and SNP +276) of the adiponectin gene predict the conversion from impaired glucose tolerance to type 2 diabetes: the STOP-NIDDM trial.

    abstract::Adiponectin is an adipose tissue-specific protein with insulin-sensitizing and antiatherogenic properties. Therefore, the adiponectin gene is a promising candidate gene for type 2 diabetes. We investigated the single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) +45T/G and +276G/T of the adiponectin gene as predictors for the conve...


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    authors: Zacharova J,Chiasson JL,Laakso M,STOP-NIDDM Study Group.

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