Human erythrocyte hemolysis induced by selenium and tellurium compounds increased by GSH or glucose: a possible involvement of reactive oxygen species.


:Oxidative stress can induce complex alterations of membrane proteins in red blood cells (RBCs) eventually leading to hemolysis. RBCs represent a good model to investigate the damage induced by oxidizing agents. Literature data have reported that chalcogen compounds can present pro-oxidant properties with potent inhibitory effects on cell growth, causing tissue damage and inhibit a variety of enzymes. In this study, human erythrocytes were incubated in vitro with various chalcogen compounds at 37 degrees C: diphenyl ditelluride (1), dinaphthalen diteluride (2), diphenyl diselenide (3), (S)-tert-butyl 1-diselenide-3-methylbutan-2-ylcarbamate (4), (S)-tert-butyl 1-diselenide-3-phenylpropan-2-ylcarbamate (5), selenium dioxide (6) and sodium selenite (7) in order to investigate their potential in vitro toxicity. After 6h of incubation, all the tested compounds increased the hemolysis rate, when compared to control and compound (2) had the most potent hemolytic effect. The addition of reduced glutathione (GSH) or glucose to the incubation medium enhanced hemolysis caused by chalcogen compounds. The thiol oxidase activity of these compounds was evaluated by measuring the rate of cysteine (CYS) and dithiotreitol (DTT) oxidation. DTT and cysteine oxidation was increased by all the compounds tested. The results suggest a relationship between the oxidation of intracellular GSH and subsequent generation of free radicals with the hemolysis by chalcogen compounds.


Chem Biol Interact


Schiar VP,Dos Santos DB,Paixão MW,Nogueira CW,Rocha JB,Zeni G




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2009-01-15 00:00:00














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