Clonidine decreases plasma catecholamines and improves outcome from incomplete ischemia in the rat.


:Clonidine decreases central sympathetic activity and anesthetic requirement. We tested whether clonidine improves outcome from incomplete ischemia of the brain in rats. Control rats were anesthetized with 25 of intravenous fentanyl and inhalation of 70% nitrous oxide (N2O). Clonidine-treated rats received fentanyl/N2O and 10 micrograms/kg of intravenous clonidine 10 min before ischemia, which was produced by right carotid ligation combined with hemorrhagic hypotension to 35 mm Hg for 30 min. Clonidine increased plasma glucose before ischemia and decreased blood catecholamine concentrations during ischemia compared with the control group. Neurologic outcome was evaluated daily for 3 days after ischemia and histopathology was performed at the end of this period. Clonidine significantly improved neurologic outcome on each of the 3 days after ischemia. Histopathology was severe in the control group but not enough rats survived in this group for statistical analysis. The authors conclude that clonidine decreases sympathetic activity during ischemia and that this is associated with an improvement in outcome from incomplete ischemia.


Anesth Analg


Anesthesia and analgesia


Hoffman WE,Cheng MA,Thomas C,Baughman VL,Albrecht RF




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  • The safety and effectiveness of remifentanil as an adjunct sedative for regional anesthesia.

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  • Using skin surface temperature to differentiate between complex regional pain syndrome type 1 patients after a fracture and control patients with various complaints after a fracture.

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  • Ketamine potentiates nondepolarizing neuromuscular relaxants in a primate.

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    abstract:UNLABELLED:The transient hyperemic response (THR) in the middle cerebral artery (MCA) after the release of brief compression of the ipsilateral common carotid artery has been used to study cerebral autoregulation. We conducted the present study to evaluate the reliability of THR to detect changes in cerebral autoregula...

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  • Hemodynamic responses in brain dead organ donor patients.

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  • Resuscitation from bupivacaine-induced asystole in rats: comparison of different cardioactive drugs.

    abstract::The objective of this study was to compare the success of resuscitation attempts with different cardioactive drugs after bupivacaine-induced asystole. Saline, amrinone (1 mg/kg), dopamine (5 micrograms/kg), norepinephrine (2 micrograms/kg), epinephrine (10 micrograms/kg), or isoproterenol (1 microgram/kg) were tested....

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  • Cerebral hemoglobin and optical pathlength influence near-infrared spectroscopy measurement of cerebral oxygen saturation.

    abstract::Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) is a noninvasive optical technique to monitor cerebral oxygen saturation at the bedside. Despite its applicability, NIRS has had limited clinical use because of concerns about accuracy, noted by intersubject variability in slope and intercept of the line between NIRS- and weighted-ave...

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  • The effect of remifentanil on cerebral blood flow velocity.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:In the present study, we investigated the effect of remifentanil on cerebral blood flow velocity (CBFV). We investigated 20 patients (ASA physical status III) scheduled for elective coronary artery bypass graft surgery. Anesthesia was induced with remifentanil 5 microg/kg IV (Group 1, n = 10) or 2 microg/kg ...

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  • Selective spinal anesthesia: a comparison of hyperbaric bupivacaine 4 mg versus 6 mg for outpatient knee arthroscopy.

    abstract:IMPLICATIONS:A low-dose (4 mg), low-volume (0.8 mL), low-flow (2 min) technique with hyperbaric bupivacaine toward the dependent side oriented injection and maintenance of the lateral decubitus position for 10 min produced selective spinal anesthesia with rapid recession of motor block and early discharge home. ...

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  • Within-patient variability of myogenic motor-evoked potentials to multipulse transcranial electrical stimulation during two levels of partial neuromuscular blockade in aortic surgery.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:Intraoperative recording of myogenic motor responses evoked by transcranial electrical stimulation (tcMEPs) is a method of assessing the integrity of the motor pathways during aortic surgery. To identify conditions for optimal spinal cord monitoring, we investigated the effects of manipulating the level of n...

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  • Elevated Presepsin Is Associated With Perioperative Major Adverse Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Complications in Elevated-Risk Patients Undergoing Noncardiac Surgery: The Leukocytes and Cardiovascular Perioperative Events Study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Perioperative major adverse cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events (MACCEs) are incompletely understood, and risk prediction is imprecise. Atherogenic leukocytes are crucial in cardiovascular events. However, it is unclear if surgical interventions affect leukocyte counts or activation status. Therefore, ...

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  • The urodynamic effects of intravenous opioids and ketoprofen in humans.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:We used a double-blind design to study urodynamic changes induced by mu-agonists (fentanyl, morphine), a partial mu-agonist antagonist (buprenorphine), a putative mu-antagonist, kappa-agonist (nalbuphine), and ketoprofen, an injectable nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug. Men (20-55 yr old) were randomly assi...

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  • The effect of intranasal fentanyl on the emergence characteristics after sevoflurane anesthesia in children undergoing surgery for bilateral myringotomy tube placement.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:Children undergoing placement of bilateral myringotomy tubes (BMT) often exhibit pain-related behavior (agitation) in the postanesthesia care unit. We compared the emergence and recovery profiles of pediatric patients who received sevoflurane with or without supplementary intranasal fentanyl for BMT surgery....

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  • Activity of the serotonergic system during isoflurane anesthesia.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Microdialysis studies have demonstrated that the release of serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine, 5-HT) in the serotonergic projection areas increases during waking and decreases during sleep in rat and cat, suggesting that 5-HT plays an important role in modulation of sleep. Although it might be expected that 5-H...

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  • Laparoscopic versus open myomectomy: a double-blind study to evaluate postoperative pain.

    abstract::The advantages of laparoscopic over open surgery have been documented in nonblinded settings. Our prospective, double-blind setting evaluated pain scores 72 h after surgery by comparing patients who underwent laparoscopic myomectomy or with laparotomy. Forty women referred for conservative myomectomy were included in ...

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  • A new highly reliable instrument for the assessment of pre- and postoperative gynecological pain.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:In this study, we evaluated the reliability of a newly developed method for pain assessment, which is based on perceptual matching by Pain Matcher, Cefar Medical AB, Lund, Sweden, during minor gynecological surgery. In addition, the responsiveness to two different anesthetic methods-electro-acupuncture or a ...

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  • Central venous access: the effects of approach, position, and head rotation on internal jugular vein cross-sectional area.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:We investigated the effects of approach (lateral versus anterior), position (supine versus Trendelenburg), and head rotation (0 degrees, 20 degrees, and maximum) during central venous catheterization on the area of the right internal jugular vein. Twenty-four patients were placed in supine position, followed...

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  • The effect of cerebral monitoring on recovery after general anesthesia: a comparison of the auditory evoked potential and bispectral index devices with standard clinical practice.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:The use of cerebral monitoring may improve the ability of anesthesiologists to titrate anesthetic drugs. However, there is controversy regarding the impact of the alleged anesthetic-sparing effects of cerebral monitoring on the recovery process and patient outcome. We designed this prospective double-blinded...

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  • Plasma cholinesterase: gene and variations.

    abstract::The traditional tests that have been used for the past 30 yr to determine plasma cholinesterase phenotype--measurement of esterase activity with a variety of substrates, dibucaine inhibition, fluoride inhibition, and Ro2-0683 inhibition--are inadequate for identifying some variants of this enzyme and leave many cases ...

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  • Release of beta-endorphin immunoreactive material under perioperative conditions into blood or cerebrospinal fluid: significance for postoperative pain?

    abstract::The function of beta-endorphin immunoreactive material (IRM) released under perioperative conditions remains to be clarified. In 17 patients undergoing orthopedic surgery, we determined beta-endorphin IRM in venous blood plasma and in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) before surgery (t(A)); after termination of surgery and ge...

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  • Argon pneumoperitoneum is more dangerous than CO2 pneumoperitoneum during venous gas embolism.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:We investigated the possibility of using argon, an inert gas, as a replacement for carbon dioxide (CO2). The tolerance of argon pneumoperitoneum was compared with that of CO2 pneumoperitoneum. Twenty pigs were anesthetized with enflurane 1.5%. Argon (n = 11) or CO2 (n = 9) pneumoperitoneum was created at 15 ...

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  • Continuous femoral nerve analgesia after unilateral total knee arthroplasty: stimulating versus nonstimulating catheters.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Continuous femoral analgesia provides extended pain relief and improved functional recovery for total knee arthroplasty (TKA). Stimulating catheters may allow more accurate placement of catheters. METHODS:We performed a randomized prospective study to investigate the use of stimulating catheters versus nons...

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  • Sameridine is safe and effective for spinal anesthesia: a comparative dose-ranging study with lidocaine for inguinal hernia repair.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:Sameridine is a new compound with local anesthetic and analgesic properties when injected intrathecally. We studied the anesthetic and analgesic efficacy of three doses of isobaric sameridine (15, 20, and 23 mg) compared with 100 mg of hyperbaric lidocaine for spinal anesthesia in 140 healthy male patients u...

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  • The effects of plasma and brain magnesium concentrations on lidocaine-induced seizures in the rat.

    abstract::Lidocaine and MgSO4 are often coadministered to patients with pregnancy-induced hypertension. This study examined whether MgSO4 alters the lidocaine-seizure threshold in the rat and, if so, whether systemic MgSO4 administration is as effective as intracerebroventricular MgSO4 infusion. In Experiment 1, rats were admin...

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  • Antinociceptive potentiation and attenuation of tolerance by intrathecal co-infusion of magnesium sulfate and morphine in rats.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) antagonists, such as MK801, delay the development of morphine tolerance. Magnesium, a noncompetitive NMDA antagonist, reduces postoperative morphine requirements. The present study was designed to evaluate the effects of intrathecal co-administration of magnesium sulfate with morp...

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    authors: McCarthy RJ,Kroin JS,Tuman KJ,Penn RD,Ivankovich AD

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  • Closed-loop coadministration of propofol and remifentanil guided by bispectral index: a randomized multicenter study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:We have developed a proportional-integral-derivative controller allowing the closed-loop coadministration of propofol and remifentanil, guided by a Bispectral Index (BIS) monitor, during induction and maintenance of general anesthesia. The controller was compared with manual target-controlled infusion. METH...

    journal_title:Anesthesia and analgesia

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    authors: Liu N,Chazot T,Hamada S,Landais A,Boichut N,Dussaussoy C,Trillat B,Beydon L,Samain E,Sessler DI,Fischler M

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  • Ipsilateral shoulder pain after thoracotomy with epidural analgesia: the influence of phrenic nerve infiltration with lidocaine.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:Patients receiving effective thoracic epidural analgesia for postthoracotomy pain may still complain of severe ipsilateral shoulder pain. The etiology of this pain is unclear. In this randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study, we investigated the effect of phrenic nerve infiltration with lidocaine...

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    authors: Scawn ND,Pennefather SH,Soorae A,Wang JY,Russell GN

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  • Effects of Preoperative Gum Chewing on Sore Throat After General Anesthesia With a Supraglottic Airway Device: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Postoperative sore throat (POST) is not uncommon after general anesthesia with a supraglottic airway (SGA) device. Although it was reported that some pharmacological and nonpharmacological measures can reduce POST, because of limitations and variable success rates, we need to find a simpler and more effectiv...

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  • Total knee arthroplasty as an overnight-stay procedure using continuous femoral nerve blocks at home: a prospective feasibility study.

    abstract::The average duration of hospitalization after total knee arthroplasty (TKA) in the United States is 4-5 days. In this two-phase study we investigated the feasibility of converting TKA into an overnight-stay procedure using a continuous femoral nerve block provided at home through postoperative day 4. Nine of 10 patien...

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  • Continuous positive airway pressure versus noninvasive pressure support ventilation to treat atelectasis after cardiac surgery.

    abstract::Atelectasis is common after cardiac surgery and may result in impaired gas exchange. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is often used to prevent or treat postoperative atelectasis. We hypothesized that noninvasive pressure support ventilation (NIPSV) by increasing tidal volume could improve the evolution of at...

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