Antitumor effect of F-PBF(beta-TrCP)-induced targeted PTTG1 degradation in HeLa cells.


:Pituitary tumor-transforming gene 1 (PTTG1), a proto-oncogene, is associated with tumor formation, proliferation and invasiveness. F-PBF(beta-TrCP), a fusion protein, was produced by replacing the WD40-repeat of F-box protein beta-TrCP with the PTTG1-binding factor (PBF) for targeted degradation of PTTG1. To evaluate the function of F-PBF(beta-TrCP), PTTG1-EGFP fusion protein was constructed. Our results showed that F-PBF(beta-TrCP) can both degrade exogenous PTTG1-EGFP fusion protein in COS-7 cells and endogenous PTTG1 protein in HeLa cells and the targeted PTTG1 knock down resulted in bFGF mRNA level down-regulation and inhibition of proliferation and clonogenicity in HeLa cells. In conclusion, targeted degradation of PTTG1 by F-PBF(beta-TrCP) has antitumor activity in vitro in HeLa cells. These results suggest that F-PBF(beta-TrCP) could be used for cancer treatment by targeted degradation of PTTG1.


J Biotechnol


Journal of biotechnology


Mo Z,Zu X,Xie Z,Li W,Ning H,Jiang Y,Xu W




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  • Biosynthesis of 4-vinylguaiacol from crude ferulic acid by Bacillus licheniformis DLF-17056.

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  • Optimisation of aqueous two-phase extraction of human antibodies.

    abstract::The purification of human antibodies in an aqueous two-phase system (ATPS) composed of polyethylene glycol (PEG) 6000 and phosphate was optimised by surface response methodology. A central composite design was used to evaluate the influence of phosphate, PEG and NaCl concentration and of the pH on the purity and extra...

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  • Enzyme cascade for biocatalytic deracemization of D,L-phosphinothricin.

    abstract::Deracemization of D,L-phosphinothricin (D,L-PPT) is one of the most promising routes for preparation of optically pure L-PPT. In this work, an efficient multi-enzyme redox cascade was developed for deracemization ofPPT, which includes oxidative reaction and reductive reaction. The oxidative reaction catalyzing oxidati...

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    abstract::A pair of genes designated parA and parB are encoded by many low copy number plasmids and bacterial chromosomes. They work with one or more cis-acting sites termed centromere-like sequences to ensure better than random predivisional partitioning of the DNA molecule that encodes them. The centromere-like sequences nucl...

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    abstract::Corynebacterium glutamicum possesses export systems for various amino acids including BrnFE, a two-component export system for L-methionine and the branched-chain amino acids L-valine, L-isoleucine and L-leucine. A gene for a putative transcriptional regulator of the Lrp family is transcribed divergently to the brnFE ...

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  • Expression of the Streptococcus agalactiae virulence-associated protease CspA in a soluble, active form utilizing the Gram-positive host, Lactococcus lactis.

    abstract::The heterologous expression of streptococcal genes in common Gram-negative hosts may be complicated by low-level expression, toxicity to the host, formation of inclusion bodies, and mislocalization of the encoded proteins. Biochemical study of the Streptococcus agalactiae virulence-associated cell-envelope protease (C...

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  • Aptamer-nanobody based ELASA for specific detection of Acinetobacter baumannii isolates.

    abstract::Acinetobacter baumannii has turned into an important threat in nosocomial outbreak infections and multidrug resistance leading to high mortality rates in the 21st century. In recent years its mortality has increased by 15% which in part could be due to lack of a rapid and sensitive diagnostic test. In this work we int...

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  • Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis: first steps in the understanding of virulence of a Gram-positive phytopathogenic bacterium.

    abstract::Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis is a plant-pathogenic actinomycete. It infects tomato, spreads through the xylem and causes bacterial wilt and canker. The wild-type strain NCPPB382 carries two plasmids, pCM1 and pCM2. The cured plasmid-free derivative CMM100 is still able to colonize tomato, but no dise...

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  • Effects of the hydrodynamic environment and shear protectants on survival of erythrocytes in suspension.

    abstract::Survival of media-suspended porcine erythrocytes exposed to various hydrodynamic environments was investigated with and without such shear protectant additives as bovine serum albumin, dextran and the non-ionic surfactant Pluronic F68. Erythrocytes provided a model cell population with cells of a uniform size, metabol...

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  • Enoate reductases from non conventional yeasts: bioconversion, cloning, and functional expression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

    abstract::Old yellow enzymes (OYEs, EC are flavin-dependent oxidoreductases that catalyze the stereoselective trans-hydrogenation of the double bond, representing a promising alternative to metal-based catalysis. Bioconversion of ketoisophorone (KIP) by 28 non-conventional yeasts belonging to 16 different species was ...

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