Diagnosis of tuberculosis infection in patients awaiting liver transplantation.


:This study examined the performance of a tuberculosis (TB)-specific enzyme-linked immunospot assay in 48 patients awaiting liver transplantation. They were tested with T-SPOT.TB, tuberculin skin test (TST), and lymphocyte transformation test (LTT) using tuberculin as a stimulus. A questionnaire was used to gain information on TB exposure. Four patients were defined as positive by T-SPOT.TB, 6 by TST, and 28 by LTT. The patients displaying positive results to T-SPOT.TB were also positive in the TST and LTT. We considered them to have latent TB because they were repeatedly (two or three times) positive to the T-SPOT.TB and reported TB exposure. Active TB was excluded by negative multislice computed tomography, negative culture, and absence of symptoms. In 1 patient, T-cell reactivity toward TB peptides was lost 1 and 2 months posttransplantation. Another patient, however, tested 8 and 13 months posttransplantation, displayed measurable cellular TB immune responses. This finding suggests that the measurement of cellular TB immune responses shortly after transplantation may fail. If possible, patients with end-stage liver disease should be screened for TB prior to transplantation. Our data are the first evidence that T-SPOT.TB may be useful to diagnose latent TB in patients awaiting liver transplantation.


Hum Immunol


Human immunology


Lindemann M,Dioury Y,Beckebaum S,Cicinnati VR,Gerken G,Broelsch CE,Wrighton-Smith P,Grosse-Wilde H




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  • Interaction of KIR genes and G1M immunoglobulin allotypes confer susceptibility to type 2 diabetes in Puerto Rican Americans.

    abstract::The susceptibility to type 2 diabetes (T2D) involves genetic factors. We studied the distribution of KIR and MHC class I ligands phenotype and genotype frequencies, as well as immunoglobulin KM and GM allotype frequencies in a group of patients (N = 95) with T2D and ethnically matched healthy controls (N = 74) with Pu...

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  • DNA sequence analysis of the HLA-DRw12 allele.

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