Restriction of retroviral replication by APOBEC3G/F and TRIM5alpha.


:Pathogenic viral infections have exerted selection pressure on their hosts to evolve cellular antiviral inhibitors referred to as restriction factors. Examples of such molecules are APOBEC3G, APOBEC3F and TRIM5alpha. APOBEC3G and APOBEC3F are cytidine deaminases that are able to strongly inhibit retroviral replication by at least two mechanisms. They are counteracted by the lentiviral Vif protein. TRIM5alpha binds to sensitive, incoming retroviruses via its C-terminal PRY/SPRY domain and rapidly recruits them to the proteasome before significant viral DNA synthesis can occur. Both of these proteins robustly block retroviral replication in a species-specific way. It remains an open but important question as to whether innate restriction factors such as these can be harnessed to inhibit HIV-1 replication in humans.


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Trends in microbiology


Huthoff H,Towers GJ




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  • Let LuxS speak up in AI-2 signaling.

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  • Lipid chemotaxis and signal transduction in Myxococcus xanthus.

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  • In Silico Vaccine Strain Prediction for Human Influenza Viruses.

    abstract::Vaccines preventing seasonal influenza infections save many lives every year; however, due to rapid viral evolution, they have to be updated frequently to remain effective. To identify appropriate vaccine strains, the World Health Organization (WHO) operates a global program that continually generates and interprets s...

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  • Resource Reallocation in Bacteria by Reengineering the Gene Expression Machinery.

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  • Host-plant invasion by Rhizobium: the role of cell-surface components.

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  • Bacterial (intramembrane-sensing) histidine kinases: signal transfer rather than stimulus perception.

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  • Prospects for new vaccines against tuberculosis.

    abstract::The spectacular failure of the existing bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine in recent tuberculosis-control trials has prompted a search for potential replacements. Imaginative approaches currently under development include the modulation of BCG by the production of auxotrophic mutants or cytokine-secreting recombina...

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  • Science denial: a guide for scientists.

    abstract::Evolution, climate change, and vaccination: in these cases and more, scientists, policymakers, and educators are confronted by organized campaigns to spread doubt, denial, and rejection of the scientific community's consensus on central scientific principles. To overcome these threats, scientists not only need to spre...

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  • Flipping the switch: bringing order to flagellar assembly.

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  • Evolution of Wolbachia pipientis transmission dynamics in insects.

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  • Involvement of Bacteria Other Than Clostridium difficile in Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhoea.

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  • Household Transmission of Influenza Virus.

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  • RTX Adhesins are Key Bacterial Surface Megaproteins in the Formation of Biofilms.

    abstract::Gram-negative bacteria produce repeats-in-toxin adhesion proteins (RTX adhesins) to facilitate microbial adhesion. These large, multidomain proteins share a common architecture comprised of four regions. First to emerge from the bacterium, C terminal end leading, is the RTX export sequence that directs the protein thr...

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  • Leeches and their microbiota: naturally simple symbiosis models.

    abstract::Strictly blood-feeding leeches and their limited microbiota provide natural and powerful model systems to examine symbiosis. Blood is devoid of essential nutrients and it is thought that symbiotic bacteria synthesize these for the host. In this review, three distinct leech-microbe associations are described: (i) the m...

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  • Virus-like particles as immunogens.

    abstract::Subunit vaccines based on recombinant proteins can suffer from poor immunogenicity owing to incorrect folding of the target protein or poor presentation to the immune system. Virus-like particles (VLPs) represent a specific class of subunit vaccine that mimic the structure of authentic virus particles. They are recogn...

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  • Preparing the way: fungal motors in microtubule organization.

    abstract::Fungal growth, development and pathogenicity require hyphal tip growth, which is supported by polar exocytosis at the expanding growth region. It is assumed that molecular motors transport growth supplies along the fibrous elements of the cytoskeleton, such as microtubules, to the hyphal apex. Recent advances in live-...

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  • Can β-Lactam Antibiotics Be Resurrected to Combat MRSA?

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  • Variation in bacterial flagellins: from sequence to structure.

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  • Light-driven ion-translocating rhodopsins in marine bacteria.

    abstract::Microbial rhodopsins are the photoreceptive membrane proteins found in diverse microorganisms from within Archaea, Eubacteria, and eukaryotes. They have a hep-tahelical transmembrane structure that binds to an all-trans retinal chromophore. Since 2000, thousands of proteorhodopsins, genes of light-driven proton pump r...

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  • Outbreaks of human monkeypox after cessation of smallpox vaccination.

    abstract::The recent observation of a surge in human monkeypox in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) prompts the question of whether cessation of smallpox vaccination is driving the phenomenon, and if so, why is re-emergence not universal throughout the historic geographic range of the virus? Research addressing the vir...

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  • The Role of the Fungal Cell Wall in the Infection of Plants.

    abstract::The polysaccharide-rich wall, which envelopes the fungal cell, is pivotal to the maintenance of cellular integrity and for the protection of the cell from external aggressors - such as environmental fluxes and during host infection. This review considers the commonalities in the composition of the wall across the fung...

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  • PIP2: choreographer of actin-adaptor proteins in the HIV-1 dance.

    abstract::The actin cytoskeleton plays a key role during the replication cycle of human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV-1). HIV-1 infection is affected by cellular proteins that influence the clustering of viral receptors or the subcortical actin cytoskeleton. Several of these actin-adaptor proteins are controlled by the second m...

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