Skin color variation in eastern Nepal.


:The purpose of this paper is to provide skin color data on several endogamous groups of eastern Nepal and to demonstrate genetic microdifferentiation in skin color. Skin reflectance measures were taken at the upper inner arm and forehead sites, using the British DSL Model 99 Reflectance Spectrophotometer fitted with blue, green, and red filters. Measurements on 484 males representing six endogamous groups (Jirel, Sunwar, Sherpa, Tamang, Brahman, Chetri) were utilized. After adjusting for group-specific age effects, multivariate likelihood ratio permutation tests were used to assess ethnic differences in skin reflectance means and covariance matrices. Ethnic group membership had a highly significant effect on skin color at the upper inner arm site and at the forehead site. Differential tanning responses among groups were also detected and may represent the influence of genotype-environment interaction on reflectance traits. Mahalanobis distance analysis revealed patterns of microdifferentiation that are inconsistent with oral historical accounts. Little support was found for the ethnohistorical belief that Jirels are a hybrid group descended from Sunwars and Sherpas, even though this scenario is supported by linguistic, anthropometric, and dermatoglyphic data. We suggest that while reflectometric studies of skin pigmentation may be useful in assessing the macrodifferentiation of human populations, the use of skin color in differentiation studies at the local population level needs to be carefully evaluated.


Am J Phys Anthropol


Williams-Blangero S,Blangero J




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1991-07-01 00:00:00












  • Evaluation of the auricular surface method for subadult sex estimation on Italian modern (19th to 20th century) identified skeletal collections.

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  • Mitochondrial DNA structure in North Africa reveals a genetic discontinuity in the Nile Valley.

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  • Neandertal supralaryngeal vocal tract.

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  • Cross-cultural correlations of childhood growth and adult breast cancer.

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  • The dentition of the Lengua indians of Paraguay.

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  • Ridge course of the whorls: classification and methods.

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  • Ancient DNA in anthropology: methods, applications, and ethics.

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  • Neuromandibular integration in humans and chimpanzees: Implications for dental and mandibular reduction in Homo.

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  • Skeletal pathology in Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii in Kibale National Park, Uganda.

    abstract::The ecological pressures shaping chimpanzee anatomy and behavior are the subject of much discussion in primatology and paleoanthropology, yet empirical data on fundamental parameters including body size, morbidity, and mortality are rare for wild chimpanzees. Here, we present skeletal pathology and body size data for ...

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  • Functional and developmental influences on intraspecific variation in catarrhine vertebrae.

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  • A comparison of TSPY genes from Y-chromosomal DNA of the great apes and humans: sequence, evolution, and phylogeny.

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  • New notharctine (Primates, Adapiformes) skull from the Uintan (middle Eocene) of San Diego County, California.

    abstract::A new genus and species of notharctine primate, Hesperolemur actius, is described from Uintan (middle Eocene) aged rocks of San Diego County, California. Hesperolemur differs from all previously described adapiforms in having the anterior third of the ectotympanic anulus fused to the internal lateral wall of the audit...

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  • Cranial dysraphism mistaken for trephination.

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  • Estimation of nonpaternity in the Mexican population of Nuevo Leon: a validation study with blood group markers.

    abstract::A method for estimating the general rate of nonpaternity in a population was validated using phenotype data on seven blood groups (A1A2BO, MNSs, Rh, Duffy, Lutheran, Kidd, and P) on 396 mother, child, and legal father trios from Nuevo León, Mexico. In all, 32 legal fathers were excluded as the possible father based on...

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  • The number of vertebrae in the Southern African Negro, the American Negro and the Bushman (San).

    abstract::The numbers of precoccygeal vertebrae (PCV) are compared in Southern African Negroes, Bushman (San) and American Negroes. The S.A. Negro and San males have an exceptionally high frequency of an increased total PCV number whilst the frequencies are significantly lower in a combined Caucasoid sample and the Mongoloid sa...

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  • Regional, ontogenetic, and sex-related variations in elastic properties of cortical bone in baboon mandibles.

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  • Fluorochrome labelling in Roman period skeletons from Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt.

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  • Engis: preparation damage, not ancient cutmarks.

    abstract::Scratches found on the Engis 2 cranium have been described as perimortem and interpreted as intentional scalping marks by Russell and LeMort (Am. J. Phys. Anthropol. 69:317-323, 1986). These marks are described and compared to damage on other fossil hominids. The Engis marks have been misinterpreted. These marks are s...

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  • Intraindividual and intragroup variability of buccal tooth striation pattern.

    abstract::Intrapopulational tooth striation variability has been studied in a sample of 99 individuals from the medieval agricultural population of La Olmeda (Palencia, Spain). The number, length, and orientation of all observed striations were recorded using a scanning electron microscope and an image analyzer system. Tooth st...

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  • Commingled crypts: Comparative health among Byzantine monastics in the Levant.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Early Byzantine (A.D. 330-842) monastic rules stipulated that entrants relinquished familial connections, personal belongings and secular relationships to become part of the ascetic collective that continued in death, resulting in bioarchaeological marginalization, as was the case of the monastics excavated ...

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  • An evaluation of the miles method of ageing using the Tepe Hissar dental sample.

    abstract::The Miles system of ageing, based upon analysis of the rate of molar wear, was evaluated using the available dental sample from Tepe Hissar, Iran. The independently estimated ages for the mandibles and maxillae of the same individuals were found to be highly correlated (r = 0.87, p less than 0.001). Ages of a subsampl...

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  • Cross-sectional geometry of Pecos Pueblo femora and tibiae--a biomechanical investigation: I. Method and general patterns of variation.

    abstract::Variation in long bone cross-sectional geometry can be given a more precise functional interpretation using engineering beam theory. However, difficulties in measurement technique have generally prevented studies of large samples of cross sections in this way. In the present study, an automated system utilizing an ele...

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  • Incisor size and diet revisited: the view from a platyrrhine perspective.

    abstract::Allometric relationships between incisor size and body size were determined for 26 species of New World primates. While previous studies have suggested that the incisors of Old World primates, and anthropoids in general, scale isometrically with body size, the data presented here indicate a negative allometric relatio...

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