Ganglioside GM3 inhibits VEGF/VEGFR-2-mediated angiogenesis: direct interaction of GM3 with VEGFR-2.


:Angiogenesis is associated with growth, invasion, and metastasis of human solid tumors. Aberrant activation of endothelial cells and induction of microvascular permeability by a vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) receptor-2 (VEGFR-2) signaling pathway is observed in pathological angiogenesis including tumor, wound healing, arthritis, psoriasis, diabetic retinopathy, and others. Here, we show that GM3 regulated the activity of various downstream signaling pathways and biological events through the inhibition of VEGF-stimulated VEGFR-2 activation in vascular endothelial cells in vitro. Furthermore, GM3 strongly blocked VEGF-induced neovascularization in vivo, in models including the chick chorioallantoic membrane and Matrigel plug assay. Interestingly, GM3 suppressed VEGF-induced VEGFR-2 activation by blocking its dimerization and also blocked the binding of VEGF to VEGFR-2 through a GM3-specific interaction with the extracellular domain of VEGFR-2, but not with VEGF. Primary tumor growth in mice was inhibited by subcutaneous injection of GM3. Immunohistochemical analyses showed GM3 inhibition of angiogenesis and tumor cell proliferation. GM3 also resulted in the suppression of VEGF-stimulated microvessel permeability in mouse skin capillaries. These results suggest that GM3 inhibits VEGFR-2-mediated changes in vascular endothelial cell function and angiogenesis, and might be of value in anti-angiogenic therapy.






Chung TW,Kim SJ,Choi HJ,Kim KJ,Kim MJ,Kim SH,Lee HJ,Ko JH,Lee YC,Suzuki A,Kim CH




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  • Purification and cDNA cloning of Xenopus liver galectins and their expression.

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  • Modulation of the expression of the rabbit galectin-3 gene by p53 and c-Ha-ras proteins and PMA.

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    abstract::Hypertrophy is central to several heart diseases; however, not much is known about the role of glycosphingolipids (GSLs) in this phenotype. Since GSLs have been accorded several physiological functions, we sought to determine whether these compounds affect cardiac hypertrophy. By using a rat cardiomyoblast cell line, ...


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  • Epidermal growth factor receptor glycosylation is required for ganglioside GM3 binding and GM3-mediated suppression [correction of suppresion] of activation.

    abstract::Gangliosides are able to bind to the epidermal growth factor receptor and inhibit its activation, but the mechanism of this inhibition is unknown. To address the role of receptor carbohydrates in facilitating interaction with gangliosides, we examined the ability of GM3 to bind the deglycosylated receptor and inhibit ...


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  • Characterization of the meningococcal serogroup X capsule N-acetylglucosamine-1-phosphotransferase.

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  • Advanced mass spectrometry and chemical analyses reveal the presence of terminal disialyl motif on mouse B-cell glycoproteins.

    abstract::The occurrence of a terminal disialyl motif on mammalian O-glycans is increasingly being identified through recent mass spectrometry (MS)-based glycomic profiling. In most cases, it is carried on simple core 1 structures in which both the galactose and N-acetyl galactosamine can be disialylated. In contrast, a disialy...


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    abstract::Artocarpus lakoocha agglutinin (ALA), isolated from the seeds of A. lakoocha fruit, is a galactose-binding lectin and a potent mitogen of T and B cells. Knowledge obtained from previous studies on the affinity of ALA was limited to molecular and submolecular levels of Galbeta1-->3GalNAc (T) and its derivatives. In the...


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    abstract::Cancer-derived heat shock protein gp96 induces a tumor-specific protective immune response primarily mediated by cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL) directed toward cancer-associated peptides associated with gp96. Both innate and adaptive immune responses have been demonstrated using a cell culture-based signaling mechanism...


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  • The dendritic cell-specific C-type lectin DC-SIGN is a receptor for Schistosoma mansoni egg antigens and recognizes the glycan antigen Lewis x.

    abstract::Schistosoma mansoni soluble egg antigens (SEAs) are crucially involved in modulating the host immune response to infection by S. mansoni. We report that human dendritic cells bind SEAs through the C-type lectin dendritic cell-specific ICAM-3-grabbing nonintegrin (DC-SIGN). Monoclonal antibodies against the carbohydrat...


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  • The minimum information required for a glycomics experiment (MIRAGE) project: LC guidelines.

    abstract::The Minimum Information Required for a Glycomics Experiment (MIRAGE) is an initiative created by experts in the fields of glycobiology, glycoanalytics and glycoinformatics to design guidelines that improve the reporting and reproducibility of glycoanalytical methods. Previously, the MIRAGE Commission has published gui...


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  • Forssman disaccharide is the specific ligand of a galectin from the sponge Geodia cydonium but does not mediate its binding to nuclear protein np56.

    abstract::The galectin from Geodia cydonium (GCA) had previously been shown to be involved in regulatory mechanisms of cell sorting and adhesion during reaggregation of allogeneic sponge cells. In this contribution the binding specificity of GCA was established to be GalNAc alpha 1-3GalNAc beta as structural component of Forssm...


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