Invited commentary: residential segregation and health--the complexity of modeling separate social contexts.


:When researching racial disparities in health, residential segregation cannot be ignored. Because of segregation, contextual differences by race are so pronounced that ignoring them may lead to mis-estimating the effect of individual-level factors. However, given the stark racial separation of social contexts, researching how residential segregation and neighborhood inequality contribute to racial health disparities remains methodologically challenging. Estimating the contribution of neighborhood effects to health disparities would require overlap in the racial distributions of neighborhood environment, for example, in the distributions of neighborhood poverty. Because of segregation, though, the extent of such overlap is extremely restricted. Previous analyses of the 2000 US Census found, on average, only a 24% overlap between the distribution of neighborhood poverty for black children and that for white children in metropolitan areas. Propensity score methods may be 1 useful tool for addressing limited overlap or exchangeability. However, as shown by their application to the segregation and health relation, their use should be informed by a sound conceptualization of the scale of the social exposure of interest, the hypothesized pathways between the exposure and the health outcome, and possible unmeasured confounders.


Am J Epidemiol


Acevedo-Garcia D,Osypuk TL




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  • Alcohol and breast cancer: results from The Netherlands Cohort Study.

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  • The North Queensland "Sun-Safe Clothing" study: design and baseline results of a randomized trial to determine the effectiveness of sun-protective clothing in preventing melanocytic nevi.

    abstract::In 1999, the authors began recruitment for a randomized controlled intervention trial aimed at preventing melanocytic nevi (moles) by minimizing sun exposure through the use of sun-protective clothing. The study involves 652 Caucasian children (75.6% response) aged 0-35 months from 25 child-care centers (n = 13 interv...

    journal_title:American journal of epidemiology

    pub_type: 临床试验,杂志文章,多中心研究,随机对照试验


    authors: Harrison SL,Buettner PG,Maclennan R

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  • Adult-onset vulvodynia in relation to childhood violence victimization.

    abstract::Researchers have failed to find a consistent association between childhood victimization and vulvodynia, a debilitating, unexplained vulvar pain condition. However, selection bias associated with case ascertainment, and differential reporting bias between clinic-based cases and controls, may explain in part the incons...

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