Postischaemic regional microvascular variations in the porcine renal cortex.


:Regional microcirculatory differences in the superficial renal cortex were studied before and during 4 h following 60 min of renal ischaemia in seven pigs under continuous intravenous chlormethiazole-pancuronium anaesthesia. Superficial renal cortical blood flow (Qsrc) was measured by laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF) in two different regions. In two other different regions tissue oxygenation (PtO2) was measured by surface electrodes. Thus, microcirculatory measurements were simultaneously carried out in each animal in four different regions of the left kidney. After 60 min of renal ischaemia, pronounced renal cortical microcirculatory disturbances were found. The regional microcirculatory differences were notable, especially after ischaemia. On average, Qsrc was 49 +/- 11 (s.d.) arbitrary units at baseline and decreased to 24 +/- 4 arb. units 4 h after start of reperfusion (P less than 0.05). Before ischaemia the average difference between Qsrc simultaneously measured in two different parts of the renal cortex was 26 +/- 15% of the mean of both measurements, and it was 30 +/- 22% 4 h after start of reperfusion (n.s.). Mean PtO2 (m-PtO2) was on average 4.5 +/- 1.3 kPa at baseline and 2.4 +/- 1.5 kPa 4 h after start of reperfusion (P less than 0.05). The average difference between m-PtO2 simultaneously measured in two different parts of the renal cortex at baseline was 24 +/- 13% of the mean of both measurements and 57 +/- 49% 4 h after start of reperfusion (n.s.). In each of the two measured regions of the renal cortex m-PtO2 was calculated from 160 small tissue volumes distributed within a surface area of about 1 mm2.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)


Sandin R,Feuk U,Modig J




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1991-08-01 00:00:00












  • The association between pre-operative sepsis and 30-day mortality in hip fracture patients-A cohort study.

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  • The effect of intranasally administered nitroglycerin on the blood pressure response to laryngoscopy and intubation in patients undergoing coronary artery by-pass surgery.

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  • Hepatopulmonary syndrome: a concern for the anesthetist? Pre-operative evaluation of hypoxemic patients with liver disease.

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  • Propofol and isoflurane induced EEG burst suppression patterns in rabbits.

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  • An increased body mass index is no risk factor for postoperative nausea and vomiting. A systematic review and results of original data.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:An increased Body Mass Index (BMI) is almost always mentioned as a fundamental risk factor for postoperative nausea (PN), vomiting (PV) or both (PONV). However, multivariate analyses were unable to detect any correlation. Therefore, we asked whether an increased BMI is really a risk factor for PONV. METHODS...

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  • Survival of female geriatric patients after hip fracture surgery. A comparison of 5 anesthetic methods.

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  • Postoperative pain relief, from the patients' and the nurses' point of view.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:In this prospective, consecutive study, 191 patients were interviewed before and after surgery (orthopaedic, gynaecological, abdominal and urological operations) about their attitude to and the quality of received pain relief, respectively. In addition, nurses working in the surgical units involved in the st...

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  • Efficacy of simulation-based trauma team training of non-technical skills. A systematic review.

    abstract::Trauma resuscitation is a complex situation, and most organisations have multi-professional trauma teams. Non-technical skills are challenged during trauma resuscitation, and they play an important role in the prevention of critical incidents. Simulation-based training of these is recommended. Our research question wa...

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  • Peroperative depth of anaesthesia may influence postoperative opioid requirements.

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  • Depth of a central venous catheter tip: length of insertion guideline for pediatric patients.

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  • High-frequency oscillatory ventilation combined with intermittent mandatory ventilation in critically ill neonates and infants.

    abstract::We have evaluated the high-frequency oscillatory ventilation (HFOV) combined with intermittent mandatory ventilation (IMV) in critically ill neonates and infants using the Babylog 8000 SW 4.0. We used HFOV combined with IMV as a rescue mode in 10 neonates and infants aged 1 day to 17 months, who were receiving maximal...

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  • Ultrasonography reveals a high prevalence of lower spinal dysraphism in children with urogenital anomalies.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Lower spinal dysraphism is frequently reported in anorectal anomaly combined with urogenital anomalies. The prevalence of the spinal dysraphism has not been comprehensively studied in children with simple urogenital anomalies. We evaluated the prevalence of the spinal dysraphism using ultrasound data of the ...

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  • Aerosolized surfactant reverses respiratory failure in lung-lavaged rats.

    abstract::The effects of surfactant replacement by aerosol inhalation and by bolus instillation were compared in rats with respiratory failure induced by repeated lung lavage. The rats were anesthetized with pentobarbital sodium and mechanically ventilated with 100% oxygen. The PaO2 of control rats not given surfactant (n = 9) ...

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  • Hemodynamic effects of tracheal and intravenous adrenaline in infants with congenital heart anomalies.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:If intravenous access cannot be accomplished during cardiopulmonary resuscitation in children, tracheal administration of 100 micrograms/kg of adrenaline (ten times greater than the intravenous dose) is recommended. METHODS:In a randomized crossover study we recoreded the hemodynamic effect of a low dose of...

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  • Epidural analgesia following upper abdominal surgery: United Kingdom practice.

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  • Effect of dexmedetomidine on the characteristics of bupivacaine in a caudal block in pediatrics.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Dexmedetomidine (DEX) is a highly selective alpha(2)-adrenoceptor agonist that has been used increasingly in children. However, the effect of caudal DEX has not been evaluated before in children. This prospective randomized double-blinded study was designed to evaluate the analgesic efficacy of caudal DEX wi...

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  • Laryngeal papillomatosis with airway obstruction in an infant.

    abstract::Laryngeal papillomatosis in infants and children is a benign condition, but the location and a marked tendency for recurrence makes the disease both dangerous and troublesome. This case report deals with a little girl who had suffered hoarseness and wheezing since she was born. The diagnosis of laryngeal papillomatosi...

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  • Pre-operative fasting guidelines: an update.

    abstract::Liberal pre-operative fasting routines have been implemented in most countries. In general, clear fluids are allowed up to 2 h before anaesthesia, and light meals up to 6 h. The same recommendations apply for children and pregnant women not in labour. In children <6 months, most recommendations now allow breast- or fo...

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    authors: Søreide E,Eriksson LI,Hirlekar G,Eriksson H,Henneberg SW,Sandin R,Raeder J,(Task Force on Scandinavian Pre-operative Fasting Guidelines, Clinical Practice Committee Scandinavian Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine).

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  • A comparison of glucose-free 2% lidocaine and hyperbaric 5% lidocaine for spinal anaesthesia.

    abstract::Fifty patients scheduled to undergo transurethral surgery of the bladder were allocated to receive spinal anaesthesia with either glucose-free 2% lidocaine (80 mg) or hyperbaric 5% lidocaine (80 mg). Onset time, cephalad spread of analgesia, duration of analgesia, duration and intensity of motor block, quality of anal...

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  • Four years' treatment with ketamine and a trial of dextromethorphan in a patient with severe post-herpetic neuralgia.

    abstract::N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors are involved in the development of neuropathic pain. Ketamine, a non-competitive NMDA receptor antagonist, has in several case reports given pain relief but efficacy in dosages tolerated in long-term ketamine treatment is unknown. Another substance with an antagonist action at NMD...

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    authors: Klepstad P,Borchgrevink PC

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  • Anesthesia-related mortality and morbidity over a 5-year period in 2,363,038 patients in Japan.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Statistical data of mortality and morbidity related to anesthesia have not been reported in Japan since World War II. The need to comprehensively examine the events of cardiac arrest as well as mortality prompted the first national study in Japan. METHODS:Confidential questionnaires were sent to all Japan S...

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    authors: Kawashima Y,Takahashi S,Suzuki M,Morita K,Irita K,Iwao Y,Seo N,Tsuzaki K,Dohi S,Kobayashi T,Goto Y,Suzuki G,Fujii A,Suzuki H,Yokoyama K,Kugimiya T

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  • Prediction of outcome from intensive care after gastroenterologic emergency.

    abstract::Prognostic factors determining the outcome from intensive care were studied in 952 patients admitted to 25 Finnish ICUs after gastroenterologic emergency. Logistic regression analysis was used to create predictive models based on the APACHE II-system. The models were constructed by using data from a random two-thirds ...

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  • Anaphylactic reaction to patent blue V after sentinel lymph node biopsy.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:We report a documented grade III IgE-mediated hypersensitivity reaction associated with the use of 2.5% patent blue V dye for sentinel lymph node biopsy during breast cancer surgery. METHODS:Immediately after the reaction, when hemodynamic stability was obtained, plasma histamine was measured whereas serum ...

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