Shifting of the distribution of aromatic monomer-units in polyhydroxyalkanoic acid to longer units by salicylic acid in Pseudomonas fluorescens BM07 grown with mixtures of fructose and 11-phenoxyundecanoic acid.


:Medium-chain-length-polyhydroxyalkanoic acids (MCL-PHAs) formed in Pseudomonas spp. have a rather broad distribution of monomer-units whose precursors are supplied via beta-oxidation degradation of MCL fatty acids fed as the carbon source and/or via PhaG enzyme catalyzing the acyl-group transfer from 3-hydroxyacyl-ACPs derived from acetyl-CoA to coenzyme A. It was found that salicylic acid (SA), in a concentration dependent manner, suppressed the accumulation of PHA in Pseudomonas fluorescens BM07 from fructose as well as shifted the distribution of monomer-units derived from a MCL fatty acid co-added as carbon source (e.g., 11-phenoxyundecanoic acid (11-POU)) to longer monomer-units. Both SA and acrylic acid were found to induce high accumulations of 3-ketohexanoic acid in BM07 wild-type cells grown with n-hexanoic acid as well as to inhibit the formation of acetyl-CoA from acetoacetyl-CoA by BM07 cell extract, suggesting that 3-ketoacyl-CoA thiolase is their common beta-oxidation target. The structural motif of acrylic acid present in the molecular structure of SA may self-explain the similar actions of the two inhibitors. A comparison of monomer modulation between BM07 wild-type and DeltaphaG mutant cells grown on the mixtures of fructose and 11-POU revealed that both PhaG and beta-oxidation inhibitor may play a critical role in the synthesis of PHA with longer side-chain omega-functional substitutions.


Biotechnol Bioeng


Choi MH,Xu J,Rho JK,Shim JH,Yoon SC




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2009-03-01 00:00:00












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    abstract::In the last few years, an increasing number of biotechnological techniques have been applied to the restoration and conservation of works of art, paintings, old maps, and papers or books. Enzymes can solve problems that give restorers difficulties, although for many applications it is not possible to use soluble enzym...

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