Heat--sweat--dehydration--rehydration: a praxis oriented approach.


:In any situation where heat production as a result of physical exercise exceeds heat elimination from the body by radiation and convection, the body will depend on sweat secretion and evaporation for its thermoregulation. Sweat secretion will reach maximal levels at high energy expenditures in the heat but will be limited when exercising in the cold climate. Athletes and their coaches should understand some of the principles of thermoregulation in order to make an adequate decision about optimal fluid and carbohydrate replacement in a specific situation. In general it is advised that the carbohydrate content of rehydration drinks should be low (max 80 g l-1) when sweat loss is maximal, may be intermediate when both carbohydrate availability and moderate dehydration influence performance (up to 110 g l-1), and may be maximal (up to 160 g l-1) when the sweat loss is minimized and carbohydrate is the major determinant of the rate of fatigue development. Sodium should be added to rehydration drinks in order to maximize fluid and carbohydrate absorption. A range of electrolyte values for replacement of sweat induced losses, based on whole body wash down procedure is presented.


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  • Excessive game playing is associated with musculoskeletal pain among youth athletes: a cross-sectional study in Miyagi prefecture.

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  • Sports science for golf: A survey of high-skilled golfers' "perceptions" and "practices".

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  • Accelerometer epoch setting is decisive for associations between physical activity and metabolic health in children.

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  • Peak treadmill running velocity during the VO2 max test predicts running performance.

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  • Reference power values for the jump squat exercise in elite athletes: A multicenter study.

    abstract::The present study aimed to provide reference values for lower-limb muscle power assessed during the incremental jump squat (JS) test in elite athletes (i.e., professional athletes competing at international level). We pooled data from all JS tests performed by elite athletes of different sports in two high-performance...

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  • Protocol variations in arm position influence the magnitude of waist girth.

    abstract::Waist girth is recognised as a better predictor of obesity, particularly abdominal obesity, compared to other measures. Although several protocols for waist girth exist, arm position is either ignored, or not specified in unambiguous terms. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to determine if arm position influenc...

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  • Is there a sweet spot on the foot in Australian football drop punt kicking?

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  • Influence of different types of exercise on the expression of haem oxygenase-1 in leukocytes.

    abstract::Haem-oxygenase-1 (HO-1) is an antioxidant stress protein that is mainly induced by reactive oxygen species, inflammatory cytokines and hyperthermia. We assessed the influence of different types of exercise on HO-1 expression in leukocytes of the peripheral blood in three groups of male participants: a short exhaustive...

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  • Expertise and talent development in rugby refereeing: an ethnographic enquiry.

    abstract::We explore how expertise is obtained in the domain of rugby refereeing. The research data are qualitative and are drawn from an 18 month period working in collaboration with the Rugby Football Union Elite Referee Unit. Adopting an ethnographic mode of enquiry, the study combined long-term participant observation with ...

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  • Effect of a concentric warm-up exercise on eccentrically induced soreness and loss of function of the elbow flexor muscles.

    abstract::The aim of this study was to examine the effect of concentric warm-up exercise on eccentrically induced changes in muscle strength, range of motion, and soreness of the elbow flexors. Ten resistance-exercise naive participants performed intermittent incremental eccentric actions (42 in total) of the elbow flexor muscl...

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  • The effects of weighted skates on ice-skating kinematics, kinetics and muscular activity.

    abstract::Sport-specific resistance training, through limb loading, can be a complimentary training method to traditional resistance training by loading the working muscles during all phases of a specific movement. The purpose of this study was to examine the acute effects of skating with an additional load on the skate, using ...

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