Clinical features of ankylosing spondylitis may correlate with HLA-B27 polymorphism.


:The objective of this study is to investigate the relationship between clinical features of ankylosing spondylitis (AS) and HLA-B27 status or its subtypes. Clinical data and blood samples were collected with patients' informed consent. Luminex liquid array combining polymerase chain reaction-sequence specific oligonucleotide probe was used to do the low-resolution HLA-B genotype typing. Polymerase chain reaction-sequence specific primer was applied to do the high resolution HLA-B27 typing. In 98 subjects, 93 were HLA-B27 positive, of which three subtypes were detected: B*2704 (n = 76), B*2705 (n = 12), and B*2715 (n = 5). The onset age for B27 negative and positive group was 28 +/- 7.9 and 21.1 +/- 6.2 years, respectively (chi(2) = -2.047, P = 0.041). The onset age for B*2704, B*2705 and B*2715 group was 20.45 +/- 4.50, 26.67 +/- 9.95 and 17.8 +/- 11.12 years, respectively (chi(2) = 7.888, P = 0.019). No significant difference was found between B27 positive and negative group, or among three B27 subtypes groups for other clinical features. In conclusion, the clinical features of AS may be correlated with HLA-B27 status and its polymorphism.


Rheumatol Int


Wu Z,Lin Z,Wei Q,Gu J




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