Thiopyrano[2,3-e]indol-2-ones: angelicin heteroanalogues with potent photoantiproliferative activity.


:A new class of compounds, the thiopyrano[2,3-e]indol-2-ones, bioisosters of the angular furocoumarin angelicin, was synthesized with the aim of obtaining new photochemotherapeutic agents. In particular 7,8-dimethyl-thiopyranoindolone 6c s showed a remarkable phototoxicity and a great dose UVA dependence reaching IC(50) values at submicromolar level. This latter photoinduced a massive apoptosis and a remarkable photodamage to lipids and proteins. Although it did not intercalate DNA, it was able to cause photooxidation of DNA bases.


Bioorg Med Chem


Barraja P,Diana P,Montalbano A,Carbone A,Cirrincione G,Viola G,Salvador A,Vedaldi D,Dall'acqua F




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  • Hantzsch 1,4-dihydropyridines containing a diazen-1-ium-1,2-diolate nitric oxide donor moiety to study calcium channel antagonist structure-activity relationships and nitric oxide release.

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  • Evaluation of novel aryloxyalkyl derivatives of imidazole and 1,2,4-triazole as heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) inhibitors and their antitumor properties.

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  • Synthesis of 3-acyloxyxanthone derivatives as α-glucosidase inhibitors: A further insight into the 3-substituents' effect.

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  • [1,2,4]Triazole derivatives as 5-HT(1A) serotonin receptor ligands.

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  • Conjugation of a 3-(1H-phenanthro[9,10-d]imidazol-2-yl)-1H-indole intercalator to a triplex oligonucleotide and to a three-way junction.

    abstract::A new intercalating nucleic acid monomer M comprising a 4-(1-indole)-butane-1,2-diol moiety was synthesized via a classical alkylation reaction of indole-3-carboxaldehyde followed by a condensation reaction with phenanthrene-9,10-dione in the presence of ammonium acetate to form a phenanthroimidazole moiety linked to ...

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  • A novel non-stochastic quadratic fingerprints-based approach for the 'in silico' discovery of new antitrypanosomal compounds.

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  • Acetyl analogs of combretastatin A-4: synthesis and biological studies.

    abstract::The combretastatins have received significant attention because of their simple chemical structures, excellent antitumor efficacy and novel antivascular mechanisms of action. Herein, we report the synthesis of 20 novel acetyl analogs of CA-4 (1), synthesized from 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenylacetone that comprises the A ring...

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  • 4-Anilino-7-alkenylquinoline-3-carbonitriles as potent MEK1 kinase inhibitors.

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  • Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel irreversible serine protease inhibitors using amino acid based sulfonyl fluorides as an electrophilic trap.

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  • Synthesis and evaluation of pyrazolo[3,4-b]pyridines and its structural analogues as TNF-alpha and IL-6 inhibitors.

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  • Evaluation of fosmidomycin analogs as inhibitors of the Synechocystis sp. PCC6803 1-deoxy-D-xylulose 5-phosphate reductoisomerase.

    abstract::Analogs of the antibiotic fosmidomycin, an inhibitor of the methylerythritol phosphate pathway to isoprenoids, were synthesized and evaluated against the recombinant Synechocystis sp. PCC6803 1-deoxy-d-xylulose 5-phosphate reductoisomerase (DXR). Fosfoxacin, the phosphate analog of fosmidomycin, and its acetyl congene...

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  • C-2-aryl O-substituted HI-236 derivatives as non-nucleoside HIV-1 reverse-transcriptase inhibitors.

    abstract::Several novel thiourea derivatives of the NNRTI HI-236 substituted at the C-2 oxygen of the phenyl ring have been synthesized and evaluated for their inhibitory activity against HIV-1 (IIIB) replication in MT-2 cell cultures. The compounds were synthesized in order to fine-tune the activity of HI-236 as well as to gai...

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  • Synthesis and initial PET imaging of new potential dopamine D3 receptor radioligands (E)-4,3,2-[11C]methoxy-N-4-(4-(2-methoxyphenyl)piperazin-1-yl)butyl-cinnamoylamides.

    abstract::D3 receptor radioligands (E)-4,3,2-[11C]methoxy-N-4-(4-(2-methoxyphenyl)piperazin-1-yl)butyl-cinnamoylamides (4-[11C]MMC, [11C]1a; 3-[11C]MMC, [11C]1b; and 2-[11C]MMC, [11C]1c) were synthesized for evaluation as novel potential positron emission tomography (PET) imaging agents for brain D3 receptors. The new tracers 4...

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  • Structure-based design and synthesis of covalent-reversible inhibitors to overcome drug resistance in EGFR.

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    abstract::Zinc mononuclear complexes with the second-generation quinolone antibacterial drug enrofloxacin in the absence or presence of a nitrogen donor heterocyclic ligand 1,10-phenanthroline or 2,2'-bipyridine have been synthesized and characterized. Enrofloxacin is on deprotonated mode acting as a bidentate ligand coordinate...

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    abstract::A series of 16 1-phenyl-1H-1,2,3-triazoles with substituents at both the 4- and 5-positions of the triazole ring were synthesized, and a total of 49 compounds, including previously reported 4- or 5-monosubstituted analogues, were examined for their ability to inhibit the specific binding of [(3)H]4'-ethynyl-4-n-propyl...

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  • Synthesis, incorporation efficiency, and stability of disulfide bridged functional groups at RNA 5'-ends.

    abstract::Modified guanosine monophosphates have been employed to introduce various functional groups onto RNA 5'-ends. Applications of modified RNA 5'-ends include the generation of functionalized RNA libraries for in vitro selection of catalytic RNAs, the attachment of photoaffinity-tags for mapping RNA-protein interactions o...

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  • Reversed isoniazids: Design, synthesis and evaluation against Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

    abstract::Novel reversed isoniazid (RINH) agents were synthesized by covalently linking isoniazid with various efflux pump inhibitor (EPI) cores and their structural motifs. These RINH agents were then evaluated for anti-mycobacterial activity against sensitive, isoniazid mono-resistant and MDR clinical isolates of M. tuberculo...

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  • Synthesis of novel progestin-rhenium conjugates as potential ligands for the progesterone receptor.

    abstract::To assist in the development of technetium-based radiopharmaceuticals that are useful for the diagnostic imaging of steroid receptor-positive breast tumors, we have synthesized a series of small-sized metal chelates according to 'n + 1' mixed-ligand, thioether-carbonyl and organometallic designs. In these preliminary ...

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  • Optimization and determination of the absolute configuration of a series of potent inhibitors of human papillomavirus type-11 E1-E2 protein-protein interaction: a combined medicinal chemistry, NMR and computational chemistry approach.

    abstract::We have previously reported the discovery and initial SAR optimization of the first series of inhibitors of the human papillomavirus type-11 (HPV11) E1-E2 protein-protein interaction. These inhibitors featured an indandione system spiro-fused onto an all syn substituted tetrahydrofuran ring. In this paper, we report n...

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  • Fragment based drug design and diversity-oriented synthesis of carboxylic acid isosteres.

    abstract::The medicinal chemist toolbox is plenty of (bio)isosteres when looking for a carboxylic acid replacement. However, systematic assessment of acid surrogates is often time consuming and expensive, while prediction of both physicochemical properties (logP and logD) as well as acidity would be desirable at early discovery...

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  • Inhibitors of the glycine transporter type-2 (GlyT-2): synthesis and biological activity of benzoylpiperidine derivatives.

    abstract::A series of benzoylpiperidine analogs related to 4a was prepared, and their ability to inhibit the uptake of [(14)C]-glycine in COS7 cells transfected with human glycine transporter type-2 (GlyT-2) was evaluated. Small structural changes to the benzoylpiperidine region of the molecule led to a significant decrease in ...

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  • Improved synthesis of (S)-N-Boc-5-oxaproline for protein synthesis with the α-ketoacid-hydroxylamine (KAHA) ligation.

    abstract::We describe a new route for the synthesis of (S)-N-Boc-5-oxaproline. This building block is a key element for the chemical synthesis of proteins with the α-ketoacid-hydroxylamine (KAHA) ligation. The new synthetic pathway to the enantiopure oxaproline is based on a chiral amine mediated enantioselective conjugate addi...

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  • Synthesis and optical properties of pyrrolidinyl peptide nucleic acid bearing a base discriminating fluorescence nucleobase 8-(pyrene-1-yl)-ethynyladenine.

    abstract::A combination of fluorophore and nucleobase through a π-conjugated rigid linker integrates the base pairing and the fluorescence change into a single event. Such base discriminating fluorophore can change its fluorescence as a direct response to the base pairing event and therefore have advantages over tethered labels...

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  • Catechol derivatives of aminopyrazine and cell protection against UVB-induced mortality.

    abstract::A series of 5-aryl- and 3,5-bis-aryl-2-amino-1,4-pyrazine derivatives 4 and 6, and related imidazolopyrazinones 7, has been synthesized, the aryl groups of which are catechol and/or phenol substituents. These compounds, tested against human keratinocyte cells stressed by UVB irradiation, showed high antioxidative prop...

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