Upper lateral cartilage fold-in flap: a combined spreader and/or splay graft effect without cartilage grafts.


:Dorsal hump reduction almost always breaks the internal nasal valve and nasal obstruction is likely to occur postoperatively, unless reconstructed. One hundred eighty patients were operated using both open and closed rhinoplasty approaches. Upper lateral cartilages were meticulously separated from their junction with septum. Following bony and septal cartilaginous hump removal, upper lateral cartilages were folded inward. Either transcartilaginous horizontal mattress/simple sutures or perichondrial sutures were used depending of the desired width of the middle vault and the necessity for a splay-graft effect. In 7 patients unilateral, and in 1 patient bilateral, nasal synechia occurred and they were all treated under local anesthesia. All patients but 9 stated significantly improved nasal breathing. There was no inverted-V deformity or middle-vault narrowing observed. This technique is simple and physiologic, might be applicable for almost all primary rhinoplasty patients. Although it is possible with closed rhinoplasty approaches, it is easier with an open approach.


Ann Plast Surg


Ozmen S,Ayhan S,Findikcioglu K,Kandal S,Atabay K




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2008-11-01 00:00:00














  • Asynchronous osteoradionecrosis of the mandible treated with sequential fibula osteoseptocutaneous flaps: a report of two cases.

    abstract::Osteroradionecrosis of the mandible is one of the most serious complications of radiotherapy in head and neck cancer. Once osteoradionecrosis of the mandible has been established, conservative therapy is often useless. Two cases of asynchronous bilateral osteoradionecrosis of the mandible are presented. In both cases,...

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  • Plastic Surgery Management of Victims of Terrorist Violence in Ankara, Turkey.

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  • Unilateral choanal atresia in adults: a new surgical approach.

    abstract::Unilateral choanal atresia is a congenital obstruction of the posterior nasal passage occasionally seen by plastic surgeons. Because of nonspecific symptoms, this diagnosis can be overlooked for quite some time, and the patients may not seek treatment until adulthood. Traditionally, surgical correction has been throug...

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  • Basal cell carcinoma of scalp in patients with history of childhood therapeutic radiation: a retrospective study and comparison to nonirradiated patients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most common human malignant neoplasm. Some patients with scalp BCC have had a history of childhood scalp radiation for the treatment of tinea capitis. It is not clear whether BCC in these cases has a more aggressive nature and requires a more aggressive resection. We perform...

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  • Postbariatric patients undergoing body-contouring abdominoplasty: two techniques to raise the flap and their influence on postoperative complications.

    abstract::Postbariatric patients undergoing abdominoplasties were retrospectively analyzed to correlate postoperative local complications with the 2 most commonly used techniques of raising the abdominal flap: diathermocoagulation versus scalpel. All patients undergoing body-contouring abdominoplasties were included. Excluded w...

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  • Hemodynamic changes in the microcirculation of DIEP flaps.

    abstract::Perforator flaps are widely used in reconstructive surgery, but little is known about the hemodynamic changes within these flaps. Recently, the blood velocity in the perforator artery was shown to be higher than that at the source vessel. This study was carried out to demonstrate the effect of this increased velocity ...

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  • Surgical treatment of genital Paget's disease in men.

    abstract::Twenty-one men with genital Paget's disease were treated in our clinic from 1968 to 1983. We report our policy regarding treatment of the clinical disorder, particularly our surgical approach. We also stress that, when considering treatment, the circumstances of the aged patients should take precedence over aggressive...

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  • A technique for skin grafting around abdominal wall fistulas.

    abstract::A simple method of grafting around draining abdominal wall fistulas is described. A Silastic sump drain stapled into a doughnut configuration is used. This produces a barrier around the fistula which drains the fluid off as it reaches the perforations of the sump drain. ...

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  • A case study of a patient with closed avulsion rupture of a single slip of the flexor digitorum superficialis tendon.

    abstract::A case of a closed rupture of a single slip of flexor digitorum superficialis to the little finger is described. Closed rupture injuries of the flexor digitorum profundus tendon are quite common, but closed injuries to the superficialis tendon have been rarely reported. A single slip avulsion rupture of this tendon wo...

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  • Suicide by burning: epidemiological and clinical profiles.

    abstract::Self-immolation constitutes a rare form of suicide in developed countries, though it accounts for unique injury characteristics in the burn intensive care unit. The aim of this study was to present the epidemiological and clinical features of patients burned during a suicidal attempt seen in a North Rhine-Westphalia b...

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  • Predicting the risk of reoperation in metopic synostosis: a quantitative CT scan analysis.

    abstract::Children with metopic synostosis have a well-described clinical picture of trigonocephaly, often with hypotelorbitism. The craniofacial disorder itself is well recognized; however, objective prognostic factors for predicting the risk of reoperation are not well known. In 39 children with metopic synostosis, measuremen...

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  • How Breast Implant Surface Type Is Influenced by Breast Implant-associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma: A Survey of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Breast implant selection is multifactorial and must assess risk profiles of the implants. Textured implants are available in an anatomically shaped form and are thought to have lower rates of capsular contracture. However, evidence is mounting that they carry a significantly higher risk of breast implant a...

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  • Cheek Cutaneous Melanomas: A Review of 98 Cases.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Most head and neck melanomas occur on the face, with the cheek being the most frequently affected site. So far, small numbers of researches on cheek melanomas have yielded insufficient and controversial results. In this trial, we aimed to define the histopathological and clinical features specific to cheek m...

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  • Extensive cutaneous leishmaniasis of the upper limb in a patient with leukemia.

    abstract::An unusual case of extensive cutaneous leishmaniasis of the upper limb in a patient with leukemia is presented. A trial of medical therapy (sodium stibogluconate) resulted in rapid healing of the large ulcers. The incidence of leishmaniasis is increasing globally as a result of the ease of travel and migrating populat...

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  • Do histologic changes in the skin-lined neovagina of male-to-female transsexuals really occur?

    abstract::Controversy exists on whether or not the epidermal keratinizing squamous epithelium of skin grafts and flaps applied to line a neovagina changes histologically to a nonkeratinizing mucosal type squamous epithelium after vaginoplasty in male-to-female transsexuals. To end this discussion, the aim of this study was to o...

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  • Sensate first dorsal metacarpal artery flap for resurfacing extensive pulp defects of the thumb.

    abstract::Finding an appropriate soft-tissue grafting material to close a wound located over the distal phalanx of the thumb, especially the pulp region, can be a difficult task. A sensate first dorsal metacarpal artery flap, mobilized from the dorsum of the adjacent index finger and used as an island pedicle skin flap, can be ...

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  • Embolization in high-flow arteriovenous malformations of the face.

    abstract::Five patients with arteriovenous malformations of the face (4 males and 1 woman; age range, 11-38 years) were treated by selective embolization through the feeding arteries with polyvinyl alcohol particles. Immediate gross angiographical obliteration was obtained in 4 patients, with pronounced reduction of the arterio...

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  • International Adoptees With Cleft Lip and/or Palate: Lessons Learned From a Growing Population.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:International adoptees with cleft lip and palate (CLP) are a growing population in the United States. They represent a clinical challenge, presenting at various ages and stages of cleft repair. METHODS:A retrospective review of patients seen at the CLP Program at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHO...

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  • Early Postoperative Complications From National Surgical Quality Improvement Program: A Closer Examination of Timing and Technique of Breast Reconstruction.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Despite the recent surge in rates of immediate breast reconstruction, there is a paucity of large multicenter studies to compare differences in morbidity after immediate versus delayed breast reconstruction. This study used the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP) to study the association be...

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  • A new method for the primary repair of unilateral cleft lip.

    abstract::The author reports primary repair of complete unilateral cleft lip using three flaps: (1) a small triangular flap at the vermilion border; (2) a large triangular flap at the upper lip; and (3) an alar flap. This method has the advantages that the design can be made by any beginner in plastic surgery, reconstruction of...

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    authors: Onizuka T

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  • Vulval reconstruction using rectus abdominis musculocutaneous flap transfer with secondary liposuction in extramammary Paget's disease.

    abstract::Two female patients with vulval skin defects after extramammary Paget's disease were reconstructed using a pedicled, distally based rectus abdominis musculocutaneous flap. After the operation, the bulkiness of the flap, which might be a major problem in the application for a vulval skin defect, was improved successful...

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  • The effect of rigid internal fixation on cranial growth.

    abstract::As the use of rigid internal fixation of the facial skeleton has become routine in adults, many craniofacial surgeons have expanded its use to the pediatric population. The effects of miniplate and screw fixation on subsequent craniofacial growth, however, have not been examined. Using 6-week-old rabbits as an experim...

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  • Prediction of internal arterial diameter from measurement of external diameter.

    abstract::Internal and external diameters of sections of radial and ulnar arteries obtained from fresh cadavers were measured. Statistical analysis of the results obtained shows significant correlation (p less than 0.05). The wide range of values obtained suggests that, despite this degree of correlation, the internal diameter ...

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  • The use of bioimpedance analysis to evaluate lymphedema.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Lymphedema, a chronic disfiguring condition resulting from lymphatic dysfunction or disruption, can be difficult to accurately diagnose and manage. Of particular challenge is identifying the presence of clinically significant limb swelling through simple and noninvasive methods. Many historical and currently...

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  • Immediate breast reconstruction using an external oblique rectus musculofascial turnover flap.

    abstract::The development of the external oblique rectus musculofascial turnover flap has recently received a great deal of attention. With this method, the upper part of the external oblique muscle is lifted off the lower thoracic wall along with a segment of the rectus muscle, pedicled in the sixth intercostal space and subse...

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  • A rigid transparent face mask for control of scar hypertrophy.

    abstract::A rigid transparent face mask of cellulose acetate butyrate was developed for the control of scar hypertrophy in the burned face. Excellent patient acceptance has been found in a six-year series of 97 patients. Use of the device for at least twenty hours a day for an average of one and a half years per patient has ena...

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  • Small intestinal submucosa: utilization for repair of rodent abdominal wall defects.

    abstract::Prosthetic graft material is often used for the repair of abdominal wall defects that result from trauma, infection, neoplastic, or congenital deformities. A new material, porcine small intestinal submucosa, has been successfully used as an arterial and venous graft material in both canine and primate animal models wi...

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  • Etiology and pathogenesis of aponeurotic blepharoptosis.

    abstract::How and why aponeurotic blepharoptosis develops was investigated in terms of the relationship between the levator aponeurosis and Mueller's muscle functioning as the muscle spindle of the levator muscle. A total of 200 consecutive patients with moderate to severe acquired blepharoptosis completed questionnaires regard...

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  • Changes in blood flow and metabolism in a neurovascular island skin flap after a burn.

    abstract::In 8 male white Yorkshire pigs weighing approximately 42 kg each, 12 buttock neurovascular island skin flaps were dissected. Baseline recordings were made of blood flow and O2 consumption in the flap. Two series of experiments were carried out. In control animals (5), the flap was dissected and the "cold" aluminum pla...

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    authors: Eriksson E,Miles RD,Le HQ

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  • Distal foot coverage with a reverse dorsalis pedis flap.

    abstract::A reverse dorsalis pedis flap based on the proximal communicating branch of the dorsalis pedis artery was successfully used to close distal forefoot defects in two patients. The skin paddle was oriented transversely across the ankle crease, allowing for direct closure of the flap donor site. Both patients maintained f...

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    authors: Smith AA,Arons JA,Reyes R,Hegstad SJ

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