Developing smokeless tobacco products for smokers: an examination of tobacco industry documents.


OBJECTIVE:To investigate whether development of smokeless tobacco products (SLT) is intended to target current smokers. METHODS:This study analysed internal tobacco industry documents to describe research related to the smokeless tobacco market. Relevant documents included those detailing the development and targeting of SLT products with a particular emphasis on moist snuff. RESULTS:Cigarette and SLT manufacturers recognised that shifting demographics of SLT users, as well as indoor smoking restrictions, health concerns and reduced social acceptability of smoking could impact the growth of the SLT market. Manufacturers developed new SLT products to target cigarette smokers promoting dual cigarette and SLT use. CONCLUSIONS:Heavy marketing of new SLT products may encourage dual use and result in unknown public health effects. SLT products have been designed to augment cigarette use and offset regulatory strategies such as clean indoor air laws. In the United States, the SLT strategy may provide cigarette companies with a diversified range of products under the prospect of federal regulation. These products may pose significant challenges to efforts by federal agencies to reduce harm caused by tobacco use.


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Tobacco control


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  • The tobacco-free generation proposal.

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  • Tobacco industry litigation to deter local public health ordinances: the industry usually loses in court.

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  • From glass boxes to social media engagement: an audit of tobacco retail marketing in Indonesia.

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  • Public support in England for raising the price of cigarettes to fund tobacco control activities.

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  • Effect of local restaurant smoking regulations on progression to established smoking among youths.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:While smoke-free restaurant laws are intended to protect the public from secondhand smoke exposure, they may also discourage smoking among adolescents. There is no evidence from longitudinal studies to test this hypothesis. OBJECTIVE:To examine the effect of local restaurant smoking regulations on progressi...

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  • Estimating the effects of novel on-pack warnings on young adult smokers and susceptible non-smokers.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:On-pack tobacco warnings can deter smoking initiation and provide powerful cessation cues. However, these warnings typically feature graphic health images, which many young adults dismiss as irrelevant. We estimated responses to more diverse warnings and examined how these performed relative to each other. ...

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  • Adolescent and young adult tobacco prevention and cessation: current status and future directions.

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  • Tobacco smoking in Tanzania, East Africa: population based smoking prevalence using expired alveolar carbon monoxide as a validation tool.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To describe the prevalence of tobacco smoking in an urban East African population while using a simple validation procedure to examine the degree of under reporting in men and women. DESIGN:A cross sectional population based study in adults (15 years and over) with sampling from a well maintained census reg...

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  • Chinese smokers' cigarette purchase behaviours, cigarette prices and consumption: findings from the ITC China Survey.

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  • Compliance with San Francisco's flavoured tobacco sales prohibition.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:In June 2018, San Francisco voters upheld the first comprehensive prohibition on sales of flavoured tobacco products (all products including menthol, everywhere in the city with no exceptions). METHODS:This paper used data collected by the San Francisco Department of Public Health as part of its implementat...

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  • Variations in state use of antitobacco message themes predict youth smoking prevalence in the USA, 1999-2005.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This study tests relationships between the volume of advertisements (ads; public service announcements (PSAs)) employed in state antismoking campaigns, use of different themes and stylistic features in these PSAs, and state youth smoking prevalence between 1999 and 2005. METHODS:We merged commercially availa...

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  • Acute perceptions of preferred cigarettes when blinded to brand.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Marketing claims often have promoted specific perceptions that users should expect from acutely smoking that cigarette brand. Yet, little controlled study has determined the degree to which actual perceptions are based on the cigarette's tobacco constituents in the absence of knowledge about the brand's iden...

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  • Attitudes and experiences with secondhand smoke and smoke-free policies among subsidised and market-rate multiunit housing residents living in six diverse communities in the USA.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Given that higher smoking rates persist among lower socioeconomic populations, multiunit housing (MUH) environments may result in higher secondhand smoke (SHS) exposures among subsidised MUH residents. This cross-sectional assessment compares experiences with SHS and smoke-free policies among subsidised and ...

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  • Economic burden of smoking in Korea.

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  • Development of smoking by birth cohort in the adult population in eastern Finland 1972-97.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To analyse the dynamics of smoking prevalence, initiation, and cessation in relation to sex, age, birth cohort, study year, and educational level. DESIGN:Six independent cross-sectional population surveys repeated every five years between 1972 and 1997. SETTING:The provinces of North Karelia and Kuopio in e...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:An analysis of airborne nicotine measurements collected in 49 low-income, multi-unit residences across the Greater Boston Area. METHODS:Nicotine concentrations were determined using passive monitors placed in homes over a one-week sampling period and air exchange rates (AER) were sampled using the perfluoroc...

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  • Community guide recommendations and state level tobacco control programmes: 1999-2004.

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  • The prevalence of brand switching among adult smokers in the USA, 2006-2011: findings from the ITC US surveys.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Recent studies have suggested that about 1 in 5 smokers report switching brands per year. However, these studies only report switching between brands. The current study estimated the rates of switching both within and between brand families and examining factors associated with brand and brand style switchin...

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  • Marketing to America's youth: evidence from corporate documents.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To evaluate the claim that the tobacco industry does not market its products to youth. DESIGN:The data for this study come from tobacco industry documents collected from the tobacco industry's document websites, presently linked at The websites were searched using "request for...

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  • Public opinions on tax and retail-based tobacco control strategies.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:While tobacco taxes and smoke-free air regulations have significantly decreased tobacco use, tobacco-related illness accounts for hundreds of thousands of annual deaths. Experts are considering additional strategies to further reduce tobacco consumption. METHODS:We investigated smokers' (n=2118) and non-smo...

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