Acromegaly secondary to an incidentally discovered growth-hormone-releasing hormone secreting bronchial carcinoid tumour associated to a pituitary incidentaloma.


:In this report we emphasize the opportunity of considering the uncommon causes of chronic GH-excess in the initial diagnostic process, such as GHRH hypersecretion, especially in the presence of ambiguous pituitary neuroimaging. This topic may have an important clinical significance in order to plan the most cost-effective diagnostic procedures and management and to avoid unnecessary pituitary neurosurgery.






Verrua E,Ronchi CL,Ferrante E,Ferrari DI,Bergamaschi S,Ferrero S,Zatelli MC,Branca V,Spada A,Beck-Peccoz P,Lania AG




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  • Machine learning applications in imaging analysis for patients with pituitary tumors: a review of the current literature and future directions.

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  • Acromegaly as a cause of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D-dependent hypercalcemia: case reports and review of the literature.

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  • Inhibition of neuronal nitric oxide synthase activity does not alter vasopressin secretion in septic rats.

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  • The extended, transnasal, transsphenoidal approach for anterior skull base meningioma: considerations in patient selection.

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  • Silent somatotroph pituitary adenomas: an update.

    abstract::Silent growth hormone adenomas (SGHA) are a rare entity of non-functioning pituitary neuroendocrine tumors. Diagnosis is invariably made post-operatively of a tumor immunopositive for GH (and Pit-1 in selected cases) but without clinical acromegaly. Mainly young females are affected, and tumors are often uncovered by ...


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  • Prognostic value of nadir GH levels for long-term biochemical remission or recurrence in surgically treated acromegaly.

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  • Glucocorticoid inhibition of growth in rats: partial reversal with the full-length ghrelin analog BIM-28125.

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  • Double pituitary lesions in three patients with Cushing's disease.

    abstract::Double pituitary adenomas are rare in surgical specimens and the most common clinical feature in reported patients has been acromegaly. We report 3 cases of double pituitary lesions in patients who presented with Cushing's disease. In a 22-year-old man (case 1) with delayed puberty and low testosterone levels, mild hy...


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  • Management of cystic prolactinomas: a review.

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  • Geometric survey on magnetic resonance imaging of growth hormone producing pituitary adenoma.

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  • Chiasmapexy for secondary empty sella syndrome: diagnostic and therapeutic considerations.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Secondary empty sella syndrome (SESS) following pituitary surgery remains a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge. The aim of this study was to specify the diagnostic criteria, surgical indications and results of chiasmapexy in the SESS. METHODS:Three cases from two experienced neurosurgical centers were collec...


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  • Androgen deficiency: effects on body composition.

    abstract::Published data on the effects of androgen deficiency and testosterone administration on body composition in men and women are reviewed. In experimental paradigms, androgen deprivation decreases lean body mass and increases fat mass in men, and physiologic replacement reverses these abnormalities. The anabolic effects ...


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  • "Micromegaly": an update on the prevalence of acromegaly with apparently normal GH secretion in the modern era.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Approximately 25 % of cases of clinically active acromegaly cases treated in our academic center between 1996 and 2000, were diagnosed in patients who had elevated plasma IGF-1 levels, but apparently "normal" 24-h mean plasma GH levels. The current study served to update the data for patients with acromegaly re...


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  • Moderate dose cranial radiotherapy causes central adrenal insufficiency in long-term survivors of childhood leukaemia.

    abstract::Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) is the most common childhood malignancy. The survival rate in the Scandinavian countries is now around 85 %. ALL patients treated with cranial radiotherapy (CRT) are at risk for growth hormone deficiency (GHD), but little is known about other pituitary insufficiencies, e.g. ACTH. Ad...


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  • Primary central nervous system lymphoma mimicking pituitary apoplexy: case report.

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  • Importance of cannulated prolactin test in the definition of hyperprolactinaemia.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Recent guidelines suggest that a single prolactin measurement is adequate to confirm hyperprolactinaemia. This may lead to unnecessary investigation of artefactual hyperprolactinaemia. Prolactin measurement drawn from an indwelling cannula after rest removes stress as a confounding variable. The objective was t...


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  • Outcomes of stereotactic radiosurgery and hypofractionated stereotactic radiotherapy for refractory Cushing's disease.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Hypofractionated stereotactic radiotherapy (HSRT) for refractory Cushing's disease may offer a condensed treatment schedule for patients with large tumors abutting the optic chiasm unsuitable for stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS). To-date only four patients have been treated by HSRT in the published literature. W...


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  • Decreased insulin requirements after LAR-octreotide but not after lanreotide in an acromegalic patient.

    abstract::A diabetic acromegalic man, not cured after surgery and radiosurgery, received lanreotide i.m. with great clinical and biochemical improvement. He required NPH insulin (76 to 84 units/day) to control his diabetes mellitus. Thirty-six hours after changing to LAR-octreotide (20 mg i.m/month) he presented symptomatic hyp...


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