The additive effect of co-occurring anxiety and depression on health status, quality of life and coping strategies in help-seeking tinnitus sufferers.


OBJECTIVE:Evaluating the effect of anxiety and depression on clinical measures of general health, tinnitus-specific quality of life, and coping abilities. DESIGN:Two hundred sixty-five chronic, subjective tinnitus sufferers were divided into four psychological symptom groups according to cut-off scores on anxiety and depression subscales of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale: (1) no-symptoms, (2) anxiety-only, (3) depression-only, and (4) anxiety-plus-depression. General health-related quality of life (SF-36), tinnitus-specific quality of life (tinnitus reaction questionnaire and tinnitus handicap inventory), and coping abilities (tinnitus coping style questionnaire) were assessed and analyzed across these four psychological symptom groups, which did not differ on age, gender, marital, and working status. RESULTS:Statistically significant and clinically relevant differences on general health-related and tinnitus-specific quality of life and coping abilities were identified when comparing anxiety-plus-depression subgroup with the subgroups anxiety-only, depression-only, or no-symptoms. Highest associations were seen between the anxiety-plus-depression subgroup and impaired quality of life and maladaptive coping. CONCLUSIONS:Our results demonstrate the additive effect of both anxiety and depression in impairing general health-related and tinnitus-specific quality of life and application of coping strategies, and reiterate the need for investigating both symptoms in the clinical evaluation of tinnitus patients.


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Bartels H,Middel BL,van der Laan BF,Staal MJ,Albers FW




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  • Identification of neonatal hearing impairment: auditory brain stem responses in the perinatal period.

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  • Transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation modulates tinnitus-related beta- and gamma-band activity.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:The ability of a treatment method to interfere with tinnitus-related neural activity patterns, such as cortical gamma rhythms, has been suggested to indicate its potential in relieving tinnitus. Therapeutic modulation of gamma-band oscillations with vagus nerve stimulation has been recently reported in epile...

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  • Longitudinal changes in word recognition by patients who use the Ineraid cochlear implant.

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  • The relationship between audiometric and self-report measures of hearing handicap.

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    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Clinicians sometimes treat patients with relatively long-duration geotropic direction-changing positional nystagmus (DCPN), without latency. Recently, the concept of a "light cupula" in the lateral canal that reveals persistent geotropic DCPN has been introduced. In the present study, we investigated the imm...

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  • Identifying dead regions in the cochlea: psychophysical tuning curves and tone detection in threshold-equalizing noise.

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  • List equivalency of the CID everyday sentences (Harris revision) under three signal-to-noise ratios.

    abstract::The primary purpose of this study was to determine list equivalency of Harris' revision of the CID Everyday Sentence Lists under three signal-to-noise ratios: O dB, --3 dB, and --6 dB. On the basis of list means, nonsignificant groupings of lists were found at each noise level; however, lists were not equivalent at an...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Early-deafened, late-implanted adolescents and adults constitute a unique group of cochlear implant (CI) users, showing a large variability in outcomes. The current systematic review aimed to determine which preimplantation factors are relevant in predicting postoperative outcomes in this patient group. DES...

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  • Auditory Distraction and Acclimatization to Hearing Aids.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:It is widely recognized by hearing aid users and audiologists that a period of auditory acclimatization and adjustment is needed for new users to become accustomed to their devices. The aim of the present study was to test the idea that auditory acclimatization and adjustment to hearing aids involves a proces...

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  • Audiologic manifestations of patients with post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome.

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  • Cochlear implant candidate selection.

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  • Binaural Pitch Fusion in Children With Normal Hearing, Hearing Aids, and Cochlear Implants.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Binaural pitch fusion is the perceptual integration of stimuli that evoke different pitches between the ears into a single auditory image. Adults who use hearing aids (HAs) or cochlear implants (CIs) often experience abnormally broad binaural pitch fusion, such that sounds differing in pitch by as much as 3 ...

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  • Reliability of Vestibular Perceptual Threshold Testing About the Yaw Axis.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Vestibular reflexes have traditionally formed the cornerstone of vestibular evaluation, but perceptual tests have recently gained attention for use in research studies and potential clinical applications. However, the unknown reliability of perceptual thresholds limits their current importance. This is addre...

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  • Search for Electrophysiological Indices of Hidden Hearing Loss in Humans: Click Auditory Brainstem Response Across Sound Levels and in Background Noise.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Recent studies in animals indicate that even moderate levels of exposure to noise can damage synaptic ribbons between the inner hair cells and auditory nerve fibers without affecting audiometric thresholds, giving rise to the use of the term "hidden hearing loss" (HHL). Despite evidence across several animal...

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  • Wideband reflectance measures of the ipsilateral acoustic stapedius reflex threshold.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The purpose of this study was to develop a method for acoustically measuring the ipsilateral acoustic stapedius reflex threshold by using wideband shifts in energy reflectance and admittance. DESIGN:A group of 27 young adult subjects with normal hearing participated in the study. Contralateral reflex thresho...

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  • Monothermal Caloric Screening to Improve Healthcare Value.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To evaluate whether monothermal caloric screening can reduce the number of caloric irrigations required in the vestibular testing battery while maintaining diagnostic accuracy. DESIGN:Prospective controlled cohort study. Three hundred and ninety patients referred for vestibular testing at this tertiary refe...

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  • Relationship between two dichotic listening tests and the Token test for children.

    abstract::The relationship between two dichotic listening tasks was studied. The two dichotic tests used were the Staggered Spondaic Word (SSW) test and the directed Dichotic Consonant-Vowel (CV) test. These measures were administered to 104 children between the ages of 6.0 and 8.0 yrs. The subjects were divided into two groups...

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