Suggested guidelines for use of avian species as biomonitors.


:An animal's suitability as a biomonitor of environmental change can be determined by biological, reproductive and ecological characteristics determined at the class, order and species level. The animal's habitat where the research is to be performed and the form, function and structure of the environmental change being studied within that habitat also determines suitability. Non-threatened populations of large, non-migratory, long-lived, seasonally-breeding tertiary avian predators, whose dietary preferences are narrow and known, can be useful as monitors of environmental chemical contaminants. If chemicals are being monitored, a quantifiable endpoint effect must be demonstrated in the species, or a similar species under experimental laboratory conditions. Logistical and economic issues as well as public and regulatory authority acceptance should also be considered when assessing the suitability of a species as a biomonitor.


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Hollamby S,Afema-Azikuru J,Waigo S,Cameron K,Gandolf AR,Norris A,Sikarskie JG




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  • Correction to: Trend estimation for complex survey designs of water chemistry indicators from Sierra Nevada Lakes.

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  • Risk assessment of heavy metals via consumption of vegetables collected from different supermarkets in La Rochelle, France.

    abstract::In this study, a food survey was carried out with two purposes: (1) to investigate the levels of nickel (Ni), zinc (Zn), and copper (Cu) in various vegetables randomly collected in supermarkets of La Rochelle and (2) to assess the potential health risk for consumers by estimating the daily intake (EDI) and the target ...

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  • Long-term mass balance modelling (1986-2018) and climate sensitivity of Siachen Glacier, East Karakoram.

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  • Soil pollution under the effect of treated municipal wastewater.

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  • Adsorption studies and the removal of dissolved metals using pyrolusite as adsorbent.

    abstract::The adsorption of metals from aqueous solutions of Pb(2+), Zn(2+) and Mg(2+) on naturally occurring pyrolusite have been studied. The chemical stability of the pyrolusite has been determined in NaOH, H2SO4, HNO3, HCl, NaCl and NK4Cl solutions of various concentrations. Adsorption of the metal ions followed the order P...

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  • Residue behavior and risk assessment of mixed formulation of imidacloprid and chlorfenapyr in chieh-qua under field conditions.

    abstract::A simple and rapid method based on high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS/MS) was developed for the simultaneous determination of imidacloprid and chlorfenapyr residues in chieh-qua. Field trials were designed to investigate the dissipation and terminal residue behavior of the mixed f...

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  • Binary mixtures of diclofenac with paracetamol, ibuprofen, naproxen, and acetylsalicylic acid and these pharmaceuticals in isolated form induce oxidative stress on Hyalella azteca.

    abstract::Toxicity in natural ecosystems is usually not due to exposure to a single substance, but is rather the result of exposure to mixtures of toxic substances. Knowing the effects of contaminants as a mixture compared to their effects in isolated form is therefore important. This study aimed to evaluate the oxidative stres...

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  • First assessment of trace metal concentration in mangrove crab eggs and other tissues, SE Brazil.

    abstract::The mangrove crab Ucides cordatus is widespread in the Brazilian coast, which has an important role in nutrient cycling. This species reproduces in summer and females carry eggs about a month, when they maintain contact with water and sediments. It remains unclear if trace metals can be absorbed or adsorbed by the egg...

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  • Assessment of spatial variability in some soil properties as related to soil salinity and alkalinity in Bafra plain in northern Turkey.

    abstract::The objectives of this study were to assess the variability in soil properties affecting salinity and alkalinity, and to analyze spatial distribution patterns of salinity (EC) and alkalinity (ESP) in the plain, which was used irrigation agriculture with low quality waters. Soil samples were collected from 0-30 cm, 30-...

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  • Assessing the value of information for water quality management: a watershed perspective from China.

    abstract::To tackle China's pervasive water pollution, tremendous efforts are needed to achieve more and better information. However, resources for information collection (e.g., water quality monitoring, field experiments, etc.) are very limited for large watersheds with significant nonpoint source pollution. Thus, it is crucia...

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  • Characterisation of particulate matter on the receptor level in a city environment.

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  • Evaluating ecological indicators: lakes in the northeastern United States.

    abstract::We use data from a survey of several hundred lakes in the northeastern United States by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to illustrate an approach to identifying promising indicators of lake condition. We construct a hypothetical gold standard of water quality from the first principal component of 16 chemical ...

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  • The biotic condition of dams run-of-the-river in sequence: adaptation of a multimetric index based on the Neotropical fish fauna.

    abstract::The synergistic effects of run-of-the-river (ROR) on fish fauna, though still poorly understood, are amplified when dams form reservoir cascades. In an attempt to assist in this understanding, we used an adaptation of the Reservoir Fish Assemblage Index (RFAI) to evaluate the biotic conditions of the Rio das Antas Ene...

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  • Assessment of chlorophyll-a variations in high- and low-flow seasons in Apalachicola Bay by MODIS 250-m remote sensing.

    abstract::Chlorophyll-a (chl-a) is considered as a primary indicator for water quality and foods for oyster growth in Apalachicola estuarine ecosystem. Assessment of chl-a concentration variation in response to river inflow is important for estuarine environmental research and management. In this study, remote sensing analysis ...

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  • Assessment of the variability in response of radish and brinjal at biochemical and physiological levels under similar ozone exposure conditions.

    abstract::The present investigation was done to evaluate the effects of ambient air pollutants on physiological and biochemical characteristics of radish (Raphnus sativa L. var. Pusa Reshmi) and brinjal (Solanum melongena L. var. Pusa hybrid-6) plants grown in open-top chambers with filtered (FCs) and non-filtered (NFCs) treatm...

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  • Odour emission characteristics of 22 recreational rivers in Nanjing.

    abstract::The odour emission characteristics of 22 recreational rivers in Nanjing were investigated and analysed. Eight odorous compounds (ammonia (NH₃), hydrogen sulphide (H₂S), sulphur dioxide (SO₂), carbon disulphide (CS₂), nitrobenzene (C₆H₅NO₂), aniline (C₆H₅NH₂), dimethylamine (C₂H₇N), and formaldehyde (HCHO)) were measur...

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  • The use of simple kinetic models to help design environmental monitoring systems.

    abstract::This paper describes the application of simple linear models to help design environmental monitoring systems. This process involves five steps: (1) The derivation of a schematic of the identified pollutant's transport and fate. (2) The derivation of the equation in the schematic. (3) Estimation of input data and numer...

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  • Preparation and validation of gridded emission inventory of criteria air pollutants and identification of emission hotspots for megacity Delhi.

    abstract::Delhi is one of the many megacities struggling with punishing levels of pollution from industrial, residential, and transportation sources. Over the years, pollution abatement in Delhi has become an important constituent of state policies. In the past one decade a lot of policies and regulations have been implemented ...

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    authors: Mohan M,Dagar L,Gurjar BR

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  • Temporal variations of trace metals and a metalloid in temperate estuarine mangrove sediments.

    abstract::Mangrove sediments are strong modulators of organic matter (OM) content and pollutant dynamics, acting both as sinks and sources of these components. This study aimed to assess temporal dynamics of OM within temperate mangrove sediments and their ability to sequester pollutants. Specifically, levels of trace metals (F...

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  • Ecosystem types of boreal forest in the North Klondike River Valley, Yukon Territory, Canada, and their productivity potentials.

    abstract::Vegetation, environmental characteristics, and forest productivity were studied in the boreal forest in the North Klondike River Valley, Yukon Territory, Canada. The concept and approach of biogeoclimatic ecosystem classification were followed. For the treed vegetation, five ecosystem types were distinguished based on...

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  • Characterization of hydrocarbons in aerosols at a Mediterranean city with a high density of palm groves.

    abstract::Samples of PM1 and PM10 were collected for 1 year at an urban background station in the city of Elche (southeastern Spain) and analyzed to determine the content of n-alkanes and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). A few samples were also gathered at a second sampling point established at one of the several palm t...

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  • Investigation of polybrominated diphenyl ethers in old consumer products in India.

    abstract::Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) used extensively over the past 3 decades as flame retardants in most types of polymers, all over the world, have been identified as global pollutants. PBDEs pose various health problems such as thyroid hormone disruption, permanent learning and memory impairment, behavioral chang...

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  • Development of a drinking water quality index based on a participatory procedure using mixed multicriteria methods.

    abstract::The objective of this study is to propose and apply a novel approach to develop a drinking water quality index that enables water managers to routinely identify the vulnerabilities in a distribution system (DS) while taking into account the priorities of water managers and operators. Here, we propose an innovative app...

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  • Residual levels, tissue distribution and risk assessment of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) in edible fishes from Taihu Lake, China.

    abstract::Tissue distribution and bioaccumulation of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) in edible fishes collected from Taihu Lake, Cyprinus carpio (C. carpio) and Ctenopharyngodon idellus (C. idellus), were studied. OCPs were detected in all samples with hexachlorocyclohexanes (HCHs), aldrins (including aldrin, dieldrin, endrin,...

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    authors: Zhao Z,Zhang L,Wu J,Fan C

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  • Phytostabilization of arsenic in soils with plants of the genus Atriplex established in situ in the Atacama Desert.

    abstract::In the ChiuChiu village (Atacama Desert, Chile), there is a high concentration of arsenic (As) in the soil due to natural causes related to the presence of volcanoes and geothermal activity. To compare the levels of As and the growth parameters among plants of the same genus, three species of plants were established i...

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    authors: Fernández YT,Diaz O,Acuña E,Casanova M,Salazar O,Masaguer A

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  • The status, distribution and ecology of wildlife on the U.S. Doe Hanford Site: A historical overview of research activities.

    abstract::Since the inception of the U.S. DOE Hanford Site in 1943, numerous studies have been conducted on terrestrial wildlife. Onsite contractors have focused their attention on the role of wildlife in the uptake and transport of radionuclides. Graduate students from across the nation have also completed more than 15 theses ...

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    authors: Fitzner RE,Gray RH

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  • Development and application of an integrated indoor air quality audit to an international hotel building in Taiwan.

    abstract::Indoor air quality (IAQ) has begun to surface as an important issue that affects the comfort and health of people; however, there is little research concerned about the IAQ monitoring of hotels up to now. Hotels are designed to provide comfortable spaces for guests. However, most complaints related to uncomfortable th...

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    authors: Kuo NW,Chiang HC,Chiang CM

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  • Little Egrets (Egretta garzetta) and trace-metal contamination in wetlands of China.

    abstract::The rapidly developing Asian countries may face threatening environmental contamination, that however remains largely unassessed. We studied persistent trace elements in three wetlands, Poyang Lake, relatively unpolluted, and Tai Lake, and Pearl River Delta, selected as hotspots of pollution in Central China. We adopt...

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    authors: Zhang Y,Ruan L,Fasola M,Boncompagni E,Dong Y,Dai N,Gandini C,Orvini E,Ruiz X

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