Analysis of single-molecule FRET trajectories using hidden Markov modeling.


:The analysis of single-molecule fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) trajectories has become one of significant biophysical interest. In deducing the transition rates between various states of a system for time-binned data, researchers have relied on simple, but often arbitrary methods of extracting rates from FRET trajectories. Although these methods have proven satisfactory in cases of well-separated, low-noise, two- or three-state systems, they become less reliable when applied to a system of greater complexity. We have developed an analysis scheme that casts single-molecule time-binned FRET trajectories as hidden Markov processes, allowing one to determine, based on probability alone, the most likely FRET-value distributions of states and their interconversion rates while simultaneously determining the most likely time sequence of underlying states for each trajectory. Together with a transition density plot and Bayesian information criterion we can also determine the number of different states present in a system in addition to the state-to-state transition probabilities. Here we present the algorithm and test its limitations with various simulated data and previously reported Holliday junction data. The algorithm is then applied to the analysis of the binding and dissociation of three RecA monomers on a DNA construct.


Biophys J


Biophysical journal


McKinney SA,Joo C,Ha T




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  • Conformational change of bacteriorhodopsin quantitatively monitored by microcantilever sensors.

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  • Structural effects of an LQT-3 mutation on heart Na+ channel gating.

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  • Hofmeister effect in ion transport: reversible binding of halide anions to the roflamycoin channel.

    abstract::We have studied the anion-dependent gating of roflamycoin ion channels using spectral analysis of noise in currents through multichannel planar lipid bilayers. We have found that in addition to low frequency current fluctuations that may be attributed to channel switching between open and closed conformations, roflamy...

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  • Excitation energy-transfer and the relative orientation of retinal and carotenoid in xanthorhodopsin.

    abstract::The cell membrane of Salinibacter ruber contains xanthorhodopsin, a light-driven transmembrane proton pump with two chromophores: a retinal and the carotenoid, salinixanthin. Action spectra for transport had indicated that light absorbed by either is utilized for function. If the carotenoid is an antenna in this prote...

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  • Simulation of the gel-fluid transition in a membrane composed of lipids with two connected acyl chains: application of a dimer-move step.

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    abstract::Single actin filaments were analyzed in solutions ranging from dilute (0.2 microgram/ml), where filaments interact only with solvent, to concentrations (4.0 mg/ml) at which F-actin forms a nematic phase. A persistence length of approximately 1.8 microns and an average length of approximately 22 microns (Kaufmann et al...

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  • Coding design of positional information for robust morphogenesis.

    abstract::Robust positioning of cells in a tissue against unavoidable noises is important for achieving normal and reproducible morphogenesis. The position in a tissue is represented by morphogen concentrations, and cells read them to recognize their spatial coordinates. From the engineering viewpoint, these positioning process...

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  • Calmodulin binds a highly extended HIV-1 MA protein that refolds upon its release.

    abstract::Calmodulin (CaM) expression is upregulated upon HIV-1 infection and interacts with proteins involved in viral processing, including the multifunctional HIV-1 MA protein. We present here the results of studies utilizing small-angle neutron scattering with contrast variation that, when considered in the light of earlier...

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  • The Conformation of Myosin Heads in Relaxed Skeletal Muscle: Implications for Myosin-Based Regulation.

    abstract::In isolated thick filaments from many types of muscle, the two head domains of each myosin molecule are folded back against the filament backbone in a conformation called the interacting heads motif (IHM) in which actin interaction is inhibited. This conformation is present in resting skeletal muscle, but it is not kn...

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  • Tectorial Membrane Traveling Waves Underlie Sharp Auditory Tuning in Humans.

    abstract::Our ability to understand speech requires neural tuning with high frequency resolution, but the peripheral mechanisms underlying sharp tuning in humans remain unclear. Sharp tuning in genetically modified mice has been attributed to decreases in spread of excitation of tectorial membrane traveling waves. Here we show ...

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  • Spontaneous Membrane Translocating Peptides: The Role of Leucine-Arginine Consensus Motifs.

    abstract::We previously used an orthogonal high-throughput screen to select peptides that spontaneously cross synthetic lipid bilayers without bilayer disruption. Many of the 12-residue spontaneous membrane translocating peptides (SMTPs) selected from the library contained a 5-residue consensus motif, LRLLR in positions 5-9. We...

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  • Confinement as a determinant of macromolecular structure and reactivity. II. Effects of weakly attractive interactions between confined macrosolutes and confining structures.

    abstract::The effect of weak, nonspecific interaction between molecules confined within restricted elements of volume ("pores") and the boundary surfaces of the pore, upon the reactivity and physical state of the confined molecules, is explored by means of simple models. A confined molecule is represented by a rectangular paral...

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