Nucleosides with self-complementary hydrogen-bonding motifs: synthesis and base-pairing studies of two nucleosides containing the imidazo[4,5-d]pyridazine ring system.


:Synthesis and base-pairing studies of two 2'-deoxyribonucleosides, containing a common heterocyclic base, 7(4)-amino-5(6)H-imidazo[4,5-d]pyridazin-4(7)one (1 and 2), have been reported. The synthesis was accomplished by base-promoted deoxyribosylation of ethyl 5(4)-cyanoimidazole-4(5)-carboxylate (6), followed by ring-closure with hydrazine hydrate. The 1H NMR-based base-pair studies were conducted using DMF-d7 as a solvent by measuring changes in chemical shifts of the amino, hydrazide, imidazole H-2, and the sugar H-1' protons of the nucleosides with variations in concentrations and temperatures. Large downfield chemical shifts were observed for the NH, NH2, and to a lesser extent for the H-1' protons when the temperature was lowered from 25 to 0 degrees C, and then further down to -50 degrees C in 10 degree intervals. The observed experimental data are consistent with the results of molecular modeling studies. Nucleoside 2 exhibited low level antiviral activity against HIV-1 in CEM-SS cells with an IC50 of 89.2 microM. No cellular toxicity was observed at the highest concentration of the compound tested.


Bioorg Med Chem


Ujjinamatada RK,Paulman RL,Ptak RG,Hosmane RS




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2006-09-15 00:00:00














  • Discovery and structural characterization of peficitinib (ASP015K) as a novel and potent JAK inhibitor.

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    abstract::A series of novel 6-(2,4-difluorophenyl)-3-phenyl-2H-benzo[e][1,3]oxazine-2,4(3H)-dione derivatives were synthesized and evaluated for their inhibitory effects on osteoclast activities by using TRAP-staining assay. Among the tested compounds, 3d and 3h exhibited more potent osteoclast-inhibitory activities than the le...

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    abstract::To establish the role of the ferrocenyl moiety in the antiplasmodial activity of ferroquine, compounds in which this moiety is replaced by the corresponding ruthenium-based moieties were synthesized and evaluated. In both the sensitive (D10) and resistant (K1) strains of Plasmodium falciparum, ruthenoquine analogues s...

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    abstract::4-methoxyphenyl glycosides of 2,3''-bis-alpha-L-arabinofuranosyl branched beta-D-(1-->6)-linked galactopyranosyl tetraose (16), 3',2''''-bis-alpha-L-arabinofuranosyl branched beta-D-(1-->6)-linked galactopyranosyl hexaose (27), and a twentyose (42) consisting of beta-(1-->6)-linked D-galactopyranosyl pentadecaoligosac...

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    abstract::SARS-CoV papain-like protease (PLpro) is an important antiviral target due to its key roles in SARS virus replication. The MeOH extracts of the fruits of the Paulownia tree yielded many small molecules capable of targeting PLpro. Five of these compounds were new geranylated flavonoids, tomentin A, tomentin B, tomentin...

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  • Synthesis and evaluation of imidazole-dioxolane compounds as selective heme oxygenase inhibitors: effect of substituents at the 4-position of the dioxolane ring.

    abstract::Several imidazole-dioxolane compounds were synthesized and evaluated as novel inhibitors of heme oxygenase (HO). These compounds, which include a series of substituted thiophenol and substituted phenol derivatives of (2R,4S)-2-[2-(4-chlorophenyl)ethyl]-2-[(1H-imidazol-1-yl)methyl]-4-[(phenylsulfanyl)methyl]-1,3-dioxol...

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  • Attachment of carbohydrates to methoxyaryl moieties leads to highly selective inhibitors of the cancer associated carbonic anhydrase isoforms IX and XII.

    abstract::The transmembrane isoforms of carbonic anhydrase (hCA IX and XII) have been shown to be linked to carcinogenesis and their inhibition to arrest primary tumor and metastases growth. In this paper, we present a new class of C-glycosides incorporating the methoxyaryl moiety, that was designed to selectively target and in...

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  • PNA-Based Dynamic Combinatorial Libraries (PDCL) and screening of lectins.

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  • Synthesis and investigation of inhibition effects of new carbonic anhydrase inhibitors.

    abstract::Three new derivatives of 2-substituted 1,3,4-thiadiazole-5-sulfonamide have been synthesized. These compounds are 2-(3-chloropropionylamino)-1,3,4-thiadiazole-5-sulfonamide (1); 2-(2,2-dichloroacetylamino)-1,3,4-thiadiazole-5-sulfonamide (2); and 2-(3-phenylpropionylamino)-1,3,4-thiadiazole-5-sulfonamide (3). Inhibiti...

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  • Preparation of piperazine derivatives as 5-HT7 receptor antagonists.

    abstract::Twenty-four compounds of 4-methoxy-N-[3-(4-substituted phenyl-piperazine-1-yl)propyl] benzene sulfonamides and N-[3-(4-substituted phenyl-piperazine-1-yl)propyl] naphthyl sulfonamides were prepared and evaluated as 5-HT(7) receptor antagonists. Most of the compounds showed the IC(50) values of 12-580nM. Four methyl br...

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  • Synthesis and structure-activity relationship study of cytotoxic germanicane- and lupane-type 3beta-O-monodesmosidic saponins starting from betulin.

    abstract::Germanicane-type triterpenes allobetulin (3) and 28-oxoallobetulin (4) can be obtained by the Wagner-Meerwein rearrangement of the more available lupane-type triterpenes betulin (1) and betulinic acid (2), respectively. The medical uses of betulinic acid (2) and its derivatives are limited because of their poor hydros...

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  • Pharmacophore-based discovery of FXR-agonists. Part II: identification of bioactive triterpenes from Ganoderma lucidum.

    abstract::The farnesoid X receptor (FXR) belonging to the metabolic subfamily of nuclear receptors is a ligand-induced transcriptional activator. Its central function is the physiological maintenance of bile acid homeostasis including the regulation of glucose and lipid metabolism. Accessible structural information about its li...

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  • Inhibitory activity of Brazilian green propolis components and their derivatives on the release of cys-leukotrienes.

    abstract::The effects of Brazilian green propolis ethanol extract on Cry j1-induced cys-leukotrienes and histamine release from peripheral leukocytes of patients with allergic rhinitis were investigated. One of the key mechanisms for the anti-allergic properties of the extract was revealed to be the suppression of cys-LTs relea...

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  • Chemical studies on antioxidant mechanism of tea catechins: analysis of radical reaction products of catechin and epicatechin with 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl.

    abstract::Tea catechins, an important class of polyphenols, have been shown to have wide spectrum of antitumor activity believed to be due mainly to their antioxidative effect. In this study, the radical scavenging behavior of catechins on 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) was studied. Two reaction products of (+)-catechin, ...

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  • Synthesis and biochemical activity of novel amidine derivatives as m1 muscarinic receptor agonists.

    abstract::As part of a continuing effort aimed at the development of selective, efficacious, and centrally active m1 muscarinic agonists for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, a series of amide and hydrazide amidine derivatives (2a-e and 3b-d) was synthesized and examined for muscarinic agonist activity. Preliminary biochemi...

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  • A new and efficient synthesis of substituted 6-[(2'-dialkylamino)ethyl] pyrimidine and 4-N,N-dialkyl-6-vinyl-cytosine derivatives and evaluation of their anti-rubella activity.

    abstract::New 6-[(2'-dialkylamino)ethyl]-4(3H)-pyrimidinones were prepared by a multistep procedure starting from acetone dicarboxylic acid diethyl ester and urea derivatives. These compounds were used as starting materials to obtain 4-N,N-dialkyl-6-vinyl-pyrimidine derivatives by an unprecedented tandem C-6 side chain Hofmann-...

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  • Effect of alkyl group on transnitrosation of N-nitrosothiazolidine thiocarboxamides.

    abstract::S-Nitrosoglutathione (GSNO) relaxes vascular smooth muscles, prevents platelet aggregation, and acts as a potential in vivo nitric oxide donor. 3-Nitroso-1,3-thiazolidine-4-thiocarboxamide (1), a N-nitrosothio-proline analogue, exhibited a high GSNO formation activity. In this study, two compounds (2 and 3) based on c...

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  • Use of cytokinins as agrochemicals.

    abstract::Plant hormones cytokinins regulate various aspects of plant growth and development. For their positive effects on branching, delaying of senescence, nutrient remobilisation, flower and seed set control they became interesting substances in search for potential agrochemicals. From the 1970' of the last century exogenou...

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  • Synthesis of 4-substituted nipecotic acid derivatives and their evaluation as potential GABA uptake inhibitors.

    abstract::In this study, we disclose the design and synthesis of novel 4-susbtituted nipecotic acid derivatives as inhibitors of the GABA transporter mGAT1. Based on molecular modeling studies the compounds are assumed to adopt a binding pose similar to that of the potent mGAT1 inhibitor nipecotic acid. As substitution in 4-pos...

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