Analysis of cluttered scenes using an elastic matching approach for stereo images.


:We present a system for the automatic interpretation of cluttered scenes containing multiple partly occluded objects in front of unknown, complex backgrounds. The system is based on an extended elastic graph matching algorithm that allows the explicit modeling of partial occlusions. Our approach extends an earlier system in two ways. First, we use elastic graph matching in stereo image pairs to increase matching robustness and disambiguate occlusion relations. Second, we use richer feature descriptions in the object models by integrating shape and texture with color features. We demonstrate that the combination of both extensions substantially increases recognition performance. The system learns about new objects in a simple one-shot learning approach. Despite the lack of statistical information in the object models and the lack of an explicit background model, our system performs surprisingly well for this very difficult task. Our results underscore the advantages of view-based feature constellation representations for difficult object recognition problems.


Neural Comput


Neural computation


Eckes C,Triesch J,von der Malsburg C




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2006-06-01 00:00:00












  • Clustering based on gaussian processes.

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  • Oscillating Networks: Control of Burst Duration by Electrically Coupled Neurons.

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  • Dynamic Neural Turing Machine with Continuous and Discrete Addressing Schemes.

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  • Maintaining Consistency of Spatial Information in the Hippocampal Network: A Combinatorial Geometry Model.

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  • Multiple model-based reinforcement learning.

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  • Pattern generation by two coupled time-discrete neural networks with synaptic depression.

    abstract::Numerous animal behaviors, such as locomotion in vertebrates, are produced by rhythmic contractions that alternate between two muscle groups. The neuronal networks generating such alternate rhythmic activity are generally thought to rely on pacemaker cells or well-designed circuits consisting of inhibitory and excitat...

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  • A causal perspective on the analysis of signal and noise correlations and their role in population coding.

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  • Binocular receptive field models, disparity tuning, and characteristic disparity.

    abstract::Disparity tuning of visual cells in the brain depends on the structure of their binocular receptive fields (RFs). Freeman and coworkers have found that binocular RFs of a typical simple cell can be quantitatively described by two Gabor functions with the same gaussian envelope but different phase parameters in the sin...

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  • Learning Slowness in a Sparse Model of Invariant Feature Detection.

    abstract::Primary visual cortical complex cells are thought to serve as invariant feature detectors and to provide input to higher cortical areas. We propose a single model for learning the connectivity required by complex cells that integrates two factors that have been hypothesized to play a role in the development of invaria...

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  • An amplitude equation approach to contextual effects in visual cortex.

    abstract::A mathematical theory of interacting hypercolumns in primary visual cortex (V1) is presented that incorporates details concerning the anisotropic nature of long-range lateral connections. Each hypercolumn is modeled as a ring of interacting excitatory and inhibitory neural populations with orientation preferences over...

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  • Nonmonotonic generalization bias of Gaussian mixture models.

    abstract::Theories of learning and generalization hold that the generalization bias, defined as the difference between the training error and the generalization error, increases on average with the number of adaptive parameters. This article, however, shows that this general tendency is violated for a gaussian mixture model. Fo...

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  • Constraint on the number of synaptic inputs to a visual cortical neuron controls receptive field formation.

    abstract::To date, Hebbian learning combined with some form of constraint on synaptic inputs has been demonstrated to describe well the development of neural networks. The previous models revealed mathematically the importance of synaptic constraints to reproduce orientation selectivity in the visual cortical neurons, but biolo...

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  • Invariant global motion recognition in the dorsal visual system: a unifying theory.

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  • Neural Quadratic Discriminant Analysis: Nonlinear Decoding with V1-Like Computation.

    abstract::Linear-nonlinear (LN) models and their extensions have proven successful in describing transformations from stimuli to spiking responses of neurons in early stages of sensory hierarchies. Neural responses at later stages are highly nonlinear and have generally been better characterized in terms of their decoding perfo...

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  • A Mathematical Analysis of Memory Lifetime in a Simple Network Model of Memory.

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  • A Resource-Allocating Network for Function Interpolation.

    abstract::We have created a network that allocates a new computational unit whenever an unusual pattern is presented to the network. This network forms compact representations, yet learns easily and rapidly. The network can be used at any time in the learning process and the learning patterns do not have to be repeated. The uni...

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  • Derivatives of logarithmic stationary distributions for policy gradient reinforcement learning.

    abstract::Most conventional policy gradient reinforcement learning (PGRL) algorithms neglect (or do not explicitly make use of) a term in the average reward gradient with respect to the policy parameter. That term involves the derivative of the stationary state distribution that corresponds to the sensitivity of its distributio...

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    authors: Morimura T,Uchibe E,Yoshimoto J,Peters J,Doya K

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  • Modeling sensorimotor learning with linear dynamical systems.

    abstract::Recent studies have employed simple linear dynamical systems to model trial-by-trial dynamics in various sensorimotor learning tasks. Here we explore the theoretical and practical considerations that arise when employing the general class of linear dynamical systems (LDS) as a model for sensorimotor learning. In this ...

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  • Hybrid integrate-and-fire model of a bursting neuron.

    abstract::We present a reduction of a Hodgkin-Huxley (HH)--style bursting model to a hybridized integrate-and-fire (IF) formalism based on a thorough bifurcation analysis of the neuron's dynamics. The model incorporates HH--style equations to evolve the subthreshold currents and includes IF mechanisms to characterize spike even...

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  • Employing the zeta-transform to optimize the calculation of the synaptic conductance of NMDA and other synaptic channels in network simulations.

    abstract::Calculation of the total conductance change induced by multiple synapses at a given membrane compartment remains one of the most time-consuming processes in biophysically realistic neural network simulations. Here we show that this calculation can be achieved in a highly efficient way even for multiply converging syna...

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  • Positive Neural Networks in Discrete Time Implement Monotone-Regular Behaviors.

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  • A neurocomputational model for cocaine addiction.

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  • Reinforcement learning in continuous time and space.

    abstract::This article presents a reinforcement learning framework for continuous-time dynamical systems without a priori discretization of time, state, and action. Based on the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman (HJB) equation for infinite-horizon, discounted reward problems, we derive algorithms for estimating value functions and improv...

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