A botulism outbreak from roasted canned mushrooms.


:Food-borne botulism is a rare disease that results from ingestion of the toxins produced by Clostridium botulinum. The most common cause of the disease is the consumption of home-canned foods prepared under inappropriate conditions, especially in rural environments. In this report, a food-borne botulism outbreak potentially caused by roasted home-canned mushrooms is evaluated and the major reasons for delayed diagnosis are emphasized. The clinical features, symptoms and prognosis of the five botulism patients involved in this outbreak are presented. The clinical progressions, treatments, durations of mechanical ventilation, intensive care unit stays and hospital stays of the three patients admitted to Akdeniz University Hospital are reported.


Hum Exp Toxicol


Cengiz M,Yilmaz M,Dosemeci L,Ramazanoglu A




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2006-05-01 00:00:00












  • Antimony leaching from cot mattresses and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

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  • Toxicological features of deliberate self-poisonings.

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  • Assessment of immunosuppressant drug carcinogenicity: standard and alternative animal models.

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  • Impact of nicotine on the interplay between human periodontal ligament cells and CD4+ T cells.

    abstract::Periodontitis is a common infectious disease associated with destruction of periodontal ligaments and alveolar bones. CD4(+) T cell-mediated immune response is involved in the progression of periodontitis. Tobacco consumption increases the risk of periodontal disease. However, the impact of nicotine on the interaction...

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  • Persistence of EDHF pathway and impairment of the nitric oxide pathway after chronic mercury chloride exposure in rats: mechanisms of endothelial dysfunction.

    abstract::Chronic mercury exposure impairs vascular function, leading to the depression of endothelium-dependent vasodilatation. Loss of the nitric oxide (NO) pathway has been implicated, but little is known about effects on other endothelial mediators. This study investigated the mechanisms of endothelial dysfunction in rats s...

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  • Maternal and developmental toxicity in mice by aminophenylnorharman, formed from norharman and aniline.

    abstract::9-(4'-Aminophenyl)-9H-pyrido [3,4-b] indole (aminophenylnorharman, APNH) is a novel mutagenic heterocyclic amine, produced by the reaction of norharman with aniline in the presence of S9 mix. In the present study, the maternal and developmental toxicity of APNH were investigated in ICR mice administered oral doses of ...

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  • Morphology of ricin and abrin exposed endothelial cells is consistent with apoptotic cell death.

    abstract::Cultures of bovine pulmonary endothelial (BPE) cells were exposed to LC70 doses of ricin or abrin (15.5 and 4.5 pM respectively) over a period of up to 40 h. The viability of the cultures (as determined by the neutral red (NR) dye retention assay) declined after 6 h exposure to the toxins. From 15 h onwards, cellular ...

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  • Comparison of human exposures to selected chemicals with thresholds from NTP carcinogenicity studies in rodents.

    abstract::The National Toxicology Program (NTP) Technical Reports online database was reviewed to find chemicals that were reported to show clear evidence of carcinogenicity in the NTP rodent studies and for which data on human exposure could be found. Six representative compounds were selected. Three volatile compounds: ethyl ...

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  • Vasorelaxant effects of mercury on rat thoracic aorta: the nitric oxide signaling mechanism.

    abstract::Mercury, a heavy metal, is widespread and persistent in the environment and has been elucidated as a possible risk factor in cardiovascular diseases. Mercury has been reported to selectively impair the nitric oxide (NO) pathway in the vascular endothelium as a consequence of oxidative stress. Conversely, mercury per s...

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  • Proteomics screening of adenosine triphosphate-interacting proteins in the liver of diazinon-treated rats.

    abstract:AIM:Diazinon (DZN) is one of the most important organophosphorus compounds used to control pests in agriculture in many countries. Several studies have shown that exposure to DZN may alter protein expression in the liver. In order to further investigate the mechanism of DZN toxicity, differentially expressed ATP-intera...

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  • Biomarkers, lactate, and clinical scores as outcome predictors in systemic poisons exposures.

    abstract::Acute exposure to systemic poisons represents an important challenge in clinical toxicology. We aimed to analyze the potential role of cardiac biomarkers, routine laboratory tests, and clinical scores as morbidity and in-hospital mortality predictors in patients intoxicated with various systemic poisons. We conducted ...

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