Role of the jejunum versus ileum on intestinal gas dynamics during a balanced meal in healthy subjects.


:Under physiological conditions, the human gut adapts intestinal gas propulsion and evacuation to prevent intestinal gaseous complaints In this study we aimed to determine influences of the jejunum versus ileum on intestinal gas dynamics during a balanced meal. Paired studies were randomly performed with seven women and three men, ages 28-42. A mixed liquid meal was infused (1 kcal/min) into the duodenum. After 30 min, gas was infused (12 ml/min) into the jejunum or ileum for 150 min. Gas expulsion was measured, and perception and girth changes were assessed. Postprandial intestinal gas propulsion was uneventful and recovery complete, with -7+/- 58 and -92+/- 44 ml final intestinal gas retention for jejunal and ileal gas infusion, respectively. Neither significant differences in abdominal perception nor changes in abdominal girth were seen. During a balanced meal, intestinal gas is effectively propulsed aborally, and this does not depend on the site of the small intestinal stimulation.


Dig Dis Sci


Harder H,Hernando-Harder AC,Franke A,Krammer HJ,Singer MV




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2006-05-01 00:00:00












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  • Liver Transplantation for Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis: Pathophysiology of Recurrence and Clinical Challenges.

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  • Hepatic morphology in obesity.

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  • Protein kinase C activity as a potential marker for colorectal neoplasia.

    abstract::Protein kinase C (PKC) is a mediator of transmembrane signal transduction, important in cell growth and differentiation. Cell activation by extracellular signals is associated with a translocation of PKC from the cytosol to the membrane. We measured and compared PKC activity in cytosol and membrane fractions of normal...

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  • Diagnostic value of "bread-barium" swallow in patients with esophageal symptoms.

    abstract::The value of a "bread-barium" swallow for diagnosis of disordered esophageal motility was examined in 53 patients, 20 of whom complained of dysphagia, 20 retrosternal chest pain, and 13 heartburn; a further 19 subjects served as controls. Esophageal manometry in the patients with dysphagia and chest pain revealed majo...

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  • Correction to: Characterization of Creatine Kinase Levels in Tofacitinib‑Treated Patients with Ulcerative Colitis: Results from Clinical Trials.

    abstract::The article "Characterization of Creatine Kinase Levels in Tofacitinib-Treated Patients with Ulcerative Colitis: Results from Clinical Trials", written by Remo Panaccione, John D. Isaacs, Lea Ann Chen, Wenjin Wang, Amy Marren, Kenneth Kwok, Lisy Wang, Gary Chan and Chinyu Su, was originally published electronically on...

    journal_title:Digestive diseases and sciences

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    authors: Panaccione R,Isaacs JD,Chen LA,Wang W,Marren A,Kwok K,Wang L,Chan G,Su C

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  • Dissolution of cholesterol ductal stones in the biliary tree with medium-chain glycerides.

    abstract::In vitro and in vivo experiments were carried out with medium-chain glycerides. In vitro, cholesterol gallstones were rapidly dissolved by medium-chain glycerides; control experiments with saline solution failed to modify the size of the stones. In vivo, medium-chain glycerides were instilled through an intraductal tu...

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  • Insulin and glucagon levels in liver cirrhosis. Relationship with plasma amino acid imbalance of chronic hepatic encephalopathy.

    abstract::Alterations in insulin and glucagon levels might account for the plasma amino acid imbalance of cirrhotics. In order to verify this hypothesis we evaluated basal insulin, glucagon, branched-chain amino acids, aromatic amino acids, and free tryptophan in 13 controls and 37 cirrhotics divided on the basis of their menta...

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  • Safety and Efficacy of Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography for Choledocholithiasis in Long-Term Dialysis: A Propensity Score Analysis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND AIM:Previous studies evaluating the safety of endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) in patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) undergoing hemodialysis reported an increased risk of post-procedural bleeding. We investigated the safety and efficacy of ERCP for the treatment of choledoc...

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