Comparison of SAGB QC "classic" titanium port and Velocity port: pilot phase prospective randomized study on perioperative and short-term postoperative implantation outcomes.


BACKGROUND:Port implantation in adjustable gastric banding (AGB) is usually considered as the least compelling, however, it is one of the very important parts of the operation. Port placement can take up to 10% of the overall AGB operating time, and inadequate technique can result in complications in the short- and long-term postoperative period (port torsion, infection, protrusion, port-site persistent pain, etc). METHODS:From Dec 2005-Feb 2006, 40 consecutive patients were recruited into a Pilot phase prospective randomized study and operated in a single institution by bariatric teams with >300 SAGB experience. In 2 patient groups, intraoperative and immediate postoperative outcomes of the SAGB QuickClose (SAGB QC) "classic" titanium port and Velocity port were compared. Recorded parameters were: preoperative BMI and sex; duration of port implantation (min); length of incision (mm); complications (signs of infection/skin reaction, port-torsion, protrusion, etc); port-site pain scoring (day 1, end of week 1 and 6 postoperatively). RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS:1) Velocity port implantation time was significantly shorter than that in "classic" titanium port (mean 2.5 min vs 6 min, P<0.01). 2) Port-site skin incision was longer in the Velocity group (45 mm) compared to the "classic" titanium port group (35 mm). 3) Reduction in patient subjective pain complaints in favor of Velocity port recipients was noted in the immediate postoperative period but no difference at 6 weeks after the operation. 4) Port-site infection occurred in 1 patient from the "classic" titanium port group and in none in the Velocity group.


Obes Surg


Obesity surgery


Fried M,Kormanova K,Kasalicky M




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2006-06-01 00:00:00












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