Monitoring of biodiversity indicators in boreal forests: a need for improved focus.


:The general principles of scale and coarse and fine filters have been widely accepted, but management agencies and industry are still grappling with the question of what to monitor to detect changes in forest biodiversity following forest management. Part of this problem can be attributed to the lack of focused questions for monitoring including absence of null models and predicted effects, a certain level of disconnect between research and management, and recognition that monitoring can be designed as a research question. Considerable research from the past decade has not been adequately synthesized to answer important questions, such as which species or forest attributes might be the best indicators of change. A disproportionate research emphasis has been placed on community ecology, and mostly on a few groups of organisms including arthropods, amphibians, migratory songbirds, and small mammals, while other species, including soil organisms, lichens, bats, raptors, some carnivores, and larger mammals remain less well-known. In most studies of community ecology, the question of what is the importance, if any, of the regularly observed subtle changes in community structures, and causes of observed changes is usually not answered. Hence, our ability to deal with questions of persistence is limited, and demographic research on regionally-defined key species (such as species linked to processes, species whose persistence may be affected, species with large home ranges, species already selected as indicators, and rare and threatened species) is urgently needed. Monitoring programs need to be designed to enable managers to respond to unexpected changes caused by forest management. To do this, management agencies need to articulate null models for monitoring that predict effects, focus fine-scale monitoring on key species (defined by local and regional research) in key habitats (rare, declining, important) across landscapes, and have a protocol in place to adapt management strategies to changes observed. Finally, agencies must have some way to determine and define when a significant change has occurred and to predict the persistence of species; this too should flow from a well-designed null model.


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  • Associations between macrofauna and sediment hydrocarbons from treated ballast water effluent at a marine oil terminal in Port Valdez, Alaska.

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  • Spatial distribution, source identification, and potential risk assessment of toxic contaminants in surface waters from Yulin, China.

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  • Landfill site selection via integrating multi-criteria decision techniques with geographic information systems: a case study in Naqadeh, Iran.

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  • Transfer of heavy metals through terrestrial food webs: a review.

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  • Cadmium, copper, lead, and zinc in Mugil cephalus from seven coastal lagoons of NW Mexico.

    abstract::The increasing order of the mean concentrations of Cd, Cu, and Zn in the tissues of Mugil cephalus of seven coastal lagoons of Sinaloa State (NW Mexico) was liver > gills > muscle, while for Pb it was gills > muscle ≥ liver. There were no differences between the mean concentrations of Cd and Pb of the three tissues de...

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  • Comparative study of different wavelet-based neural network models to predict sewage sludge quantity in wastewater treatment plant.

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  • The presence of antibiotic resistance genes in coastal soil and sediment samples from the eastern seaboard of the USA.

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  • Case studies on summertime measurements of O3, NO2, and SO2 with a DOAS system in an urban semi-industrial region in Athens, Greece.

    abstract::The objective of this study is to analyze the concentrations of SO2, NO2, and O3 measured by a Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) system that was operating at the campus of Technological Education Institute of Piraeus during 2008 and 2009 warm periods (July to September) in relation to the prevailing ...

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  • Risk assessment of distribution coefficient from 137Cs measurements.

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  • State of the art and advances in the impact assessment of dioxins and dioxin-like compounds.

    abstract::Polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDDs), polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDFs), and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are toxic and persistent organic pollutants that are able to enter the food chain, accumulate in the fat tissues of animals, and consequently pose a serious risk for human health. Consolidated tools f...

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  • Macro and micro geo-spatial environment consideration for landfill site selection in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

    abstract::Waste management involves various procedures and resources for proper handling of waste materials in compliance with health codes and environmental regulations. Landfills are one of the oldest, most convenient, and cheapest methods to deposit waste. However, landfill utilization involves social, environmental, geotech...

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  • Mercury concentration in the muscle of seven fish species from Chagan Lake, Northeast China.

    abstract::Chagan Lake is located downstream of the Second Songhua River basin in Northeast China. It is one of the top ten inland freshwater lakes, and an important aquatic farm in China. The lake has been receiving large amounts (currently at 1.5 × 10(8) m(3)/a) of water from the river since 1984. This would pose a threat to t...

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  • Water quality characteristics and corrosion potential in blending zones in X city drinking water distribution system.

    abstract::Blended water, always existing in a drinking water distribution system (DWDS) with different sources, can cause some unintended results, including corrosion and/or release of corrosion by-products. Although some studies have specially focused on the blended water in DWDSs, the water quality characteristics, variations...

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  • Microbiological water quality of the Mfoundi River watershed at Yaoundé, Cameroon, as inferred from indicator bacteria of fecal contamination.

    abstract::Using the membrane filtration technique to count total coliform (TC), fecal coliform (FC) and fecal streptococci (FS), the microbiological water quality of the Mfoundi River and four of its representative tributaries at Yaoundé, Cameroon, was assessed for human use and contact. Sampling was conducted so as to examine ...

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  • Assessing genetic structure, diversity of bacterial aerosol from aeration system in an oxidation ditch wastewater treatment plant by culture methods and bio-molecular tools.

    abstract::Airborne bacteria emissions from oxidation ditch with rotating aeration brushes were investigated in a municipal wastewater treatment plant in Beijing, China. Microbial samples were collected at different distances from the rotating brushes, different heights above the water surface, and different operation state over...

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  • Antioxidant responses in the earthworm Aporrectodea caliginosa of eastern Slovakia: application of principal component analysis as a tool to identify metal contaminated areas.

    abstract::The soil of Slovak Republic is severely contaminated with heavy metals, creating hazards to soil health. In order to assess the current status with the prospect of selecting the appropriate treatment methods and land use, this investigation aimed to determine a panel of complementary and ecologically relevant biomarke...

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  • The use of antioxidative stress enzymes, lipid peroxidation, and red blood cell abnormalities as biomarkers of stress in Periphthalmus papilio of the polluted coastal Lagos lagoon.

    abstract::We assessed the mudskipper, Periphthalmus papilio inhabiting the coast line of the Lagos lagoon, Gulf of Guinea, to determine suitable biomarkers of stress due to its current status as a polluted water body. The gill and liver samples showed evidence of some activities of antioxidative stress enzymes including catalas...

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  • Spatial modeling of rat bites and prediction of rat infestation in Peshawar valley using binomial kriging with logistic regression.

    abstract::In this study, we propose to develop a geostatistical computational framework to model the distribution of rat bite infestation of epidemic proportion in Peshawar valley, Pakistan. Two species Rattus norvegicus and Rattus rattus are suspected to spread the infestation. The framework combines strengths of maximum entro...

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  • High PCB residues in birds from the Sheboygan River, Wisconsin.

    abstract::Organochlorine residues were measured in the carcasses and, in some cases, brains and stomach contents of four species of birds collected along the Sheboygan River, Wisconsin during the years 1976 to 1980. Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) were high in all samples and were the contaminants of greatest concern. Carcass ...

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  • A comprehensive study on water balance, sedimentation and physico-chemical characteristics of Sagar Lake in India.

    abstract::In this study, an attempt has been made to work out water balance, determine rate of sedimentation and physico-chemical analysis of the lake water. The water balance is carried out using the mass balance equation to account for various input and output components. Sedimentation rates and pattern are estimated using (1...

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    authors: Singh S,Kumar B,Thakural LN,Galkate R

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  • An assessment of microbial communities associated with surface mining-disturbed overburden.

    abstract::To assess the microbiological changes that occur during the maturation of overburden that has been disturbed by surface mining of coal, a surface mining-disturbed overburden unit in southeastern Ohio, USA was characterized. Overburden from the same unit that had been disturbed for 37 and 16 years were compared to undi...

    journal_title:Environmental monitoring and assessment

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    authors: Poncelet DM,Cavender N,Cutright TJ,Senko JM

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  • Dissipation behavior of octachlorodipropyl ether residues during tea planting and brewing process.

    abstract::The dissipation behavior of octachlorodipropyl ether (OCDPE) residues in fresh tea shoots and in tea prepared under field conditions was investigated, and the transfer of residues from brewed tea to tea infusion was determined. OCDPE levels in tea shoots, prepared tea, tea infusion, and spent tea leaves were determine...

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    authors: Liao M,Shi Y,Cao H,Hua R,Tang F,Wu X,Tang J

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  • Towards a sampling strategy for the assessment of forest condition at European level: combining country estimates.

    abstract::A correct characterization of the status and trend of forest condition is essential to support reporting processes at national and international level. An international forest condition monitoring has been implemented in Europe since 1987 under the auspices of the International Co-operative Programme on Assessment and...

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