Sociocultural determinants of tobacco use among Cambodian Americans.


:The objectives of this study included the following: obtaining qualitative information on tobacco use among Cambodian Americans, identifying cultural factors that influence tobacco use and acquiring information for the development of effective smoking prevention and cessation strategies. Data were collected by using demographic and behavioral questionnaires and focus group interviews. A total of 14 focus group interviews that covered cultural practices associated with smoking were administered. Statistical analyses included univariate frequency distributions and cross-tabulations. The subjects (n = 119) were Cambodian American volunteers who participated in social services programs offered by a community service organization. All subjects were 18 years of age or older and resided in the city of Long Beach. The principal outcomes measured were cigarette smoking and tobacco use. Other variables included reasons for smoking, traditional uses of tobacco, stress factors related to smoking and the perceived health effects of smoking. Predisposing, reinforcing and enabling factors associated with tobacco-use behaviors included peer group influences, smoking adopted as a coping method, tobacco used for medicinal purposes and smoking practiced within cultural traditions. The frequency of smoking was four times higher among males than among females. Smokers (n = 29) in comparison with non-smokers (n = 90) tended to be men (79% versus 33%), not married (68% versus 49%) and unemployed (79% versus 54%), and had attained somewhat lower levels of education. The role of cultural factors needs to be considered when designing appropriate smoking cessation strategies for Cambodian Americans.


Health Educ Res


Friis RH,Forouzesh M,Chhim HS,Monga S,Sze D




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2006-06-01 00:00:00














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