Evaluation of severity indexes of patients with paraquat poisoning.


:1. Three indexes for evaluating the severity of paraquat poisoning based on plasma-paraquat concentration are presently in use; the curves of Proudfood et al. and Scherrmann et al. and the SIPP. Their effectiveness in determining the prognosis of patients with paraquat poisoning was evaluated. 2. To determine which index was more accurate, contigency tables of the three indexes were obtained and compared; Proudfoot's curve vs the SIPP Scherrmann's curve vs the SIPP. Proudfoot's curve and the SIPP were applied to patients admitted within 24 h after intoxication. Scherrmann's curve and the SIPP were applied to patients admitted more than 24 h after intoxication. The proportions of patients with true positive and true negative results to total patients were compared by a ratio test. 3. Proudfoot's curve was found to be more accurate than the SIPP for predicting the prognosis of patients admitted within 24 h (P less than 0.05). No significant difference, however, was noted between Scherrmann's curve and the SIPP in determining the prognosis of patients admitted after more than 24 h. 4. In conclusion, Proudfoot's curve proved a better index for predicting the outcome of patients who were admitted within 24 h. However, for the prognosis of patients admitted more than 24 h after the ingestion of paraquat, further study is required.


Hum Exp Toxicol


Suzuki K,Takasu N,Arita S,Ueda A,Okabe T,Ishimatsu S,Tanaka S,Kohama A




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