Hepatocyte growth factor increases mitochondrial mass in glioblastoma cells.


:Hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor (HGF) is a multifunctional growth factor that is linked to the initiation and/or progression of numerous malignancies. HGF also alters cancer cell responses to DNA damaging cytotoxic agents. Many cell responses to Met activation require alterations in metabolic activity but how the metabolic machinery responds to Met activation remains poorly defined. Treating human glioblastoma cells with HGF followed by the topoisomerase inhibitor camptothecin was found to increase the activity per cell of the mitochondrial respiratory chain enzyme succinate-tetrazolium reductase (>80% increase, p < 0.05) and the tricarboxylic acid cycle enzyme succinate dehydrogenase (>25% increase, p < 0.05). Treatment with either HGF or camptothecin alone had no effect on enzyme activity. The mitochondrial enzymatic response to HGF was dose- and time-dependent with the maximum increase occurring in cells pre-treated with 30 ng/ml HGF for 48h prior to camptothecin exposure. This enzymatic response was associated with a concurrent increase in mitochondrial mass of comparable magnitude (approximately 56%, p < 0.05) as measured by fluorescent mitochondrial staining and flow cytometry. The mitochondrial mass response to HGF was prevented by the MAP-kinase pathway inhibitor PD98059 and was unaffected by the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase inhibitors LY294002 and wortmannin. These findings suggest that HGF influences cell responses to chemotherapeutic stress, in part, by altering mitochondrial functions through a MAP-kinase dependent increase in mitochondrial mass.


Xia S,Laterra J




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  • Cardioprotection by modulation of mitochondrial respiration during ischemia-reperfusion: role of apoptosis-inducing factor.

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  • Presence of centrin in the human parasite Giardia: a further indication of its ubiquity in eukaryotes.

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  • TcRho1 of Trypanosoma cruzi: role in metacyclogenesis and cellular localization.

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  • Purification and characterization of a novel tetradecapeptide that modulates oesophagus motility in Lymnaea stagnalis.

    abstract::The isolated oesophagus of Lymnaea stagnalis was used as a bioassay preparation to identify peptides that modulate the activity of the oesophagus. Several modulatory messengers were detected from the oesophageal extract. One of these, having an excitatory action, was further purified from both the oesophagus and the c...

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  • Transplantation of dermal fibroblasts expressing MyoD1 in mouse muscles.

    abstract::Transplantation of normal myoblasts into dystrophic muscles is a potential treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). However, the success of such grafts is limited by the immune system responses. To avoid rejection problems, autologous transplantation of the patient's corrected myoblasts has been proposed. Regr...

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  • Eicosapentaenoic acid inhibits oxidation of high density lipoprotein particles in a manner distinct from docosahexaenoic acid.

    abstract::The omega-3 fatty acid eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) reduces oxidation of ApoB-containing particles in vitro and in patients with hypertriglyceridemia. EPA may produce these effects through a potent antioxidant mechanism, which may facilitate LDL clearance and slow plaque progression. We hypothesize that EPA antioxidant...

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    abstract::Sofalcone, 2'-carboxymethoxy-4,4-bis(3-methyl-2-butenyloxy)chalcone, is an anti-ulcer agent that is classified as a gastric mucosa protective agent. Recent studies indicate heat shock proteins such as HSP32, also known as heme-oxygenase-1(HO-1), play important roles in protecting gastrointestinal tissues from several ...

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