Kinetics of bromhexine-mediated down-regulation of focal adhesive molecules of uterus and trophectoderm affecting conception in the rat.


PURPOSE:Quantitative evaluation of properties of bromhexine (B) for expression of uterine proteins in ovariectomized (OVX) and pregnant rats. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Expression of proteins through SDS-PAGE, along with incorporation of glycosidic moieties, was conducted in pregnant and OVX rats under B influence. These findings were corroborated with other tests such as implantation sites, fetal and litter sizes in pregnant rats. RESULTS:In OVX animals, even under the influence of estradiol dipropionate and progesterone, the B recreated a condition akin to OVX animals. It also induced 50-80% inhibition in the incorporation of glycosidic moieties to polypeptide chain. Distinct reduction in implantation sites, fetal sizes and interference in the conception (16/46) in pregnant rats substantiated the results of the action of B as an antiimplantation agent. CONCLUSION:Bromhexine has shown interference in blastocyst attachment, conception, reduction in number of implantation sites and dwarfing of fetuses; hence, it is a potential candidate for antiimplantation.






Singh N,Malaviya B




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    abstract::The effects of Nonoxynol-9 and chlorhexidine on sperm motility were compared using the objective Transmembrane Migration Ratio method. These agents were found to be of similar potency in inhibiting sperm motility. The concentrations which reduced sperm motility by 50% (EC50) were 0.205 mg/ml for Nonoxynol-9 and 0.215 ...


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